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IMG_0157.JPG Photo
IMG_0158.JPG Photo
IMG_0159.JPG Photo
IMG_0160.JPG Photo
by yang5757 on May 28, 2011
Wufenbu, Taipei, Taiwan
Mountaineering | 3.1 miles
IMG_5363.jpg (Marshfield Station, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
IMG_5380.jpg (Marshfield Station, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
IMG_5384.jpg (Marshfield Station, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
IMG_5408.jpg (Marshfield Station, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
Mt. Washington - 02-2009
by ponownie on Feb 14, 2009
Marshfield Station, New Hampshire, United States
Mountaineering | 12.1 miles
Mon Feb 16th"Today was one of those rare, calm days on the summit that occurs at most a handful of times each winter. In fact, today was by far the nicest and calmest day that my shift has seen since winter started. Winds literally went completely calm for a period of time this afternoon. As much as the staff on the summit loves the extreme weather that we see so often, getting...
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IMG_4275.JPG Photo
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IMG_4299.JPG Photo
Mt. Langley (14032 ft) via Old Army Pass and Cottonwood Lakes
by rmetchev on Sep 05, 2010
Lone Pine, California, United States
Mountaineering | 19.7 miles
Two day backpack trip to Cottonwood Lakes and Mt. Langley via Old Army Pass.
Spider Photo
Lazy Log 1 Photo
Lazy Log 2 Photo
Rope Section Photo
Gunung Angsi (Ulu Bendul & Bukit Putus)
by hoongern on Oct 20, 2012
Kampung Ulu Bendol, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Mountaineering | 8.4 miles
Write up: half day hike at Gunung Angsi, up via Ulu Bendul, down by Bukit Putus. The Ulu Bendul trail is a little longer and has one fairly steep section (Botak Hill), otherwise both are standard jungle trails of average steepness.Not too many open views, but not too bad.
IMG_1174.JPG Photo
IMG_1176.jpg Photo
IMG_1177.jpg Photo
IMG_1185.jpg Photo
by yang5757 on Dec 21, 2012
Heping District, Taiwan
Mountaineering | 5.8 miles
Mapa Photo
Início da subida Photo
Início da subida Photo
Córrego Paiolinho (1° ponto de água) Photo
Trilha da Pedra da Mina
by ywetzel on Oct 03, 2011
Passa Quatro, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Mountaineering | 4.7 miles
Relato da trilha no site: http://destinotrilha.blogspot.comDados da trilha:Percurso de ida e volta-> Nível de dificuldade: díficil-> Tempo: 5 horas (média)-> Distância: 8 km-> Ganho de elevação: 1.458 m-> Perda de elevação: -226 m-> Altitude máxima: 2.798 m------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trail description on: http://destinotrilha.blogspot.comTrip data:-> Difficulty Level: hard-> Time: 5 hours-> Distance: 8 km-> Elevation gain: 1.458 m-> Elevation loss: -226 m -> Maximum altitude: 2.798 m 
68-IMG_6659.JPG (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
69-IMG_6661.JPG (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
our tent (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
63-IMG_6447.JPG (Whitney Portal, California, United States) Photo
Mt Whitney
by joost on Jan 01, 1990
Whitney Portal, California, United States
Mountaineering | 7.9 miles
Day hike to Mt Whitney on Whitney trail, with Renaud and Geoff. Great weather... very long day.
aJade Mountain 062 (Shen-mu, T'ai-wan, Taiwan) Photo
aJade Mountain 066 (Shen-mu, T'ai-wan, Taiwan) Photo
aJade Mountain 067 (Shen-mu, T'ai-wan, Taiwan) Photo
aJade Mountain 068 (Shen-mu, T'ai-wan, Taiwan) Photo
Yushan Trip (Jade Mountain, Taiwan)
by jeremyjoslin on Nov 13, 2008
Pa-t'ung-kuan, T'ai-wan, Taiwan
Mountaineering | 7.7 miles
Joe Westerhof and I climbed this back in 1995.  Yushan is reported to be the highest peak east of the Himalayas.
727-PICT0859.JPG (Spring Creek, California, United States) Photo
728-PICT0862.JPG (Spring Creek, California, United States) Photo
729-PICT0863.JPG (Spring Creek, California, United States) Photo
730-PICT0871.JPG (Fallen Leaf, California, United States) Photo
Mt Tallac
by gregcantalou on Nov 24, 2006
Spring Creek, California, United States
Mountaineering | 8.1 miles
Exploration at Mount Tallac. Went up the summer route. Went down in one of the SE couloirs.. had to put crampons on..
Temple Crag above Second Lake Photo
Taking a break at Sam Mack Meadows Photo
Almost tempted to set up camp Photo
Looking down from our camp Photo
Palisades: U-Notch to North Palisade and Swiss Arete to Mount Sill
by victor on Jun 27, 2007
Big Pine, California, United States
Mountaineering | 21 miles
Our ambitious plan was to head into the Palisades, climb four 14ers, and Temple Crag on our 5 day trip. Although our odyssey did not succeed in completing our crazy plan, we did tackle two classic sierra routes to the top of two 14ers.
