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Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk
Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk
Walpole Nornalup National Park, WA, Australia
Easy: 0.4 miles, 1 hour or less
Walk amongst the spectacular heights of the tingle forest canopy at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top walk!

Eagle's View Walk Trail #2.jpg (Hovea, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Eagle's View Walk Trail #3.jpg (Swan View, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Eagle's View Walk Trail #1.JPG (Swan View, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Eagle's View Walk Trail #4.jpg (Hovea, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Eagle's View Walk Trail, John Forrest National Park
by TrailsWA on Jun 24, 2008
Hovea, Western Australia, Australia
Hiking | 8.6 miles
Eagle’s View Walk Trail is a sixteen kilometre moderate walk around John Forrest National Park, Western Australia’s oldest National Park, With impressive views across the Swan Coastal Plain to distant Perth the track passes through varied vegetation types, including heathlands, open wandoo woodlands and mixed jarrah-marri-wandoo forest. The Eagle’s View Walk Trail takes walkers away from the picnic areas, initially following Jane Brook down the valley. It then climbs up the valley wall...
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Cradle Mountain
by xc_nomad on Jan 08, 2009
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 6.8 miles
Hiking on Cradle Mountain, where we had snow in the mid of summer. We took the upper Lake Dove circle, decided not to climb the summit as it was covered in clouds and decendet via Marion's lookout to Ronny Creek, the start of the Overland Track.
DSC06431.JPG Photo
DSC06432.JPG Photo
DSC06433.JPG Photo
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Lerderderg Scenic Rim Hike
by stockers82 on Jul 09, 2011
Victoria, Australia
Hiking | 10.4 miles
Many attempts of this walk were stopped due to unusually heavy summer rains flooding the once drive river bed of the Lerderderg River.This time it was go, the weather was threatening however it was too late, we were committed. Starting at the Mackenzies Flat Picnic Ground off the Lerderderg Gorge Road, we headed straight to the river for what would be the first of many water crossings.  Crossing the river we followed the...
DSC_0170.JPG Photo
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DSC_0185.JPG Photo
DSC_0191.JPG Photo
by aussietrailwalker on Aug 29, 2010
Rostrevor, South Australia, Australia
Hiking | 9.2 miles
Kookaburra.JPG Photo
BigSkink.JPG Photo
Fairyland_sign.jpg Photo
GNW_signpost.JPG Photo
West Pymble to Hunters Hill on Great North Walk
by OzGNW on Apr 10, 2010
Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia
Hiking | 9.8 miles
This section of the Aussie Great North Walk is particularly lovely - more a stroll than a hike -- so enjoy with your family. South from West Pymble (near Mars Creek confluence with Lane Cove River) to De Burgh’s Bridge; then alongside the river, past Fiddens Wharf and Lane Cove Park through the Fairyland Park near Delhi Road/M2 (at Mowbray); onwards down-river past Field of Mars and Buffalo Reserves and Boronia Park;...
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Lerderderg Circuit Walk
by stockers82 on Sep 11, 2011
Darley, Victoria, Australia
Hiking | 4.9 miles
Many-a times i've tried to find this damn Link No2 Track but it's beaten me, this time i'm going to beat it!I have tried to find this Link No2 track a couple times, even a nother party of walkers were looking for it too but no wonder, it's hidden behind trees.The walk starts from the Mackenzie Flat Picnic Ground, crosses the river twice and follows the Lerderderg Gorge Walk along the relatively...
Kitty's Gorge Loop #3.jpg (Jarrahdale, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Kitty's Gorge Loop #2.jpg (Jarrahdale, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Kitty's Gorge Loop #1.jpg (Jarrahdale, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Kitty's Gorge Loop #4.jpg (Jarrahdale, Western Australia, Australia) Photo
Kitty's Gorge, Serpetine NP
by TrailsWA on Jun 14, 2008
Jarrahdale, WA, Australia
Hiking | 4.6 miles
Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail is one of the beautiful walks accessible from the historic town of Jarrahdale.  An hour’s drive south west of Perth, Jarrahdale is an ideal day trip for a walk and lunch at the winery or one of the cafes.Originally a timber mill town in 1872, with the last mill closing in 1997, Jarrahdale is now a historic town using its jarrah trees for tourism instead of logging.Kitty’s Gorge...
P1000607.JPG (Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000609.JPG (Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000614.JPG (Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000617.JPG (Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Freycinet Peninsula, Wineglass Bay
by xc_nomad on Jan 17, 2009
Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 9.4 miles
Enjoying a day at the great beach of wineglass bay, back on Hazards Beach on the west coat of Feycinet peninsula to the car park.
P4230008.JPG Photo
P4230016.JPG Photo
P4230021.JPG Photo
P4230022.JPG Photo
Wonderland Loop
by aussietrailwalker on Apr 23, 2010
Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia
Hiking | 15.2 miles
Begin walking from Halls Gap from the carpark across the shops ( we entered through the Botanic Gardens). Walk along Stony creek gradually climbing in altitude. From Wonderland car park take the track that leads up through Grand Canyon to the Pinnacle, where you can spend time admiring the spectacular views. Afterwards head towards Sundial carpark, Sundial Peak  and  Lake Bellfield. From the Lake Bellfield you can return on the road.If you...
