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Below are popular Sailing guides that you can use to plan your next adventure. You can download guides, including a detailed map, description and points of interest for a small fee to your iPhone or Android.

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Isla de los Ciervos-Mauritius
by rcasadom on Sep 08, 2008
Beau Champ, Flacq, Mauritius
Sailing | 16.1 miles
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Isla Mauricio-Arrecife---Mauritius
by rcasadom on Sep 09, 2008
Belle Mare, Flacq, Mauritius
Sailing | 2.3 miles
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Sailing the S.V Whitehaven
by Fuzzel on Nov 18, 2009
Cannon Valley, Queensland, Australia
Sailing | 97 miles
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Gps Rondvaart De Wieden
by cheeseman on May 14, 2008
Blokzijl, Overijssel, Netherlands
Sailing | 28 miles
Orca Breaching. Photo
Orca Slapping Tail. Photo
Orcas Island Sail
by schmitt5191 on May 28, 2007
Puget Sound, Washington, United States
Sailing | 242 miles
Mississagi Light. Photo
Kayak_JohnsHrbr. Photo
Whalesback. Photo
Dean Checking. Photo
North Channel trip Aug-08
by kcmonroe on Aug 02, 2008
De Tour Village, Michigan, United States
Sailing | 6,666 miles
August 2008 Sailing Adventure in Lake Huron's North Chanel.Captain-Dean Kitchen Sailing 30' Catalina - First RunCrew - Kevin MonroeOrigination-Rogers City, MIDestination-Detour, MI VIA Little Current Ontario
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Snotty Yacht Club activity
by othafish on Oct 12, 2008
Koshigoe, Kanagawa, Japan
Sailing | 12.7 miles
M0010366.JPG (Kampong Telok Salang, Pahang, Malaysia) Photo
M0010370.JPG (Kampong Telok Salang, Pahang, Malaysia) Photo
M0010379.JPG (Kampong Telok Salang, Pahang, Malaysia) Photo
M0010415.JPG (Kampong Telok Salang, Pahang, Malaysia) Photo
2009 sailing malaysia
by sergio.borroni on Aug 17, 2009
Kampong Telok Sulit, Johor, Malaysia
Sailing | 161 miles
P1010166-red.JPG (Zaneca, Italy) Photo
P1010172-red.JPG (Zaneca, Italy) Photo
P1010177-red.JPG (Zaneca, Italy) Photo
P1010147-red.JPG (Fiascherino, Liguria, Italy) Photo
BoccaDiMagra 2007
by giovanni.serra on May 19, 2007
Bocca di Magra, Liguria, Italy
Sailing | 58 miles
20070804.07.08.Igoumenitsa.JPG (Ladochórion, Thesprotia, Greece) Photo
20070805.08.51.Canale_Lefkas.JPG (Kalligónion, , Greece) Photo
20070810.09.12.Sapientza.JPG (Methóni, , Greece) Photo
20070812.11.44.Porto_Kaio.JPG (Akhíllion, GR., Greece) Photo
Grecia 2007 - Levkas/Atene
by giovanni.serra on
Peloponneso, Greece
Sailing | 470 miles
Catamaran on kick stand on Goat Harbor boat-in camping beach. (Avalon, California, United States) Photo
Solo Catamaran sail to Catalina Island
by hobiegary on Aug 07, 2002
Marina del Rey, California, United States
Sailing | 85 miles
I set out on a scouting expedition to determine the viability of a Camping trip to Catalina's boat-in camping beaches. (permit required) Single handed I sailed my Mystere 6.0 20-foot beach cat from Marina Del Rey to the north shore boat-in camping beaches. I toured the coast to look at the various boat-in camping beachs. Goat Harbor had been my choice because it looked to be most protected from...
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100_0765. (Ramsey, , Isle of Man) Photo
100_0767. (Ramsey, , Isle of Man) Photo
Isle of man round the island race
by gowzel on May 07, 2008
Ramsey, Isle of Man
Sailing | 87 miles
Rice pudding 9 arrived on Saturday to make up the Glasson fleet and Lopud continued to amuse the onlookers. The weather was warm and sunny and the crews on the Glasson fleet relaxed in their cockpits snoozing, eating and drinking. The peace was only broken by the sound of scrubbing and polishing as every other boat in the race fleet was fine tuned ready for the race, they must have been petrified...
Les Iles D'Aran
by vin100g on Aug 09, 2008
Doolin, County Clare, Ireland
Sailing | 23 miles
20090427_16.57.jpg Photo
20090428_11.29.jpg Photo
20090429_14.37.jpg Photo
20090430_15.03.jpg Photo
Seychelles 2009
by giovanni.serra on May 09, 2009
Victoria, Seychelles
Sailing | 106 miles
Dokkum (Bornwirdhuizen, Friesland, Netherlands) Photo
Lauwersmeer gebied (Dokkumernieuwezijlen, Friesland, Netherlands) Photo
Lauwersmeer (Oostmahorn, Friesland, Netherlands) Photo
Zoutkamp slenk (Zoutkamp, Groningen, Netherlands) Photo
Sailing Lauwersmeer
by vc252 on Jun 26, 2009
Wâlterswâld, Provincie Friesland, Netherlands
Sailing | 65 miles
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Around Phuket islands
by vldd on Sep 03, 2009
Phuket, Phuket, Thailand
Sailing | 59 miles
Boat trip around Phuket islands, including James Bond island, visit of vilage built on water, sail through mangrove forests...
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Outrigger Catamaran (Congrats to Greg and Thea)
by bluesky808 on Mar 03, 2010
Waikīkī, Hawaii, United States
Sailing | 8.0 miles
What an exciting adventure with great people, great food, and great drinks. Thank you and congratulations Greg and Thea for making this possible. We hope you, your family and friends have a wonderful time on Maui and the Big Island.  We hope the rest of your lives together will be happy and prosperous. The crew on the catamaran were excellent.   Check out their website at We couldn't have asked for better weather. ...
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100221 Segeln von Langkawi nach Phuket
by gotcha on Feb 21, 2010
Kuah, Kedah, Malaysia
Sailing | 195 miles
IMG_1228.JPG Photo
IMG_1334.JPG Photo
IMG_1339.JPG Photo
Sailing from Mahon to Galdana
by snirp on Aug 23, 2010
Mahon, Balearic Islands, Spain
Sailing | 28 miles
Mahon - galdana Start Time: 15-08-10 11:08 End Time: 15-08-10 16:30 Active track info: Distance: 24.4 NM Total time: 5h 21' Average Speed: 4.6 kts Max Speed: 5.8 kts Mooi met genaker kunnen zeilen in licht weer (7-12 knopen)
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Borebukta, Spitsbergen
by Saxifraga on Jun 13, 2011
Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Sailing | 46 miles

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