gokyoripanorama. (Chhule, , Nepal) Photo
pokaldepanorama. (Dingboche, , Nepal) Photo
kalapattharpanorama. (Lobujya, , Nepal) Photo
Everest Trekking Peaks
by TheSquare on Oct 20, 2007
Lukla, Nepal
Mountaineering | 77 miles
Fantastic trek with KE Adventure - highly recommended. For more information, see my website at
P1000287.JPG (Chiling, Jammu and Kashmīr, India) Photo
P1000293.JPG (Chiling, Jammu and Kashmīr, India) Photo
P1000294.JPG (Skio, Jammu and Kashmīr, India) Photo
P1000302.JPG (Skio, Jammu and Kashmīr, India) Photo
Markha Valley and Stok Kangri
by TheSquare on Jul 27, 2009
Markha, Ladakh, India
Mountaineering | 60 miles
This was a 13 day trek run by KE Adventure Travel and was about 120km.  It started at Chilling and finished in the village of Stok.  We climbed Stok Kangri (6137m) towards the end.  For more details, see my website page
North Wales Oct from summit (Beddgelert, United Kingdom) Photo
North Wales Oct from the summit (Beddgelert, United Kingdom) Photo
North Wales Oct the ridge (Dinorwic, United Kingdom) Photo
North Wales Oct looking from the ridge (Dinorwic, United Kingdom) Photo
Crib Goch Snowdon
by TonyW on Oct 12, 2009
Pen-y-pass, Wales, United Kingdom
Mountaineering | 3.4 miles
This was the start of a 3 day walk unfortunatly after the first day the weather turned nasty, but our day on Snowdon was fantastic.We parked the car on the Royal Victoria Hotel car park (£5 for 3 days) the car park is just across from the Llanberis Mountain Railway. OK we cheated a little as by the time we got to Llanberis it was in the late afternoon so we took...
Rainier from near Paradise (Paradise, Washington, United States) Photo
Muir Snowfield approaching Camp Muir (Paradise, Washington, United States) Photo
RMI's Camp Muir digs (Paradise, Washington, United States) Photo
Looking at the trail up from Camp Muir (Paradise, Washington, United States) Photo
Mt Rainier - Disappointment Cleaver
by AllenRbrts on Jun 30, 2009
Mt Rainier, Washington, United States
Mountaineering | 14.3 miles
This was a RMI guided hike up Mt Rainier on the Disappointment Cleaver route. The RMI trip starts in the morning with a hike to Camp Muir. After an overnight at Muir, we started at 1:30AM up the upper section on the mountain. We reached the top of the Cleaver at first light and summitted on a cloudless, windless morning at 7:30AM. I dropped my pack at the crater rim (leaving GPS...
Red Banks (Howard, California, United States) Photo
Horse camp (Howard, California, United States) Photo
Silouette (Howard, California, United States) Photo
The crew (Howard, California, United States) Photo
Mt. Shasta: Avalanche Gultch
by bheliker on
Howard, California, United States
Mountaineering | 10.4 miles
The trek up Avalanche Gultch, Mt. Shasta. We didn't quite Summit this time due to weather - 100 lightning strikes that evening!
Great day for the hills Photo
In the beginning Photo
Resevoir Photo
Girly glasses and Ffynnon Llugwy Resevoir Photo
The Carneddau and the Welsh 3,000s - The other side of the Ogwen Valley
by richdown3rd on Jun 07, 2009
Capel-Curig, Wales, United Kingdom
Mountaineering | 9.7 miles
Classic loop round the Carneddau mountains in the Ogwen Valley in North Wales. Full story and details at
IMG_20100921_073650.jpg Photo
IMG_20100921_073656.jpg Photo
IMG_20100921_073701.jpg Photo
IMG_20100921_075222.jpg Photo
by macbane on Sep 19, 2010
Hammersbach, Bayern, Germany
Mountaineering | 8.4 miles
I went up the "Zugspitze" through the "Höllentalklamm".
pizbernina1060.jpg (Sankt Moritz-Bad, Switzerland) Photo
pizbernina1067.jpg (Morteratsch, Switzerland) Photo
pizbernina1069.jpg (Morteratsch, Switzerland) Photo
pizbernina1071.jpg (Morteratsch, Switzerland) Photo
Piz Bernina - Piz Palü
by gregus_ on Aug 28, 2009
Pontresina, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountaineering | 13.9 miles
3 days mountaineering up to the Piz Bernina (4048m). Return by the Piz Palü.3 jours d'alpinisme au Piz Bernina (4048m) par le Biancograt. Retour par la traverséee des Palü.
Dent du Géant seen from the glacier du Géant Photo
Walking on the ice floe... in front of the Mont Blanc Photo
Last meters of the ice way Photo
Arrête de Rochefort - Rocherfort ridge, one of the world most famous ridge Photo
Dent du Géant, breathtaking mountaineering
by bada78 on Aug 17, 2010
Courmayeur, Aosta, Italy
Mountaineering | 1.9 miles
Excellent weather for a couple of days, blue sky and absolutely no wind: a great day to climb the Dent du Géant.The Dent du Géant is one of the most beautiful peak of the Alps. Perfect for lazy mountaineers as there's a cable-car (Helbronner cable-car form La Palud, Aosta valley, Italy, near Courmayeur) that let you at 3462 meters, a huge part of the way done!Immediately after leaving the cable-car the show...
쪽두리봉 - 10. 10. 17. 오전 9-41-4 Photo
사모바위 - 10. 10. 17. 오전 11-11-41 Photo
대동문 -  10. 17. 오후 1-45-32 Photo
인수봉 - 10. 10. 17. 오후 3-42-21 Photo
북한산: 독바위역,문수봉,대동문,백운대,우이동 (10. 10. 17. 오전 8-44-43)
by mahnk on Oct 16, 2010
Mt. Bukhan, Seoul, Korea
Mountaineering | 9.9 miles

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