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Terrys Av Corner Photo
Sherbrooke Falls Photo
Sherbrooke Falls Photo
Mountain Ash Photo
Dandenong Ranges National Park
by jembers on Dec 29, 2010
Belgrave, Victoria, Australia
Walking | 9.4 miles
The temperature was in the low 20s and the walking was terrific. We started at Tecoma RS and finished at Belgrave RS. The walk is medium-hard, there are a few steep hills to go up and downThe flora and fauna are superb in this area - be prepared to go for a walk along the tracks.There are a number of areas where you can cut the length of the walk and catch...
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P1000379.JPG Photo
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Walls of Jerusalem
by xc_nomad on Jan 10, 2009
Lake Rowallan, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 13.1 miles
After climbing up to a plateau that will take you about 2 hours will pass King Solomons Jewels, Herodes Gate, The Walls of Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, the Temple and lots of other mystice places. Great campsite with wooden platforms.
Oaks Fire Trail with Single Trail at end.
by acalabro on Dec 05, 2009
Woodford, New South Wales, Australia
Mountain biking | 15.0 miles
25072010_001.jpg Photo
25072010_002.jpg Photo
25072010_003.jpg Photo
25072010_004.jpg Photo
Chambers Gully to Mt Lofty to Waterfall Gully
by xenon2000 on Jul 25, 2010
Waterfall Gully, South Australia, Australia
Hiking | 8.7 miles
Pemberton_Trailhead.jpg Photo
Trailhead_sign.jpg Photo
Hudo.jpg Photo
Down_to_the_creek_crossing.jpg Photo
Relentless Blue XC Mtb Pemberton
by mhudo on Nov 04, 2010
Pemberton, Western Australia, Australia
Mountain biking | 3.3 miles
The Relentless Blue XC Mtb track at 5 kilometres long incorporates the lay of the land in a clockwise direction. The western side of the hill is designed as the main climb but has a series of ups and downs with some hard technical elements. The western side has a series of turns, rock gardens, log rollovers, sharp uphill and downhill style trail design. The eastern face of the hill is a...
DSC00105.JPG Photo
DSC00107.JPG Photo
DSC00108.JPG Photo
DSC00114.JPG Photo
Cowan & East Loop - Lerderderg SP
by stockers82 on Jul 07, 2012
Greendale, Victoria, Australia
Hiking | 8.0 miles
Glimpse of Lane Cove River.JPG Photo
Lane Cove River Mouth.JPG Photo
Woolwich Dock.JPG Photo
Valentia Street Wharf.JPG Photo
Circular Quay, Sydney to Hunter's Hill: Sydney End of the Great North Walk
by OzGNW on Apr 11, 2010
The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia
Walking | 5.2 miles
Almost the START(or END) of Australia's most accessible bushwalk- the Great North Walk. Our ferry leaves from Wharf 5 and takes just 17 minutes to complete its journey. As the boat slides through Sydney’s magnificent harbour on a wonderfully sun-drenched morning.  Echoes of the First Fleet" In that June, on the 18th in fact, Governor Phillip sent another exploration party to land on the south bank of the Lane Cove River and see if a westward track could...
Track exit Photo
Track entry near the scout camp Photo
Views from the top Photo
Mt Keira Ring Track
by Oridin on Mar 02, 2010
Mount Ousley, New South Wales, Australia
Hiking | 3.1 miles
The Mount Keira Ring Track provides walkers with a moderate 5.5 kilometre (2 hour) round trip that can be commenced from either the summit, Byarong Park or the Mount Pleasant Track in Parrish Avenue. It encircles the mountain at an average height of 250 metres, with many entrances. From Byarong Park, a picnic area with an information and map stand with a car park, a short track goes beside the road to the entrance of the Girl Guides....
P9070003.JPG Photo
P9070009.JPG Photo
P9070012.JPG Photo
P9070016.JPG Photo
Deep Creek SA
by aussietrailwalker on Sep 29, 2012
Delamere, South Australia, Australia
Hiking | 7.7 miles
It is very hot today in Adelaide 41 degrees. All hiking trips have been cancelled. Deep Creek conservation park is situated in Fleurieu Peninsula 100 km from Adelaide.I have done this walk in September 2008. It is rated hard. This hike has spectacular views of the Southern Ocean. The highlights are Deep Creek Waterfall and Deep Creek Cove , a secluded cove where Deep Creek finishes its journey to the ocean
P1000536.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000539.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000540.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000542.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Bay of Fires, Humbug Point
by xc_nomad on Jan 15, 2009
Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 7.2 miles
Walking along the beaches at the bay of fires. Awesome landscape.
