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CIMG5178-Bronx Zoo (Bronxdale, New York, United States) Photo
CIMG5180-Bronx Zoo (Belmont, New York, United States) Photo
CIMG5188-Bronx Zoo (Belmont, New York, United States) Photo
CIMG5198-Bronx Zoo (Belmont, New York, United States) Photo
Bronx Visit - Bronx Zoo and Yankees Baseball
by kozik on Jul 05, 2007
New Rochelle, New York, United States
Train | 52 miles
We were visiting friends in the Bronx; our hotel was in New Rochelle. Two must-do activities for visitors/tourists: go to the Bronx Zoo and go to a Yankees baseball game. The GPS tracks start at New Rochelle, Metro North train station. For the Zoo, get off at the Metro North Fordham stop and then take the bus to the Zoo. For Yankee Stadium, you need to take...
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photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Cable Car Ride to Work
by michaelsb on Oct 03, 2008
Chinatown, California, United States
Train | 2.4 miles
This is my commute every morning to work, via the Cable Car and then a short walk down Market St.
photo1.jpg Photo
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photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
nj to nyc with zakko
by jjoshuaa on Dec 26, 2008
Bergen Point, New Jersey, United States
Train | 25 miles
after Xmas.
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901_09 Usui Pass 碓冰關
by kien1tc on Jan 08, 2009
QOM 大宮, Kantō 関東, Japan 日本
Train | 48 miles
IMG_9272.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9302.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9268.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9298.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
Riga to Jelgava (Ice Sculptures Show)
by arianna on Feb 15, 2009
Vecrīga, Latvia
Train | 30 miles
PICT1542.JPG Photo
PICT1556.JPG Photo
PICT1566.JPG Photo
PICT1570.JPG Photo
[20080523] UK-Northern Rail Cl.158 - Carlisle to Leeds
by John Shum on May 23, 2008
Cotterdale, England, United Kingdom
Train | 113 miles
This is a GPS recording during a train ride from Carlisle station, Carlisle to Leeds station, Leeds, operated by Northern Rail by using Class 158 DMU.The train travel through the famous scenic railway in England, the Settle-Carlisle Line.This is a selection of my recording during my journey to United Kingdom in Spring 2008.
Kinsale Photo
Kinsale Photo
Kinsale Photo
Charl\'s Fort Photo
Viaggio in Irlanda
by gengish on Jul 20, 2009
Train | 529 miles
Interrail '84-0002.jpg Photo
Interrail '84-0003.jpg Photo
Interrail '84-0004.jpg Photo
Interrail '84-0005.jpg Photo
Interrail Europe Aug.84
by ignisfatuus on Sep 21, 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Train | 5,683 miles
IMG_0167.JPG (Monte Gordo, Faro, Portugal) Photo
Motionsrunda 6 nov
by nilserikp on Nov 06, 2009
Monte Gordo, Faro, Portugal
Train | 2.9 miles
Canals of Amsterdam Photo
Winter-time isn't recommended Photo
Naval past of Amsterdam is alive & still vibrant Photo
Amsterdams in(famous) flag Photo
bruxelles by train
by trekkwik on Mar 20, 2010
Sloterdijk, North Holland, Netherlands
Train | 127 miles
Birtrhday trip by Comfort First, Thalys Amsterdam-Bruxelles in 2 hrs.  Weekender pass valid for travel Friday-Sunday, Euro75,  complimentary snacks and drinks. Nice red Merlot.
DK_20091008_1080629.JPG Photo
DK_20091008_1080647.JPG Photo
DK_20091008_1080758.JPG Photo
DK_20091008_1080901.JPG Photo
From Mbeya to Mlimba
by rubaschow on Oct 08, 2009
Mbalizi, Tanzania
Train | 223 miles
In the morning the train continued from Mbeya. In the afternoon we reached Mlimba and made a longer stop there.
