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Sierra Azul - View Photo
Morning Glory Photo
Ookow Photo
Monkey flower Photo
Mt. El Sombroso from Priest Rock Trailhead
by SouthBayCrew on May 08, 2010
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, California, United States
Geocaching | 12.7 miles
It's been a couple of years since I've hiked on the Priest Rock and Limekiln trails. Came up this way today to perform maintenance on one of my geocaches and grab a few at the peak that I didn't get before. I performed this hike in May. Spring is the perfect time of year to be in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. Wildflowers of all varieties are blooming in...
Parking Photo
GC2KVY6 Photo
Carbon Canyon
by KnC-GeoCachers on Feb 05, 2011
Yorba Linda, California, United States
Geocaching | 3.8 miles
 As part of the sport found at, 2 vehicles, 5 mountain bikes, and 5 geocachers set out to Geocache around Carbon Canyon Regional Park.  We found the perfect route, that is mostly downhill, and has 15 Geocaches.  The weather was perfect, and the views promised to be inspiring.  The ride was just the right length to fill the time between breakfast and lunch; a 4 mile ride with 600-700 foot elevation change,...
IMG00053-20110221-0959.jpg Photo
IMG00054-20110221-0959.jpg Photo
IMG00056-20110221-1002.jpg Photo
IMG00058-20110221-1016.jpg Photo
Waiau Ridge and Halapepenui Trail
by bluesky808 on Feb 21, 2011
Aiea, Hawaii, United States
Geocaching | 6.1 miles
This was a nice hike for an overcast day.  We hiked the loop in the counterclockwise direction starting on the Waiau Ridge Trail then looping back on the Halapepenui trail.  We found 4 geocaches along the way.  We didn't encounter much mud which made it much more pleasant.  Apparently, this isn't a well traveled trail due to the over growth.  We only saw two other hikers on the first portion of the...
199.jpg Photo
197.jpg Photo
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196.jpg Photo
Eternal Flame
by jtpiper on Sep 25, 2011
Orchard Park, New York, United States
Geocaching | 0.7 miles
DSC00295.JPG Photo
DSC00296.JPG Photo
DSC00297.JPG Photo
DSC00298.JPG Photo
Cuyamaca Peak
by Duncan on Mar 16, 2012
Julian, California, United States
Geocaching | 10.4 miles
Longest hike of the four so far, but lots of fun with Janey and Nancy.  Up Lookout Rd., over to Burnt Pine Fire Rd (lots of nice non-burnt pines on the upper section), down to West Mesa Loop trail, hooked up with the CA riding and hiking trail, down to Fern Flat Fire Road and back down Lookout Rd for the 10 mile loop.
IMG_1795 (Tyrolian Village, Nevada, United States) Photo
IMG_1796 (Tyrolian Village, Nevada, United States) Photo
IMG_1797 (Tyrolian Village, Nevada, United States) Photo
IMG_1799 (Tyrolian Village, Nevada, United States) Photo
Tamarack Peak - Lake Tahoe
by justbob on Aug 24, 2009
Mt Rose, Nevada, United States
Geocaching | 4.8 miles
The main objective for our hike was to climb up to the top of Tamarack Peak and find a geocache located there. The first part of the hike is on a 4 wheel drive road. At some point you have to leave the road and go straight up to the top. Fortunately, there is no bushwacking required. Just good  lungs. At the top you have great views of the Mt Rose Wilderness...
DSC_7875 Photo
DSC_7876 Photo
DSC_7880 Photo
DSC_7882 Photo
Arastradero Adventure
by sammydee on Feb 20, 2010
Palo Alto, California, United States
Geocaching | 5.5 miles
Matt, Matt's son, Ben and I had a great day caching at Arastradero.  I hadn't been there since 2003, so it was good to come back.  
DSC_3965 Photo
DSC_3966 Photo
DSC_3985 Photo
DSC_3986 Photo
by sammydee on Sep 05, 2010
San Jose, California, United States
Geocaching | 5.9 miles
The Boccardo Trail is adjacent to Alum Rock Park, but not part of it.  The land just North of Alum Rock is owned by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority, who put in the Boccardo Trail in 2007.  You access it from the Todd Quick Trail in Alum Rock - and you access THAT from the parking at the bottom of the canyon.  :)Boccardo is steep and exposed.  It was in...
2012-03-11 White Pocket 013.JPG Photo
2012-03-11 White Pocket 014.JPG Photo
2012-03-11 White Pocket 015.JPG Photo
2012-03-11 White Pocket 016.JPG Photo
GSENM: White Pocket
by Touchstone on Mar 11, 2012
Kaibab, Arizona, United States
Geocaching | 2.3 miles
Hard to get to, but worth the effort. This is the alternative for folks (and locals) that don't get the permit for The Wave.  Some would argue that this area is more interesting and beautiful than The Wave, but I wouldn't recommend trying to drive out to this area without a 4WD vehicle.
View from Bowman Bay Photo
View from Bowman Bay Photo
Deception Pass Bridge Photo
CCC Interpretive Center Photo
Light House Point Hike
by Moun10Bike on Mar 23, 2010
Rosario Beach, Washington, United States
Geocaching | 2.0 miles
This was a short hike out to Light House Point from Bowman Bay to film a short piece for the 10th anniversary of geocaching.  I was accompanied by the social media director, artist and filmographer from Groundspeak as I revisited the site of where I launched the first geocoin.  Unfortunately, the Light House Point Cache in which I placed it no longer exists, and even sadder is the fact that the "scary...