One of the more challenging trail features that takes you on to a log Photo
A dieback
The new carpark on Mundaring Weir Road Photo
Trail entry off Mundaring Weir Road Photo
Kalamunda circuit
by boofhead on Feb 02, 2011
Paulls Valley, Western Australia, Australia
Mountain biking | 9.4 miles
Having some time off I headed for the hills to take in the recently completed and signposted section of the realigned Kalamunda Circuit. For those not familiar with the trail it used to be a loop walk off the old version of the Bibbulmun Track and when the new Bib Track went in over ten years ago, it was turned over to MTBers. The old alignment was pretty dodgy as it followed...
Kalamunda Scorpion
by pjgoo2 on Aug 21, 2009
Bickley, Western Australia, Australia
Mountain biking | 27 miles
P1000685.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000686.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000690.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000699.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Maria Island, Painted Cliffs, Bishop and Clerk
by xc_nomad on Jan 19, 2009
Darlington, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 10.5 miles
Trip to Maria Island, walk to the painted cliffs and climbing on bishop and clerk
Bags Packed! Photo
Going Up Photo
Trappers Hut Photo
Heading along WoJ Track Photo
Walls of Jerusalem
by stockers82 on Jan 26, 2012
Mersey Forest, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 20 miles
Day 1 After arriving at Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania II we stopped in for a bite of breakfast at the Edgewater Hotel, last minute shopping in town and made our way through the Mural town of Sheffield where we stopped for a quick toilet break. While we were here there was Australia Day celebrations in the park with music, free breakfast and free Australian Flags which we were given one each...
P4250122.JPG Photo
P4250125.JPG Photo
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P4250133.JPG Photo
Major Mitchell Plateau Hike
by aussietrailwalker on Apr 24, 2010
Pomonal, Victoria, Australia
Hiking | 11.5 miles
Car shuffle at Mount William and Jimmy Creek car park.Mount William is the highest peak 1167 km. The walk will begin just before the top of Mount William and  descends to Boundary Gap. Afterwards it picks up onto Major Mitchell Plateau. The track has steep rocky, slow going sections involving some  rock climbing. It has spectacular views of of Serra Range and Mount William Range Mountains.
LornaPass.JPG Photo
GNWsignpost at BadenPowellCampsite.JPG Photo
STEP_Turramurra.JPG Photo
ConscriptPass_engraving.JPG Photo
Thornleigh to Pymble: Celts on the Great North Walk
by OzGNW on Apr 13, 2010
West Pymble, New South Wales, Australia
Walking | 6.1 miles
Beginning near the source of Berowra Creek at the Jungo Rest Area in Elouera Park, Westleigh to walk south on suburban bush trails through Thornleigh and South Turramurra, finishing in West Pymble. Look out for the Political Rock Cartoon at Conscript Pass: Lorna Track and Conscript Pass are now part of the Great North Walk running from Thornleigh Oval to the Lane Cove River. These walks were built during the Great Depression of the 1930s as a means of...
Launceston City Park Photo
Launceston Photo
Launceston church (Royal Park, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Batman (not THAT Batman) Fawkner Inn (Royal Park, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Tasmania Bushwalking Tour
by banquo on Dec 06, 2008
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Sightseeing | 954 miles
Van tour with significant bushwalking stretches, Dec. 14-25, 2003.  Tasmania is a beautiful island of old growth forests, animals & plants found nowhere else on earth (including the Australian mainland), and friendly people.  My trip included a scenic small plane flight over (and landing briefly in) the roadless South West Wilderness.  Also a climb to the summit of CradleMountain, the island’s 5th highest peak.  This pre-GPS trip was recreated manually (painstakingly!).
The paths are quite wide Photo
Drainage 'humps
Some large Tuarts still remain Photo
Early clematis flowering Photo
Trigg bushland stroll
by boofhead on Aug 15, 2010
Karrinyup, Western Australia, Australia
Walking | 1.8 miles
This is a short walk around the Trigg Bushland in Karrinyup. There are many tracks through the bush here and you can do a number of circuits. It travels through banksia woodland and coastal heath which covers ancient dunes - some of which are quite steep. Most of the bush in this area has been cleared and converted to residential housing, so this reserve is quite special and its a nice place...
Mount Kembla Photo
Mt Kembla Ring Track
by Oridin on Mar 08, 2010
Kembla, New South Wales, Australia
Hiking | 3.4 miles
Mount Kembla is joined to the volcanic fold of the Illawarra escarpment, overlooking Wollongong. The summit is 534 metres above sea level and is a prominent local landmark, where it has a lookout linked to a 5.5 km ring track. The mountain has a unique collection of flora, being the fusing point for northern and southern types of eucalypt growth and containing many types of rainforest. It also has two orchards on the western slope. American Creek flows down...
IMG00056 Photo
IMG00057 Photo
IMG00058 Photo
IMG00059 Photo
2 Waterfalls in One Day
by rodm on Dec 13, 2008
Upper Kangaroo River, New South Wales, Australia
Hiking | 12.1 miles

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