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pico del aguila desde la leja Photo
by Brigido on May 29, 2011
Reiguero de Poniente, murcia, Spain
Train | 8.5 miles
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Romantische Eisenbahn-Fahrt Bochum-Witten (Romantic Train trip)
by Wuffi on May 21, 2009
Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Train | 25 miles
Romantische Eisenbahnfahrt von Bochum-Dahlhausen bis zu Muttental in Witten. Unterwegs sieht man anlässlich RUHR.2010 auch interessante Industrieanlagen welche denkmalgeschützt sind.Romantic train trip from Bochum-Dahlhausen to Witten Muttental with many landmarked industrial cultures in Ruhr capital 2010 (RUHR.2010)! 
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East Coast to West Coast on Amtrak
by Metacom on Aug 10, 2010
Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Train | 2,843 miles
Taking the Amtrak from Springfield, MA to Los Angeles, CA.  Although the GPS was a little buggy, overall the trip was pretty well documented.  The signal cut out at the beginning, from Springfield to Albany, and also at the end, from somewhere in Arizona to Los Angeles. For the full information, check out Metacom's Blog for the full story!
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by i.ashiato on May 11, 2013
Nihombashi-Gofukubashi, Tōkyō, Japan
Train | 202 miles
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White Pass & Yukon RR
by unkletom on Jun 28, 2010
Skagway, Alaska, United States
Train | 49 miles
During our Alaska Cruise we took a ride on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad from Skagway up to the Canadian border and back. This was the most spectacular train ride I've ever been on. The route paralleled the trail taken by miners heading for Dawson in 1898 and in some places the trail was still visible. The GPS appeared to suffer from a case of high-altitude sickness but even so, the...
India 2007 526. (Khandāla, Mahārāshtra, India) Photo
India 2007 531. (Thākurvādi, Mahārāshtra, India) Photo
India 2007 538. (Karjat, Mahārāshtra, India) Photo
India 2007 540. (Chinchavli, Mahārāshtra, India) Photo
Pune to Mumbai - Train
by whitedbc on Dec 31, 2007
Mali and Munjeri, Mahārāshtra, India
Train | 116 miles
This was a highlight of my trip to India. I spent most of the trip with my head outside of the train snapping pictures. However, upon completion of the trip, I was filthy with dirt.
Apple Store Ginza Photo
レバンテ Photo
都電荒川線 Photo
都電荒川線 Photo
Toei Transportation & Asuka Park Rail / 都営交通とあすかパークレールの旅
by kangoo on Apr 18, 2010
Tokyo, Japan
Train | 19.9 miles
都営三田線〜都電荒川線〜あすかパークレール〜都電荒川線〜日暮里舎人ライナー〜都電荒川線〜都バス里22Toei Mita-Line, Toei Streetcar Arakawa Line, Asuka Park Rail, Toei Streetcar Arakawa Line, Nippori-Toneri Liner, Streetcar Arakawa Line, Toei Bus
Cable Car Turntable Photo
Bay Bridge Photo
Ferry Building Photo
Grace Cathedral Photo
Cable Car Loop: Union Square taking Powell/Mason line to Embarcadero Streetcar to California Line to Nob Hill
by kozik on Jan 29, 2014
San Francisco, California, United States
Train | 7.3 miles
After my second full day of meetings and dinner, I took a for-fun ride on the cable cars.  I started at Union Square, hopping on the Powell/Mason Cable car on Market Street heading North all the way up to Fisherman's Wharf.  I briefly walked around and then caught the Embarcadero Streetcar and road South along the F-Market & Wharves line to the Ferry Building at Market Street.I walked around the area, took...
CIMG5844-Train to Kyoto -- Mt Fuji (Yoshiwara, Shizuoka, Japan) Photo
CIMG5845-Train to Kyoto -- Mt Fuji (Yoshiwara, Shizuoka, Japan) Photo
CIMG5846-Kyoto Train Station (Nishi-kujō-Toriiguchichō, Kyōto, Japan) Photo
CIMG5847-Kyoto Train Station (Nishi-kujō-Toriiguchichō, Kyōto, Japan) Photo
Bullet Train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto
by kozik on Oct 19, 2007
Kyoto, Japan
Train | 452 miles
This is the train ride portion of my day trip to Kyoto. We left Tokyo station 7:30am and arrived at Kyoto station 10:15am; 2:45 hr train ride. The fastest was about 165mph. The average when we were moving was closer to 150mph. The highlight was when we went by Mount Fuji. The GPS tracks were better than I expected. There were several parts of the trip...
P1080414.JPG (Denenchōfu, Kanagawa, Japan) Photo
P1080415.JPG (Takatsuka, Shizuoka, Japan) Photo
P1080416.JPG (Takatsuka, Shizuoka, Japan) Photo
P1080417.JPG (Nishi-kujō-Toriiguchichō, Kyōto, Japan) Photo
京都 清水寺(Kyoto Kiyomizsudera)
by nichi51 on Sep 17, 2009
Shimo-kurokawa, Aichi, Japan
Train | 637 miles
Visit  Kiyomizudera at Kyoto/This is very famous temple.
