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01. (Pombais, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
02. (Porto, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
03. (Pontinha, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
04. (Pontinha, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
by trkicks on Jul 29, 2008
Odivelas, Lisboa, Portugal
Road biking | 11.6 miles
DSC05380.JPG Photo
DSC05384.JPG Photo
DSC05386.JPG Photo
DSC05414.JPG Photo
Boa Morte to Cabo Girão
by Morten_berg on Feb 03, 2013
Campanário, Madeira, Portugal
Walking | 7.1 miles
This is a great walk, with a superb reward at the end: The Cabo Girão sea cliff. We drove to Boa Morte, a bit west of Campanario and walked towards east. It's a beautyful walk along levada all the way. follow the levada all the way to a big tunnel that could take you under the Cabo Girão. Here another and smaller water course takes you to the right, instead of through...
IMG_0432.JPG Photo
IMG_0433.JPG Photo
IMG_0438.JPG Photo
IMG_0440.JPG Photo
Ecovia do Algarve: Lagos - Cape St. Vicent
by Kumbaiala on Sep 24, 2011
Lagos, Algarve, Portugal
Cycling tour | 31 miles
As promised here is the last stage of our trip Ecovia do Algarve. Despite being the shortest stage is not by far the easiest of the four. We started at Lagos´ youth hostel without any signs of the Ecopista. We cycled uphill in the direction of Valverde and than down again towards Luz. Here we met a trail over the scarps more suited for hikers and experienced mtbikers in technical tracks. Nonetheless...
IMG_4395.jpg Photo
IMG_4397.jpg Photo
IMG_4401.jpg Photo
IMG_4402.jpg Photo
Ecovia do Algarve: V.R.S.A - Olhão
by Kumbaiala on Jun 10, 2011
Tavira, Portugal
Cycling tour | 34 miles
Ecovia do Algarve is a coastal route (do not mistake with the inland trekking/mtb  route known as Via Algarviana) that links Cape St. Vincent (Sagres) in the west point of Algarve and the city of Vila Real de Santo António (V.R.S.A.) in the east border with Spain. This route combines trails in protected areas with linking stretches mostly on traffic calmed or...
IMG_4243.JPG Photo
IMG_4245.JPG Photo
IMG_4250.JPG Photo
IMG_4257.JPG Photo
MyGR22: Route of the Historical Villages (4/7)
by Kumbaiala on Apr 23, 2011
Marialva, Guarda, Portugal
Mountain biking | 190 miles
The GR22 route (Rota das Aldeias Históricas) connects 10 historical Portuguese villages and many other interesting villages in between. This route is situated in the Portuguese regions known as Beiras. The Historical Villages project started in1991, including the following villages: Marialva, Castelo Rodrigo, Almeida, Castelo Mendo, Sortelha, Monsanto, Idanha-a-Velha, Castelo Novo, Piodão and Linhares da Beira. Later, in 2003, also Belmonte and Trancoso were included in this classification. Castelo Bom, near Castelo...
raid maria da fonte 2011 001.jpg Photo
raid maria da fonte 2011 002.jpg Photo
raid maria da fonte 2011 003.jpg Photo
raid maria da fonte 2011 004.jpg Photo
Pelos Trilhos da Maria da Fonte 2011
by nlmondraker on Mar 12, 2011
Póvoa do Lanhoso, Braga, Portugal
Mountain biking | 24 miles
Passeio duro com alguma chuva à mistura
IMG_0350.JPG Photo
IMG_0349.JPG Photo
IMG_0347.JPG Photo
IMG_0348.JPG Photo
A descoberta da receita
by narvieira on Oct 23, 2010
Valongo, Porto, Portugal
Mountain biking | 21 miles
A procura da famosa receita...La chegamos, valeu o esforço. Cansativo mas muito bom...
Naar Lago do Fogo Photo
Naar Lago do Fogo Photo
Naar Lago do Fogo Photo
Naar Lago do Fogo Photo
Naar Lago do Fogo
by Westwandelingen on Sep 13, 2012
Azores, Portugal
Hiking | 6.5 miles
Heel mooie maar heel lastige beklimming naar het mooie kratermeer Lago do Fogo.Het vertrekpunt bij de t-splitsing nabij Praia de Agua is misschien wel wat moeilijk te vinden, maar je kan er makkelijk de wagen kwijt. Wat verder passeer je ruines van een oude fabriek. Verderop dien je een levada te volgen en na een kleine 2 uur bereik je de zuidkant van Lago do Fogo. Geniet even van het prachtige uitzicht...
