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sailing in Sardinia & Sicily - July 2011 Photo
sailing in Sardinia & Sicily - July 2011 Photo
sailing in Sardinia & Sicily - July 2011 Photo
sailing in Sardinia & Sicily - July 2011 Photo
Sailing from Sardinia to Sicily
by nouhailler on Jul 03, 2011
Bonifacio, Corse, France
Sailing | 732 miles
Sailing from Sardinia to Sicily
BillabongsRoute.jpg Photo
The Perfect Atoll Photo
Tunnel Beach Walk Photo
Reflective Lake Photo
23,000 nM of Blue Water Sailing
by svbillabong on Dec 16, 2003
Pierpont Bay, California, United States
Sailing | 25,177 miles
We've been Sailing for four years now, crossing the Pacific, Australia, Indonesia and the equator four times. The GPS is ALWAYS on, why not share the details. See our Journals etc at our website Sail Billabong . See our location Where is Billabong now? Download Google Earth Details including Anchorages, Days/Nights at Sea, and Passage Legs.
Picture2 135. (Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland) Photo
Picture2 136. (Drumleck, County Dublin, Ireland) Photo
Picture2 139. (Drumleck, County Dublin, Ireland) Photo
Picture2 140. (Binn Éadair, County Dublin, Ireland) Photo
Day 5 Dun Laoghaire to Howth
by gowzel on Aug 13, 2007
Dn Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland
Sailing | 13.8 miles
N82_169. (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands) Photo
Varen met Marcello
by vortex on Jul 04, 2008
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Sailing | 8.6 miles
289-IMG_2171_1.JPG (Rijnsaterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands) Photo
294-IMG_2172.JPG (Rijnsaterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands) Photo
291-IMG_2176_1.JPG (Rijnsaterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands) Photo
295-IMG_2180_1.JPG (Rijnsaterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands) Photo
Sailing contest
by Valleko on Oct 14, 2006
Rijnsaterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands
Sailing | 5.5 miles
Sailing contest in the Netherlands. Class J22
IMG_6231. (Hramina, Šibensko-Kniniska, Croatia) Photo
IMG_6306. (Lozovac, Šibensko-Kniniska, Croatia) Photo
IMG_6311. (Smokvica, Šibensko-Kniniska, Croatia) Photo
IMG_6337. (Smokvica, Šibensko-Kniniska, Croatia) Photo
Croatie Juillet 2008
by lmweb on Jul 12, 2008
Betina, Šibensko-Kniniska, Croatia
Sailing | 181 miles
Départ de Murter Marina Betina, visite des chutes de Skardin, des Iles Kornati, et bien d'autres choses... sur un Gib Sea 41 avec les Debray
IMG_2106 (Lincolnville, Maine, United States) Photo
IMG_2108 (Lincolnville, Maine, United States) Photo
IMG_2112 (Lincolnville, Maine, United States) Photo
IMG_2117 Photo
Sailing 2008: Day 1 - Dark Harbor to Merchants Row
by achanler on Jul 19, 2008
Isleboro, Maine, United States
Sailing | 36 miles
Day One : We picked up supplies early in a super market just before Camden. Then we drove the the ferry and missed the 9AM so we waited for the 10AM ferry to Isleboro. We left our car on Isleboro and took the Rascal (16ft skiff) and our supplies to the Highlight. From there we quickly got under way and motored through Brackets Narrows. Then we sailed to...
Boats at the dock (Chinatown, California, United States) Photo
Boats at the dock (Chinatown, California, United States) Photo
Our boat (Potrero District, California, United States) Photo
San Francisco skyline (Potrero District, California, United States) Photo
San Francisco Sailing Tour
by chris on Sep 13, 2008
San Francisco, California, United States
Sailing | 45 miles
My final weekend before going back to school.  We stayed on the boat for 3 nights, including "The Ramp," Pier 39, and Alameda, with a walk up Lombard to Market and around Angel Island squeezed here and there.
pictures_placemark_original_198_198360_36w2V.jpg Photo
IMG_0023.jpg (Naregno, Italy) Photo
IMG_0087.jpg (Marina di Campo, Tuscany, Italy) Photo
Elba Tour June 2008
by mferrero on Sep 21, 2008
Follonica, Tuscany, Italy
Sailing | 170 miles
This trip is also available on at is my social mapping site for boaters.A week of family sailing around the Elba island on a Sun Odissey 32 chartered from 43 parallelo in Scarlino. June is a good season for the Elba island as you can still find moorings at the marina for the night. July and August are too crowded and it\\\'s almost impossible to find free berths at the...
