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Svalöv, Skåne, Sweden
Moderate: 3.6 miles, 1-3 hours
A little bit of wilderness. Lite mer vildmark.
Edenryds kustled - a feeling of freedom
Edenryds kustled - a feeling of freedom
Bromölla, Skåne County, Sweden
Easy: 2.8 miles, 1 hour or less
The sea, the wind, the open landscape create a feeling of freedom.
Gustavbergsleden - a feeling of the wilderness
Despite its proximity to "civilisation", Gustavsbergsleden will give you a feeling of the wilderness.
Holjeåleden – a feeling of timelessness
Holjeåleden – a feeling of timelessness
Bromölla, Skåne, Sweden
Moderate: 8.5 miles
Lilla kungsleden, Bromölla – ” A magnificent feeling
Lilla Kungsleden with its manor environments and fast waters conveys a magnificent feeling.
The Näsumaleden Trail - a historical feeling
Näsumaleden conveys to it´s many ancestors from distant time a historical feeling.
Skåneleden trail: Brösarp-Kivik
Vitemölla, Skåne, Sweden
Moderate: 6.7 miles, Full day
Part of/del av SL 4 Österlenleden section/etapp 6.
Lake Arriesjön
Arrie, Skåne, Sweden
Easy: 1.4 miles, 1-3 hours
Recreation area close to town. Stadsnära strövområde.
Skåneleden trail: Arild-Mölle
Arild, Skåne, Sweden
Difficult: 9.6 miles, Full day
Part of/Del av SL 5 Öresundsleden section/etapp 3-4.

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Walk no 6 East Klovahallar
by rundvandringar on Jul 31, 2006
Klovahallar, Scania, Sweden
Walking | 7.7 miles
The longer version of the circular walk involves a very daring, steep climb both down and later up the hillside. A hazardous ford has to be crossed in between. This section of the walk requires certain skills and utterly physical strength. If the shorter walk is more tempting the orange marks of Sk�neleden can be followed from mark B on the map, which furthermore is the shelter of the Krika Woodland. These marks...
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Lördag med MTC
by henrikdav on Mar 19, 2011
Bara, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 18.2 miles
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May-07 Bokskogen
by emild on May 07, 2011
Svedala, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 7.4 miles
Very nice and very slow ride, more enjoying the view.
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Kopparhattsrondan - Söderåsen
by M.Knuhtsen on Aug 13, 2011
Skäralid, Skåne, Sweden
Hiking | 3.3 miles
Very nice national park just 50 km from Copenhagen.Lots of fireplaces and a nice restaurant
9728.jpg (Björkliden, Norrbottens Län, Sweden) Photo
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112.jpg (Tarfala, Norrbottens Län, Sweden) Photo
Fjällräven Classic
by Fjallravenclassic on
Kiruna, lappland, Sweden
Hiking | 0.0 miles
Come join Fjällräven Classic – a trek in the Lapland mountains of Sweden and a folk festival for one and all - young and old, people who like to speed through life as well as those who like to stroll, experienced mountain foxes and curious beginners. With the right preparations, you and a group of people who share your goal will conquer a 110-kilometre challenge. We know you will enjoy reaching out...
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Mar-5 Genarp
by emild on Mar 05, 2011
Genarp, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 12.2 miles
Very fun, proper biking.
Fredric möter Norrland Video
Lappspira - Pedicularis lapponica Photo
Ljungpipare Photo
Fredric på väg upp på Njulla Photo
Kungsleden vandring Abisko Nikkaloukta 2010 juli
by salgo60 on Jul 09, 2010
Kiruna, Norrbotten, Sweden
Hiking | 73 miles
Google translate page to EnglishStart Abisko och slutade i Nikkaloukta dvs samma som April turenVariant med större kartaGrundsten särtryck funnet på nätetPacklistaVideo: Dag 0 NjullaDag 1-2 Abisko - AlesjaureFåglar: Snösparv, blåhake (sr), bergfink (sr), rödbena, enkelbeckasin, svartsnäppa (ner mot Nikkaloukta), ängspipslärka,gluttsnäppa, silvertärna, rovis oidentifierad Alesjaure, sädesärla, fiskgjuse (sr) (abiskodeltat), falk (troligen stenfalk), dalripa (sr), fjällpipare(Njulla), ljungpipare.... Dag 0: Abisko upp på Njulla 1169 meterTid: 5:20Längd 8 kmVideo vandring upp på NjullaDag 1: Abisko - AbiskojaureTid: 4.5 timmarLängd 13 kmVideo dag 1...
Nyckelviken.jpg Photo
nyckelviken alle.jpg Photo
by tommie101swe on Aug 19, 2010
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Mountain biking | 10.8 miles
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Apr-9 Bokskogen
by emild on Apr 09, 2011
Hyltarp, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 13.2 miles
We had a good run in a cool pace. Very nice weather, spring is here :).
2011-03-05-10.04.33.jpg Photo
2011-03-05-10.41.14.jpg Photo
2011-03-05-10.41.25.jpg Photo
MTC i Genarp
by henrikdav on Mar 05, 2011
Gödelöv, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 12.3 miles
Hellasgården.jpg Photo
Nacka gård.jpg Photo
by tommie101swe on Aug 28, 2010
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Mountain biking | 7.8 miles

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