P1000173.JPG (Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000103.JPG (Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000129.JPG (Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000164.JPG (Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Tarn Shelf Track, Lake Dopsen, Mt. Field National Park
by xc_nomad on Jan 04, 2009
Mt. Field Nat. Park, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 9.6 miles
Beautiful hike at Lake Dobson in the Mt. Field National Park. Starting at the ski field, passing along lots of emerald tarns and finally end with lots of rock hopping on the way back via K Cool to Lake Dobson. This hike is one of my all time favorites.
DSCN5246.JPG Photo
DSCN5262.JPG Photo
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Hawkesbury & Broken Bay: Discover The Great North Walk
by OzGNW on Apr 12, 2010
Berowra, New South Wales, Australia
Hiking | 19.8 miles
Best River Experience - South from Woy Woy Bay to the coast of Broken Bay (Patonga) then west upstream on the Hawkesbury to Brooklyn. Climbing up past Brooklyn Dam and on through Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, past Jerusalem Bay to Cowan station. [Plus about 7.8 km by boat].  Pre-book your trip between Brooklyn and Patonga on the Dangar Ferry Service , opposite Hawkesbury River Marina, Brooklyn. Both en route on the Great North Walk.  Learn more about European discovery of this bay...
IMG_0718.jpg (Tylerville, Queensland, Australia) Photo
IMG_0717.jpg (Tylerville, Queensland, Australia) Photo
IMG_0715.jpg (Tylerville, Queensland, Australia) Photo
IMG_0714.jpg (Tylerville, Queensland, Australia) Photo
Mt Barney - South Ridge
by BigGalah on Aug 28, 2009
Mt Barney, Queensland, Australia
Hiking | 4.6 miles
This trip was from the Yellow Pinch camping ground up the South (Peasant's) Ridge to the saddle (Rum Jungle). We then went from the saddle up the West Peak. After coming down from the West Peak we found a small Camp spot just down form the Creek.
IMG00056 Photo
IMG00057 Photo
IMG00058 Photo
IMG00059 Photo
2 Waterfalls in One Day
by rodm on Dec 13, 2008
Upper Kangaroo River, New South Wales, Australia
Hiking | 12.1 miles
Darug People.JPG Photo
Crosslands Park.JPG Photo
Indigenous sign.JPG Photo
GrassTrees.JPG Photo
Cowan to Crosslands on the Great North Walk
by OzGNW on Apr 14, 2010
Berrilee, New South Wales, Australia
Hiking | 9.4 miles
COWAN TO CROSSLANDS: 14.1 km (moderate) - near the centre of the Great North Walk and central to the mystery. Walking west from Cowan station down a steep trail eventually coming to the Hawkesbury River at Berowra Waters [A link track to the GNW takes you to Berowra and access to the railway line. In Berowra, there is accommodation at Berowra Village Tavern.]  Then hiking south along Berowra Creek through the relatively undisturbed bushland of Berowra Valley...
P1000813.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000818.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000820.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000822.JPG Photo
Fortescue Bay, Cape Hauy, Mt. Fortescue
by xc_nomad on Jan 21, 2009
Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 13.5 miles
Nice hike from Fortescue Bay to Cape Hauy, then to Mt. Fortescue and back to Fortescue Bay via the Cape Pillar track.
25072010_001.jpg Photo
25072010_002.jpg Photo
25072010_003.jpg Photo
25072010_004.jpg Photo
Chambers Gully to Mt Lofty to Waterfall Gully
by xenon2000 on Jul 25, 2010
Waterfall Gully, South Australia, Australia
Hiking | 8.7 miles
DSC00105.JPG Photo
DSC00107.JPG Photo
DSC00108.JPG Photo
DSC00114.JPG Photo
Cowan & East Loop - Lerderderg SP
by stockers82 on Jul 07, 2012
Greendale, Victoria, Australia
Hiking | 8.0 miles
P1000375.JPG Photo
P1000376.JPG Photo
P1000379.JPG Photo
P1000384.JPG Photo
Walls of Jerusalem
by xc_nomad on Jan 10, 2009
Lake Rowallan, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 13.1 miles
After climbing up to a plateau that will take you about 2 hours will pass King Solomons Jewels, Herodes Gate, The Walls of Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, the Temple and lots of other mystice places. Great campsite with wooden platforms.
P9070003.JPG Photo
P9070009.JPG Photo
P9070012.JPG Photo
P9070016.JPG Photo
Deep Creek SA
by aussietrailwalker on Sep 29, 2012
Delamere, South Australia, Australia
Hiking | 7.7 miles
It is very hot today in Adelaide 41 degrees. All hiking trips have been cancelled. Deep Creek conservation park is situated in Fleurieu Peninsula 100 km from Adelaide.I have done this walk in September 2008. It is rated hard. This hike has spectacular views of the Southern Ocean. The highlights are Deep Creek Waterfall and Deep Creek Cove , a secluded cove where Deep Creek finishes its journey to the ocean

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