IMGP0113 Photo
IMGP0114 Photo
IMGP0116 Photo
IMGP0117 Photo
by othafish on Jan 11, 2009
Hikibashi, Kanagawa, Japan
Sailing | 10.1 miles
grecia_2007-026.jpg (Koríthion, Zákynthos, Greece) Photo
zante_073.jpg Photo
grecia_2007-034.jpg (Anafonítria, , Greece) Photo
zante_109.jpg (Anafonítria, , Greece) Photo
Grecia First Experience
by on Feb 10, 2009
Alikanás, Greece
Sailing | 436 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Halong bay, Vietnam
by samopedersen on Mar 24, 2009
Cát Bà, Hải Phòng, Vietnam
Sailing | 0.5 miles
DSCF0036.JPG Photo
DSCF0045.JPG Photo
DSCF0047.JPG (Roche Harbor, Washington, United States) Photo
DSCF0055.JPG (Lopez, Washington, United States) Photo
Stuart Island to sequim bay
by bushmaster on Jun 04, 2009
Washington, United States
Sailing | 46 miles
HPIM6407.JPG (Tierra Verde, Florida, United States) Photo
HPIM6408.JPG (Tierra Verde, Florida, United States) Photo
HPIM6409.JPG (Tierra Verde, Florida, United States) Photo
HPIM6410.JPG (Tierra Verde, Florida, United States) Photo
Sailing the Patty Wagon
by firmware on Jun 13, 2009
Tierra Verde, Florida, United States
Sailing | 32 miles
Me and 6 friends from work on a great day for sailing.  The forecast said, "no wind", but an hour into the trip the breeze really picked-up, and it turned out to be a perfect day for sailing.  We anchored a few miles west of Fort DeSoto and went for a swim.
KayakFallenLeafLake.png (Fallen Leaf, California, United States) Photo
Fallen-leaf-lake_0.jpg (Fallen Leaf, California, United States) Photo
Fallen-leaf-lake_1.jpg (Fallen Leaf, California, United States) Photo
Fallen-leaf-lake_2.jpg (Fallen Leaf, California, United States) Photo
Fallen leaf lake kayak
by Athonia on Jun 21, 2009
Fallen Leaf, California, United States
Sailing | 0.0 miles
Preparing to set sail Photo
Peter at the helm Photo
Get closer Paul Photo
Just wait - suprise time in about 15 minutes Photo
Under the Bridge
by Leaper on Mar 28, 2010
Garston, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Sailing | 27 miles
As it was the first Day of British summer time, we decided to wrap up warm & go for a sail. We met at the club early (08:30) with the aim of being on the water by 09:30 - we decided to take Nancy one of the club wayfarers due to it having mainsail reefing. With high tide due at around 10:40 at the club we headed up river to see if we could run the bridge,...
Little Gecko under tow Photo
Crew takes a break Photo
South end of Squaxin Is.  Photo
Michael Photo
Sailing around Harstine Is.
by msosnow on Jul 06, 2010
Boston Harbor, Washington, United States
Sailing | 91 miles
We spent 3 days sailing around Harstine Island with a side trip to Shelton.
Storm over Sydney whilst on Sea Monkey.JPG Photo
Sea Monkey in a storm on Sydney Harbour
by Maggsy on Aug 15, 2010
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sailing | 21 miles
Headed out on Sea Monkey with Goat. We heard a coastal weather warning on the VHF, and watched as a storm headed towards us from inland. We had a great view of the storm headed down the harbour and then it hit is quite nastily. Nice bit of hail and extremely strong winds. Sea Monkey coped very well and i think we survived unscathed.A great initiation for Goat, who coped admirally.
The short tender trip around the corner to Sharrow Bay. Weather looks nice and sunny!! :-0 not ideal but nice! Photo
The calm of the club bay. Just around the corner the weather always differs! Photo
Hmm problems with the outboard motor may stop us even before we leave the club bay! Although we do have oars! (it's a long way to go even with the out Photo
Just pulling away from the club pontoon the tender's outboard motor cuts out! Video
Sailing - Dad & Jonny - UYC to The Island
by Dyesy on Oct 02, 2010
Sailing | 14.5 miles
After an 'engine spluttering' start, we began on what seemed like a tame sailing day, it wasn't ! Although the heart racing, adrenaline pumping times weren't filmed (we were trying stop Banjory from rolling belly up!) rest assured Dad and I did get some frights. The weather at our furthest point took a turn for the....... worst/most exciting, it gave us a great start heading back as we just scraped around the island...
IMG_0382.jpg Photo
IMG_0375.jpg Photo
IMG_0377.jpg Photo
IMG_0376.jpg Photo
Sampaloc cove
by subicadventures on Dec 27, 2010
Silanguin, Central Luzon, Philippines
Sailing | 16.7 miles

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