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Sertig in the shadow Photo
Dischma side had sun already Photo
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first sun Photo
Jakoshorn - Sertig 2
by hansv on Mar 27, 2012
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 6.4 miles
Beautiful weather, os i got out for some Snowshoeing. The second time this winter Jakobshorn - Setig. I mis calculated the Winter - summertime difference. I went up with the first Gondel, but that meant that the sun was not over the top at the side where i got to walk. Didn't mater, therefore the snow was hard and not deep. I took a little shorter trail then last time os i...
Thats were i go Photo
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Starting at Obersäss Photo
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Parsenn - Kublis
by hansv on Mar 31, 2012
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 9.2 miles
With a beautiful day up ahead i wanted to try an new SnowShoe trail. I wanted to too this one for 2 years, but never i found time or the right conditions.So i took the Parsenn bahn up, both the trains and went down with the Schieffer gondolas. The first photo's and tracy i am in the gondel and not walking.I got out Schiffer gondel half way at Obersäss station. From there...
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IMAGE_798F097F-FA12-429D-ABB8-D7B00504FAC9.JPG Photo
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Snowshoeing Loeche
by flyer-ch on Dec 31, 2012
Gemmipass, Valais, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.4 miles
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Les Chaux - Taveyanne - Les Verneyres - Villars-sur-Ollon
by benoit.debande on Jan 09, 2013
Villars-sur-Ollon, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 6.7 miles
Balade de difficulté moyenne  (majorité de descentes, parfois assez fortes, très peu de montées) au départ du télécabine "Les Chaux" et retour à VillarsPrendre le train à la gare de Villars jusque la gare de Barboleuse.  Ensuite 300 mètre à pied jusqu'au télécabine de Barboleuse et montée vers "Les Chaux".
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Cergnement - Solalex
by benoit.debande on Jan 10, 2013
Gryon, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 4.2 miles
Balade de difficulté moyenne (en montée continue jusque Solalex).  A partir du parking de Cergnement.
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Snowshoe Sonloup - Col de Soladier - Sonloup
by borsic on Jan 13, 2013
Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 6.6 miles
First time trying out our new snowshoes - according to (trail #14) this should have taken three hours - it took us five, probably due to general noobiness.We had excellent weather, sun almost all the time, a few pathces of fog for atmosphere. The trail is not marked very well - a few more indications would have been welcome, but with the signs for the non-snowshoe paths and the GPS we...
Château-d'Oex Photo
Château-d'Oex Photo
Château-d'Oex Photo
Château-d'Oex Photo
by nouhailler on Jan 21, 2013
Chateau-d'Oex, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.5 miles
Raquette à neige , Difficulté Facile , Durée 1h25Accessible à tous. Départ de la Landi, le chemin longe ensuite la Sarine pour arriver vers le Pont du Berceau. Traversez le Pont et après quelques mètres sur la route, engagez-vous sur le chemin assez raide qui part sur votre gauche. A la fin de la montée, tournez à gauche et vous arriverez aux Granges-d'Oex. Tournez à gauche en direction du Pont Turrian. Une...
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Lally - Les Pleiades - Lally
by borsic on Jan 26, 2013
Blonay, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 5.4 miles
Schneeschuh-Wanderung Gamperfin Photo
Schneeschuh-Wanderung Gamperfin Photo
Schneeschuh-Wanderung Gamperfin
by hampitft on Jan 31, 2013
Wildhaus, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 7.9 miles
A wonderful walk on the hilly slopes of upper Toggenburg. During the first part you have a nice view on Wildhaus and down the valley of Toggenburg, later the view opens to the east across the Rhine Valley to the mountain "Drei-Schwestern" (Liechtenstein) and the Austrian Alps.The walk takes you along a perfectly prepared trail passing wonderful alpine pine trees in groups and forests but most of the time you walk through open...
Chemin de randonnée vers la cabane du Carroz Photo
Chemin de randonnée vers la cabane du Carroz Photo
Chemin de randonnée vers la cabane du Carroz Photo
Chemin de randonnée vers la cabane du Carroz Photo
Chemin vers le Chalet du Carroz sous la neige
by nouhailler on Feb 08, 2013
Vaud, switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.6 miles
Le chemin pour aller a la Cabane du Carroz (CAS)
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Sotto il Monte Tamaro
by zuzimat on Mar 20, 2013
Monte Ceneri, Ticino, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 4.1 miles
salita con le ciaspole, discesa con i mini ski.... divertente giornata (mattinata).la zona è questa: 
Fruitières de Nyon en hiver Photo
Fruitières de Nyon en hiver Photo
Fruitières de Nyon en hiver Photo
Fruitières de Nyon en hiver Photo
Fruitières de Nyon en hiver
by nouhailler on Dec 24, 2012
Saint-Cergue, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 5.1 miles
«Fruitières de Nyon» is located in the Alpine pasture grounds of the Jura Regional Nature Park. Watch traditional cheese-making after enjoying a panoramic view of the region around Lake Geneva.Owned by the town of Nyon, «Fruitières de Nyon» is an Alpine chalet located at an altitude of 1,333 m, above La Givrine. In summer, you can buy Alpine cheese directly from the dairy farmer or watch how cheese is made the traditional...
Strahlender Tag für diese Tour Photo
Der erste Aufstieg verläuft im Wald Photo
Schattenspiele im Schnee Photo
Bald schon am höchsten Punkt der Tour Photo
Schneeschuhtour in Vnà
by namarkus on Mar 03, 2013
Vnà, Graubünden, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 10.5 miles
Schneeschuhtour in VnàSchnneeschuhtour von Vnà via Piz Arina (fast) nach Zuort im Val Sinestra.Geführt und organisiert durch Höhenfieber (
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Le Suchet Depuis Baulmes
by eurekasys on Jan 26, 2014
Baulmes, VD, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 7.8 miles
Date: 2014-01-26Longueur: 12.79 kmDurée: 04:24:23Ascension: 869.1 mDescente: 955.2 m              (Technique par la crête)Vitesse max.: 4.7 km/hAltitude max.: 1575.8 mAltitude min.: 688.5 mDiff. alt.: 887 m
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W/E Corso Edelweiss Racchette da Neve 2014 - Primo giorno
by Motobyte on Mar 01, 2014
Sils im Engadin/Segl, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 2.8 miles
by almajada on Jan 06, 2010
Wasserauen, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 5.3 miles
Rachetata Cardada-Cimetta
by undertake_ro on Feb 18, 2011
Orselina, Ticino, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 4.1 miles
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photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
by flyer-ch on Mar 13, 2010
Unterbäch, Valais, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.8 miles
Raquettes Lac de Chermignon
by pittdesign on Jan 08, 2012
Crans, Valais, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 1.6 miles
Départ des remontées de Cry d'Er et passage à côté du Lac de Chermignon
Raquettes Merbé
by pittdesign on Jan 22, 2012
Lens, Valais, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 2.0 miles

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