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Museum Night in Riga (16.05.2009)
by arianna on May 16, 2009
Vecrīga, Latvia
Walking | 6.6 miles
Yes, all problems with downloading this file have last! Well, visiting museums at night was incredible! Unfortunately queues to Medicine Museum and Museum of Nature were too long to come in. So we decided not to waste our time there and visited Latvian National Museum of Art,  Traditional Jewerly Gallery  and Museum of Craft Art And Design instead. But the most impressive was Museum of Farmacy in Old Riga. I liked pirates, but their \"love...
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Riga Marathon_May 17 2009
by arianna on May 17, 2009
Vecrīga, Latvia
Running | 3.4 miles
This trip had been recorded while running Riga marathon on May 17 2009. For me it was the first time I've participated in a public marathon. Well, it was a very exciting experience! We really enjoyed an atmosphere and had lo-o-ots of fun!  
IMG_9715.jpg (Priedaine, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9709.jpg (Babīte, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9710.jpg (Priedaine, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9714.jpg (Iļģuciems, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
From Priedaine to home by bike
by arianna on May 03, 2009
Buļļugals, Rīga, Latvia
Road biking | 12.7 miles
Coming back from Jurmala to home through Imanta.
IMG_4450.JPG (Āgenskalns, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4448.JPG (Āgenskalns, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4449.JPG (Āgenskalns, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4451.JPG (Āgenskalns, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
9th of may - celebration in Riga
by VT on May 09, 2009
Iļģuciems, Rīga, Latvia
Walking | 17.1 miles
IMG_4438.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4439.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
helocopter launch
by VT on May 04, 2009
Imanta, Latvia
Walking | 5.0 miles
unfortunately, it was too windy for successful launch. Last video could be interesting for some everytrail users.:)
untitled.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_9508.jpg (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_9513.jpg (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_9510.jpg (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Morning cross
by arianna on May 01, 2009
Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia
Running | 3.1 miles
This is one of my usual morning crosses. Well, 25 minutes neither the best result nor the worst one. Anyway, I have two more weeks till Riga marathon to improve. Pictures of Gosha and others were taken after the training. 
Frog-1.JPG (Buļļi, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Frog-2.JPG (Buļļi, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Frog-3.JPG (Buļļi, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
butterfly.JPG (Buļļugals, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Road biking with sis
by arianna on Apr 13, 2009
Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia
Road biking | 7.1 miles
One of my favourite biking tour. Unfortunately my GPS stopped writing somewhere in the middle of the track for unknown reason:(( On a way home we had to manage a salvation for a frog sitting on a forest road. Pictures of that "mission" included:)
IMG_4401.JPG (Buļļi, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4402.JPG (Buļļi, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4403.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4405.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
aircraft launch-2 and trip to forest pond
by VT on Apr 13, 2009
Imanta, Latvia
4.4 miles
IMG_9398.jpg (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_9411.jpg (Lejas-Podrags, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_9404.jpg (Lejas-Podrags, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_9399.jpg (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Home to work by bike
by arianna on Apr 08, 2009
Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia
Road biking | 7.3 miles
My first experience of road biking from home to our new office. Everything was cool except my fingers were terribly freezing:-( This was the reason why I took just a few pictures :))
butterfly-3.JPG (Bolderāja, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
butterfly-2.JPG (Bolderāja, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
bumblebee.JPG (Bolderāja, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_9309.JPG (Bolderāja, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
To the forest lake
by arianna on Apr 05, 2009
Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia
Bike riding | 4.1 miles
IMG_9272.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9302.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9268.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
IMG_9298.JPG (Jelgava, , Latvia) Photo
Riga to Jelgava (Ice Sculptures Show)
by arianna on Feb 15, 2009
Vecrīga, Latvia
Train | 30 miles
DSC01287.JPG (Mercendarbe, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
DSC01289.JPG (Mercendarbe, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
DSC01291.JPG (Mercendarbe, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
DSC01292.JPG (Mercendarbe, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
by arianna on Jan 08, 2009
Mercendarbe, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia
Alpine skiing | 5.5 miles
This was an absolutely spontaneous trip for skiing in mountains. Actually it was my first experience in slalom. Saying the true those mountains (or better to call them hills) didn't impress more advanced members of our company but for me they looked huge! Especially when I first stayed on the top:-) Well, to make a long story short I would say IT WAS VERY EXCITING! The only bad thing was too dark for good pictures....
IMG_4316.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4317.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4318.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
IMG_4319.JPG (Imanta, Latvia) Photo
Sledge walk
by VT on Jan 02, 2009
Imanta, Latvia
3.3 miles
IMG_5661.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5662.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5663.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5664.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Skating-skiing-walk in the forest
by arianna on Jan 05, 2009
Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia
Ice skating | 3.7 miles
IMG_9097.JPG (Sigulda, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5648.JPG (Turaida, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5649.JPG (Turaida, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5650.JPG (Turaida, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
by arianna on Nov 17, 2008
Turaida, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia
Horseback Riding | 9.0 miles
Driving-walking-horseback riding in Sigulda. Pictures of the pony named Tanya are my favourite. 
IMG_5614.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5615.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5616.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5617.JPG (Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Sea Side Walking
by arianna on Nov 16, 2008
Daugavgrīva, Rīga, Latvia
Walking | 2.4 miles
IMG_5583.JPG (Vecrīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5584.JPG (Vecrīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5585.JPG (Vecrīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5586.JPG (Vecrīga, Latvia) Photo
Domina Inn Seminar
by arianna on Sep 23, 2008
Āgenskalns, Rīga, Latvia
4.4 miles
DSCF2474. (Līgatne, Cēsu Rajons, Latvia) Photo
DSCF2487. (Rāceņi, Cēsu Rajons, Latvia) Photo
by KKTK on Sep 06, 2008
Līgatne, Cēsu Rajons, Latvia
Mountain biking | 31 miles
Pirmais izbrauciens. Vadītājs Grey, vadātājs Mārtiņš.Reālais starts bija Līgatnes stacijā, taču man nezināmu iemeslu pēc GPS sākumu rāda Ratniekos (iespējams pārtērēts track punktu skaits). Un otra kļūda ir pie Skaļupes veikala. Tur kā uzēdu saldējumu, tā GPS atsila tikai dažus km pirms Zvārtes ieža.Bildes:
IMG_8505. (Zvejniekciems, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
IMG_8489. (Zvejniekciems, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
IMG_8458. (Zvejniekciems, Rīgas Rajons, Latvia) Photo
IMG_8435. (VEF-Skulte, Limbažu Rajons, Latvia) Photo
by arianna on Jul 13, 2008
VEF-Skulte, Limbažu Rajons, Latvia
Walking | 3.4 miles
IMG_5485. (Andrejsala, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5489. (Andrejsala, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5490. (Rīga, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
IMG_5492. (Rīga, Rīga, Latvia) Photo
Pool to work
by arianna on Sep 09, 2008
Klīversala, Rīga, Latvia
Walking | 0.9 miles
Walking tour from Kipsala pool to work.

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