IMG_0115.JPG (Sīdī al Ghudāmisī, Al Munastīr, Tunisia) Photo
IMG_0120.JPG (Sīdī al Ghudāmisī, Al Munastīr, Tunisia) Photo
IMG_0132.JPG (Sīdī al Ghudāmisī, Al Munastīr, Tunisia) Photo
Monastir- Sousse - Port Kantaoui
by Guillem on Oct 15, 2008
Sousse, Sūsah, Tunisia
Train | 21 miles
Viatge de GADMA a Tuníssia 2008.Passejada amb amb tren (Sousse-Monastir)  i taxis (Sousse-Port Kantaoui) ...
大横川 東富橋 Photo
大横川 桜 Photo
大横川 桜 Photo
大横川 巴橋から東富橋方面 Photo
ぶらつ記 舎人公園、飛鳥山、新宿御苑 桜/Cherry blossoms at ToneriPark, AsukayamaPark, ShinjyukuGyoen
by nichi51 on Apr 03, 2010
Fukagawa-Heikyūchō, Tōkyō, Japan
Train | 25 miles
都営まるごと切符で、大横川、舎人公園、飛鳥山公園、新宿御苑、北の丸 を巡ってきました。
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PICT0934.JPG Photo
PICT0958.JPG Photo
PICT0977.JPG Photo
[20100515] CN-China Railway CRH2 - (G1004) Guangzhou South to Wuhan
by John Shum on May 15, 2010
Jianggao, Guangdong, China
Train | 582 miles
This is a GPS recording during a train ride from Guangzhou Nan station (广州南站) to Wuhan station (武汉站) via the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway (武广客运专线), operated as G1004 by using CRH2C EMU.Due to poor GPS signal reception, the GPS log is start from 28~29km north (9mins) from Guangzhou Nan station.This is a non-stop train directly to Wuhan, and it takes only 3hr8mins to complete the whole journey.
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Japan dag 2
by zyberteq on Sep 05, 2010
Train | 337 miles
(Foto's volgen later, geen zin om dat nu uit te zoeken, en geen zin om ze net zoals die van gister per stuk te selecteren)Na een doodgewoon doe het zelf ontbijt (koffie, soep en toast), hebben we de Shinkansen (hogesnelheidstrein) naar Shizuoka opgezocht. Shizuoka? Ja, want daar staat een 15 meter hoge replica van een Gundam. Een zeer beroemde Mecha in Japan (en bij Andries). Deze Gundam stond halverwege de route naar...
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P1040449.JPG Photo
Montereau-Fault-Yonne to Dijon
by southsider on Jul 13, 2011
Cannes-Écluse, Île-de-France, France
Train | 159 miles
After cycling in France for two days, we concluded that France is not quite a cycling-friendly country, even though it is where the most well-known cycling event, Tour de France, takes place every year.  Cycling paths are rare, the road shoulders are mostly very narrow, and the car traffics are heavy on the main roads.  We planned to ride to Auxerre today.  Feeling threatened by cars passing-by,  especially by big trucks, we...
by hanslueen on Oct 19, 2011
Lüen, Grisons, Switzerland
Train | 42 miles
Traveling by train and walking from Lüen to Bad Ragaz for swimming there in natural 36.5° hot water! The swimmingpools are in- and outside the modern building with the big oval windows On the way on GPS probably not received (straight line to north) on the backway it was ok, kept the mobile phone near to the window.Vertical pics have te be turned but at which time??
Grand Canyon Train - Williams, AZ
by Pocket-Rider on Apr 18, 2013
Williams, Arizona, United States
Train | 127 miles
PICT2237.JPG Photo
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PICT2244.JPG Photo
PICT2256.JPG Photo
[20080525] UK-Birkenhead Heritage Tramway No. 70 (Return Journey)
by John Shum on May 25, 2008
Seacombe, England, United Kingdom
Train | 1.3 miles
Port orchard bay looking south Photo
Port Orchard Bay looking North Photo
Gazzam Lake dog walk w/ pack
by kermitonbi on May 23, 2010
Crystal Springs, Washington, United States
Train | 3.7 miles
Early morning Mt. Rainier training hike.
Old 250 bridge (Durbin, West Virginia, United States) Photo
Shay #3 (Durbin, West Virginia, United States) Photo
Cabooses along the Greenbrier (Durbin, West Virginia, United States) Photo
Fall spectacular (Nottingham, West Virginia, United States) Photo
Durbin Rocket
by mgingerich on Oct 11, 2008
Durbin, West Virginia, United States
Train | 9.5 miles
A pleasant train ride through the wilderness of West Virginia.  You can ride in an authentic 1920-era coach and vintage wooden cabooses a vintage steam engine as it puffs and whistles her way along the free-flowing Greenbrier River in Northern Pocahontas County.  You can also ride a private caboose to the end of the line and stay overnight.  They will pull you back, in your private caboose, the next day.

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