Cedar Ridge Preserve Geocaching
by jackrock on Nov 17, 2010
Dallas, Texas, United States
Geocaching | 5.0 miles
Hiked part of the trails at the Cedar Ridge Preserve to do some geocaching.  If I had had more time and a younger, less tired (he's old and not accustomed to any elevation changes) dog, I would like to have hiked more of the trails if not all.  This just leaves something for me to come back and do.  It's amazing to have this terrain in Dallas.  This is a good exercise...
WWEEC.JPG (False Cape Landing, Virginia, United States) Photo
WWEEC(2).JPG (False Cape Landing, Virginia, United States) Photo
Needs work.JPG (False Cape Landing, Virginia, United States) Photo
Terra Gator.JPG (False Cape Landing, Virginia, United States) Photo
False Cape State Park
by hatterasbeaches on Oct 11, 2008
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Geocaching | 23 miles
My first time out to FCSP. I was surprised at how many people were out today considering it is a 3 mile hike or bike just to get to the park through Back Bay NWR. I really did enjoy my day, riding my bike and taking in the scenery.
Typical trail scene today Photo
Big tree down Photo
Triple-E leads the way Photo
Bay Circuit Trail Photo
Willowdale State Forest
by kurchian on Mar 28, 2010
Pinefield, Massachusetts, United States
Geocaching | 7.1 miles
After a month of warm temperatures today's weather was more seasonal. The afternoon temps were in the low 40's. Pretty comfortable for a walk in the woods. The eastern section of Willowdale State Forest consists of forested glacial hills and eskers with numerous wetlands. The marshes are characterized by open water and are a prime habitat for waterfowl. Intermixed with the marshes are swamps which are somewhat drier and can therefore support...
DSCF2079.JPG Photo
DSCF2080.JPG Photo
DSCF2081.JPG Photo
DSCF2082.JPG Photo
Frozen Dozen Mt. Nebo Trip
by bitbrain on Jan 14, 2012
Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas, United States
Geocaching | 6.8 miles
A group of twelve cachers from the Memphis area started a tradition of heading off somewhere for a weekend of hiking and caching in mid-January four years ago. The first year we went to The Walls Of Jericho on the Alabama-Tennessee border -- just north of Scottsboro, AL. The temperature never got above 28 degrees that day and the waterfalls in the canyon were frozen. We named our group for that trip...
IMG_1004.JPG Photo
IMG_1006.JPG Photo
IMG_1007.JPG Photo
IMG_1009.JPG Photo
Hog Island WMA
by hatterasbeaches on Mar 20, 2010
Homewood, Virginia, United States
Geocaching | 10.6 miles
Spent a gorgeous morning at the Hog Island Wildlife Management Area today.Saw lots of ducks, geese, herons, and egrets, a raccoon, a whole mess of carp, 2 pairs of osprey, and a bald eagle.
1st Cache. (Cedar Park, Virginia, United States) Photo
2nd cache. (Cedar Park, Virginia, United States) Photo
Weird Fungus. Photo
Me. (Yorkshire Park, Virginia, United States) Photo
Geochaching at Bull Run Park
by irngynt on Aug 24, 2008
Manassas, Virginia, United States
Geocaching | 4.2 miles
This was a great day of Geocaching. Out of the 7 we set out for, we found 6 and plan on going back for the one we missed. Not only did we get some good hiking and geocaching in but Jaime even got to do some horseback riding!! We met a nice couple riding horse back and after leading the horses for a while they let Jaime ride one...
Alvarado Crossing (Hall Station, California, United States) Photo
Levee Trail (Hall Station, California, United States) Photo
Ship Wreck (Union City, California, United States) Photo
Salt Ponds (Jarvis Landing, California, United States) Photo
Alameda Creek Levee Ride
by geojoe on Nov 12, 2009
Hall Station, California, United States
Geocaching | 24 miles
A fun, flat bike ride along the levee trail. Collected 48 geocaches in the process.
Looking South Photo
Storm Movin' In Photo
Lunch Break Photo
Turtle Rock Photo
Ring Mountain
by geojoe on Jan 29, 2010
Reed, California, United States
Geocaching | 5.0 miles
Spent a few hours with a buddy hiking on Ring Mountain in Tiburon to grab all the caches that we could before the storm hit. We got most, including the "High Voltage" cache that has a terrain 5 / difficulty 4 rating. Getting that one was definitely the highlight of the afternoon. There are some spectacular 360-degree views from various points along the ridge line here. Worth the effort to get out here.
DSC_0395 Photo
DSC_0410 Photo
DSC_0419 Photo
DSC_0420 Photo
MUMMY where am I?
by sammydee on May 01, 2010
Gilroy, California, United States
Geocaching | 4.6 miles
I hiked this loop to prepare for an Introduction to Geocaching class I'm teaching for the Santa Clara County Parks on May 15th.  (If you're interested, please contact me.)  The class is on the brand new Mummy Mountain trail.  The trail opened on Earth Day 2010 after more than a year of construction.  In my opinion it's the best trail in the park.  While I was looking for one geocache I had...
pic_1.jpg Photo
pic_2.jpg Photo
pic_3.jpg Photo
pic_4.jpg Photo
Erie County Forest
by FrankBroughton on Nov 02, 2010
Sardinia, New York, United States
Geocaching | 2.8 miles
Nice day for a hike to one of the best old school geocaches on WNY, so we did it up.

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