Playa de Monte Clérigo Photo
Playa de Amoreira Photo
Playa de Arrifana Photo
Arrifana Photo
Algarve, Costa Vicentina
by Sestrales on Sep 14, 2012
Faro, Portugal
Driving | 46 miles
Recorrido por algunas de la playas más significativas y hermosas de la Costa Vicentina en el Algarve.El acceso a la Playa de la Vale de Figueira no está señalizado, se recorre una pequeña carretera, que continúa en una pista en mal estado que llega hasta un aparcamiento junto a la playa.
covide Photo
casa Photo
carvalhos Photo
ponte Photo
Gerês - trilho por Paredes
by mariofch on Mar 18, 2012
Terras de Bouro Municipality, Braga, Portugal
Photography | 7.7 miles
01NOV2011 Vel Photo
01NOV2011 Alt.png Photo
Qta.Conde - Espichel
by rui.dmcosta on Nov 01, 2011
Sesimbra, Setubal, Portugal
ATV/Offroading | 64 miles
BTT 002.JPG Photo
BTT 004.JPG Photo
BTT 006.JPG Photo
BTT 007.JPG Photo
Pico do Suna
by pedrarolante on Aug 01, 2010
Camacha, Madeira, Portugal
Mountain biking | 18.7 miles
Camino Day 2 Photo
Camino Day 2 Photo
Camino Day 2 Photo
Camino Day 2 Photo
Camino Day 2
by davroos on Apr 03, 2010
Serra do Monte, Porto, Portugal
Walking | 13.3 miles
Sea in front of Oeiras (Oeiras, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
Sand beach in Carcavelos (São Julião da Barra, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
Lighthouse at Parede (Parede, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
Praia das Avencas (Parede, Lisboa, Portugal) Photo
From Santo Amaro de Oeiras Beach to Cascais Marina by the Estoril Coast
by digfish on Jun 10, 2007
Estoril, Lisboa, Portugal
Walking | 8.2 miles
This was my fourth walking trip, being the last of the series pretended to connect all the Linha de Cascais coast. Set on rainy day, on June 10th, national holiday, I've taken this walking through heteregenous terrains: the coast is almost rocky with some little beach, being the Carcavelos beach the greatest of them. In Estoril area, one of the expensive areas of Portugal (it reminds a little of Montecarlo, in Monaco),...
Inicio Percurso (Quinta de Santo António, Setúbal, Portugal) Photo
Costa da Caparica (Quinta de Santo António, Setúbal, Portugal) Photo
Último esporão (Costa de Caparica, Setúbal, Portugal) Photo
Arriba Fóssil da Caparica (Vila Nova, Setúbal, Portugal) Photo
Rota da Costa - Costa da Caparica to Fonte da Telha
by digfish on Nov 24, 2007
Costa da Caparica, Setbal, Portugal
Walking | 5.6 miles
I've come across this pedestrian route in a way to continue my idea of walking along all the portuguese continental coastline. This a feet trip only through sands. Blog containing the full story (in portuguese). You can find all photos taken here: Picasa
Levada do Norte1.jpg Photo
Levada do Norte4.jpg Photo
Levada do Norte7.jpg Photo
Levada do Norte10.jpg Photo
Levada do Norte
by Westwandelingen on Aug 01, 2010
Estreito Canara, Madeira, Portugal
Hiking | 4.9 miles
De Levada do Norte bij het begin van de wandeling is niet direct te zien. Hij loopt namelijk onder de betonnen platen tussen de wijngaarden van Estreito Canara. Het is hier dan ook aangenaam wandelen en je merkt meteen dat iedere vierkante meter grond in Madeira gebruikt wordt om iets te verbouwen. Het is soms niet goed begrijpelijk hoe sommige stukken land worden bereikt door de boeren. De lavada verlaat wat verder...
A lot of steps Photo
The new radar on Pico do Areeiro Photo
Spoiled rocks Photo
from Pico Ruivo to Pico do Areeiro
by culsucar on Jul 09, 2010
Madeira, Portugal
Walking | 9.3 miles
This is the way back from Pico Ruivo to Pico do Areeiro the two highest peaks on Madeira.Absolutely worth the effort.
IMG_2537.JPG Photo
IMG_2538.JPG Photo
IMG_2539.JPG Photo
IMG_2544.JPG Photo
Tour of Schist Villages (Aldeias do Xisto)
by Kumbaiala on Jul 10, 2010
Gondramaz, Coimbra/Lousã, Portugal
Mountain biking | 45 miles
This is a quite demanding tour in the mountain chain of Lousã. It follows the marked route 15 that crosses several schist villages (aldeias do xisto). To cool down there are a couple of river pools, notably the one in Fragas of São Simão and Ana Aviz. Another constant in the landscape are the wind power towers. I started in the village of Gondramaz which is about 14 km from Lousã, but one can...
Pico_Grande_01.JPG (Curral das Freiras, Madeira, Portugal) Photo
Pico_Grande_02.JPG (Diverse Madeira, Madeira, Portugal) Photo
Pico_Grande_03.JPG (Diverse Madeira, Madeira, Portugal) Photo
Pico_Grande_04.JPG (Diverse Madeira, Madeira, Portugal) Photo
Pico Grande
by ge.rando on Jul 20, 2009
Curral das Freiras, Madeira, Portugal
Hiking | 6.2 miles
Le Pico Grande est l'un des sommets qui entourent la vallée de Curral das Freiras. Le Pico Grande culmine à 1 654 m.
DSC05542.JPG Photo
DSC05549.JPG Photo
DSC05557.JPG Photo
DSC05559.JPG Photo
Levada Nova and Levada do Moinho from Lombada da Ponta do Sol
by Morten_berg on May 03, 2013
Quinta do Almeida, Madeira, Portugal
Walking | 6.0 miles
We've done this walk so many times before and it is always a good choice, any time of the year. Very varied and rewarding, with a good tunnel en route, and a surprise when you emerge from it. :-) You must be vertigo free for this walk. Bring a torch. .

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