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Below are popular Snowshoeing guides in Switzerland that you can use to plan your next adventure. You can download guides, including a detailed map, description and points of interest for a small fee to your iPhone or Android.

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by Eva-Maria on Feb 16, 2010
Einsiedeln, Schwyz, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 9.0 miles
Tief verschneite Landschaft Photo
Tief verschneite Hütte Photo
Blick auf Vierwaldstättersee Photo
Immer der Spur folgen Photo
Schneeschuhtour Buochserhorn
by namarkus on Feb 21, 2010
Niederrickenbach, Nidwalden, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 6.0 miles
Schneeschuhtour auf's BuochserhornMit dem Auto bis zum Parkplatz "Spiisrank". Danach mit Schneeschuhen via Bleikigrat auf'sBuochserhorn und wieder zurück.
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am_aettenberg.jpg Photo
Aettenberg, mars 2010
by paul.berger on Mar 16, 2010
Burstera, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 5.9 miles
Parcours en raquettes dans la région du Lac-Noir. Départ depuis la route forestière au-dessus du restaurant Mössli, montée vers l'Aettenberg par le chemin forestier, puis descente par l'alpage de l'Aettenberg.
To mönchjochshütte Photo
On Ewigschneefeld Photo
Just below the top Photo
To Walcherhorn Photo
From Jungfraujoch to Walcherhorn
by RedFun on May 25, 2010
Alpiglen, Bern, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.1 miles
Nice trip along Mönchjochshütte over the glacier. Not used to height and with soft snow: a hard trip. Track is one way.
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Wintertrekking 2011
by 2Wheelzz on Dec 28, 2010
Habkern, Bern, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 16.9 miles
Made by Chris Loos
2011-01-03 13.25.04.jpg Photo
2011-01-03 13.26.29.jpg Photo
2011-01-03 13.38.13.jpg Photo
2011-01-03 13.55.48.jpg Photo
La Chia grand parcourt
by jjoye on Jan 03, 2011
Vuadens, Fribourg, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 4.3 miles
P1020007.jpg Photo
P1020011.jpg Photo
P1020013.jpg Photo
P1020019.jpg Photo
Da Certara al passo San Lucio
by apolci on Jan 02, 2011
Certara, Ticino, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 6.4 miles
2010-12-31 15.13.14.jpg Photo
2010-12-31 15.13.39.jpg Photo
2010-12-31 15.14.00.jpg Photo
2010-12-31 15.14.11.jpg Photo
2010-12-31 15:14
by jjoye on Dec 31, 2010
Vaulruz, Fribourg, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.9 miles
2011-01-05 12.38.24.jpg Photo
2011-01-05 12.45.02.jpg Photo
2011-01-05 12:15
by jjoye on Jan 05, 2011
Vuadens, Fribourg, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.7 miles
P1160148.JPG Photo
P1160152.JPG Photo
P1160156.JPG Photo
P1160158.JPG Photo
by mcunning5 on Jan 16, 2011
La Givrine, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.7 miles
Nice flat walk. Great for snoeshowing conditions permitting
IMG_0611.jpg Photo
IMG_0614.jpg Photo
IMG_0615.jpg Photo
IMG_0622.jpg Photo
Suretta Alp
by bergenziel on Feb 24, 2011
Sufers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 4.0 miles
NCC krokusreis 2011
P1170904.jpg Photo
P1170907.jpg Photo
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P1170916.jpg Photo
by bergenziel on Feb 22, 2011
Lohn, Graubünden, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.4 miles
NCC krokusreis 2011
001-IMG_1272.jpg Photo
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004-IMG_1279.jpg Photo
Alpe di Camadra
by apolci on Mar 06, 2011
Campo Blenio, Ticino, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 5.9 miles
Huis op Druchatscha Photo
Poseren Photo
blik op Davos Photo
Alp Druchatscha-Höhwald
by hansv on Mar 21, 2011
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 2.1 miles
Vince en Marloes laten kennismaken met sneeuwschoenwandelen. Veel sneeuw toen
A Cabin up in the woods Photo
Just beautiful Photo
Also the light fall is wonderful Photo
Ishalp Clavadel Davos
by hansv on Dec 18, 2011
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.8 miles
The Snow is there and after a storm yesterday and more open weather today i wanted to go into the snow.Snowshoeing is then the way to Wal, get in the snow and take the i went up to Ishalp with a Gondel and started there. I was beautiful. Deep powder anywhere and the sun coming through more and more. Followed about the summer trail and then going down in-between trails getting...
First part Photo
Nice Views Photo
Pictureske Photo
first the dog Photo
SnowshoeTrail Cajöler
by hansv on Dec 28, 2011
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 3.6 miles
Today, a beautiful sunny day, but to crowded to go skiing, my wife and i decided  we want to try out one of the new snowshoe trails that Davos Tourism had set up.It start al the Cajöler lift on the right side of the Bolgen Area. Easy to find. It goes up through plain snow fields and when you get higher into the wood. You go along some Langlauf trails and because...
The way up to Druschatscha Photo
Alp Druschatscha Photo
Direction Klosters Photo
Overlooking Laret direction Parsenn Photo
by hansv on Jan 02, 2012
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 2.4 miles
Today i went Snowshoeing. There is a lot of snow at the moment in Davos, more then i can remember in this time of year. I ant up Alp Druschatscha from Wolgang pas. There was a trail, but not walked on for a few days and it had snowed again so it was heavy, but good doable. Once we (me and my dog) got up i did not want to go down...
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Double Monts Chevreuils
by pawenger on Jan 08, 2012
Château-d'Œx, Vaud, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 5.6 miles
Thats where i go Photo
View directions Sertig Photo
Jakobshorn, Jatzhutte Photo
The trail Photo
Jakobshorn - Sertig
by hansv on Jan 16, 2012
Davos, Grisons, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 4.3 miles
Today i went up the Jakobshorn with the Gondel to go snowshoeing direction Sertig. I was perfect today. Beautiful weather, very cold in the shadow but warm in the sun. The snow was 'pulver' and i did not sink in very deep en where i did there where enough track from skiers or snowshoe walkers to use them. The pictures tell the rest of the story 
racchette Piansecco.jpg Photo
Capanna Piansecco
by pondino on Jan 17, 2012
Bedretto, Ticino, Switzerland
Snowshoeing | 4.1 miles
Lasciato le macchine a Cioss Prato abbiamo messo le ciaspole e ci siamo incamminato sul sentiero marcato in direzione di All'Acqua. Sentiero molto bello e ben tracciato in mezzo alla Pineta. Arrivati a All'Acqua siamo salito sul sentiero estivo che porta alla Capanna. Il sentiero era già tracciato. In 1h40 minuti siamo arrivato tranquilli alla capanna. Ci siamo fermato per il pranzo all'esterno della capanna in quanto il tempo era splendido e anche...

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