Train Arrives at Tazara Station Photo
From Kisaki to Dar Es Salaam
by rubaschow on Oct 09, 2009
Kisaki, Tanzania
Train | 137 miles
This extra night brought us finally to Dar Es Salaam. We missed one night of hotel stay in Dar and had immediately to move from Dar Es Salaam Tazara Station to the airport in order to do the Zanzibar tour.
The roomette Photo
Settled in Photo
Room next door Photo
observation car Photo
San Francisco to Seattle
by PaddlinMad on Jun 29, 2010
Sunol-Midtown, California, United States
Train | 906 miles
At my cousin's recommendation, I booked a roomette on the Coast Starlight train from San Francisco to Seattle. It was a wonderful experience all around. 
IMGP2041.JPG Photo
IMGP2043.JPG Photo
IMGP2046.JPG Photo
IMGP2047.JPG Photo
by jason-hu on Jun 27, 2010
Shuang-hsi, Taiwan, Taiwan
Train | 53 miles
IMGP2284.JPG Photo
IMGP2285.JPG Photo
IMGP2289.JPG Photo
IMGP2305.JPG Photo
by jason-hu on Jul 09, 2010
三峽, Taiwan, Taiwan
Train | 114 miles
Oigawa Railway Knaya Station / 大井川鐵道金谷駅 Photo
arrival from the pusher E10 1 Photo
補機の電気機関車 E10 1 を先頭に入線 Photo
OHA35 / オハ35の車内 Photo
Oigawa Railway Steam Locomotive trips. Part 4/7 Oigawa Railway type C11 Steam locomotive from Kanaya to Senzu  SL Express Trein "Kawaneji" 11:48 Kanaya Station 13:13 Senzu Station  Data of C11 classLength 12,650mmHeight 3,900mmGauge 1,067mm(3'6")Whell arrangement 2-6-4 (1C2)Diameter of Driving Wheel 1520mmCylinder Dimensions(mm) 450x610Boiler Pressure 15.00kg/cm2Weight in Working Order 66.05tWeight on Driving Wheels 39.39t 大井川鐵道C11の旅 4/7 金谷〜千頭編  SLかわね路 11:48 金谷 11:58 新金谷 12:29 家山 12:49 下泉13:01 駿河徳山13:13 千頭 
P1000104.JPG Photo
P1000109.JPG Photo
P1000113.JPG Photo
P1000116.JPG Photo
Narita Airport, Sendai, Morioka
by southsider on Aug 02, 2010
Narita, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Train | 0.0 miles
We  took the Shinkansen to Sendai.   On arriving in Sendai, we left our luggage at the hotel, and then took the train to Morioka for Sansa Festival.  We got back to Sendai after the festival.
P1000652.JPG Photo
P1000653.JPG Photo
P1000659.JPG Photo
P1000660.JPG Photo
Sendai, Hiraizumi, Yonezawa, Tokyo
by southsider on Aug 11, 2010
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Train | 1.3 miles
We went to Hiraizumi in the morning.  It is an attractive little town.  The main attractions are Motsuji and  Jusonji.  We went to Motsuji but skipped Jusonji.  We then went to Yonezawa to see the Love Helmet.  We took a bus from the train station to the shrine.  When we got there, the exhibition hall was closed.  Worse, it started to rain.  We then walked to the train station.But it was not...
_IGP0291.jpg Photo
_IGP0296.jpg Photo
_IGP0298.jpg Photo
_IGP0299.jpg Photo
JR Shinetsu line Naoetsu to Nagano : Toyama Trips Part 4/7
by kangoo on Oct 17, 2010
Joetsu, Niigata, Japan
Train | 47 miles
IMG_1839.JPG Photo
IMG_1844.JPG Photo
IMG_1852.JPG Photo
IMG_1853.JPG Photo
by Liberdade on Jan 09, 2011
Tadami, Fukushima Pref., Japan
Train | 391 miles

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