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 (Sopraprato, Friuli, Italy) Photo
 (Sopraprato, Friuli, Italy) Photo
 (Maniaglia, Friuli, Italy) Photo
 (Sopraprato, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Monte Cuarnan
by paolo_malisano on
Sopraprato, Friuli, Italy
Mountaineering | 5.0 miles
Gita sul Monte Cuarnan - Prealpi Giulie - Friuli
IMG_0845. Photo
IMG_0854. Photo
IMG_0878. Photo
IMG_0935. Photo
Coffin Nail to Trader HornTaquitz
by climbhighvt on Apr 13, 2008
California, United States
Mountaineering | 2.4 miles
Silouette (Howard, California, United States) Photo
Red Banks (Howard, California, United States) Photo
Horse camp (Howard, California, United States) Photo
The crew (Howard, California, United States) Photo
Shasta: Avalanche Gulch 2007
by bheliker on Sep 08, 2008
Bolam, California, United States
Mountaineering | 35 miles
SUCCESS! The summit was attained for (half) our group! The view from the top was, as you can see above, magnificent.The first day was uneventful and boringly according to plan. We left Bunny on time, slogged up the scree and hit camp by 4 pm. Dinner, consisting of a couple varieties of instant boil-a-meal camp food, was wolfed down and we were soon tucked away in our sleeping bags with the sun still shining, trying...
23839_Kopie_von_wiederroute.jpg (Dörfl, Bavaria, Germany) Photo
by nitanium on Jul 09, 2009
Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany
Mountaineering | 14.9 miles
dscn0190.jpg (Káto Loutrákion, , Greece) Photo
dscn0208.jpg (Zovik, Macedonia) Photo
dscn0232.jpg (Zovik, Macedonia) Photo
dscn0248.jpg (Zovik, Macedonia) Photo
by lensman on Jul 20, 2009
Λουτρά, Νομός Μακεδονίας, Greece
Mountaineering | 11.5 miles
Start at Possession Bay Photo
Roping up at the foot of the glacier Photo
Early going up to Shackleton Gap Photo
Possession Bay Photo
"Shackleton" Crossing of South Georgia Island
by AllenRbrts on Nov 28, 2009
Stromness, Antarctica, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Mountaineering | 0.0 miles
This was a three day trip attempting to retrace Shackleton's famous crossing of South Georgia Island.  Shackleton went from King Haarkan Bay to Stromess where there was a whaling station. While that was our original plan, bad weather forced us to start at Possession Bay (Shackleton had gone there by accident on his crossing) up to Shackleton Gap, and then to Day 1 camp at the "Trident". The next day we crossed...
大山母山 2010-04-14.jpg Photo
大山母山2010-04-14.jpg Photo
DSC00017.JPG Photo
DSC00022.JPG Photo
by treekuo on Apr 14, 2010
T’iao-shih, Taiwan, Taiwan
Mountaineering | 3.3 miles
sabalan (1) Photo
sabalan (2) Photo
sabalan (3) Photo
sabalan (4) Photo
climbing mount sabalan
by mohamad on Jul 08, 2010
lahrod, Ardabil, Iran
Mountaineering | 18.2 miles
summit to sabalan 4824 meter date 89/4/18as road north east start as shabilthird mountain in iran
Route to summit Photo
2010-08-03 20.17.44.jpg Photo
sunrise .jpg Photo
top of ramp.jpg Photo
Shasta Summit on Hotlum Bolam Route
by AllenRbrts on Aug 03, 2010
Mt Shasta, California, United States
Mountaineering | 12.7 miles
Went back to the north side to complete the climb of the Hotlum-Bolum ridge. Had beautiful weather and the snow conditions were excellent. I used Shasta Mountain Guides and had a wonderful guide Natalie who made the trip a real joy. The only bummer was that I broke my camera about 2 miles from the car, so most of the photos were taken by Natalie's cell phone.Hotlum Bolum route is a great...
IMGP6571.jpg Photo
IMGP6578.jpg Photo
IMGP6582.jpg Photo
IMGP6596.jpg Photo
by napunai on Oct 16, 2010
Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Mountaineering | 21 miles
IMG_4833.jpg Photo
IMG_5682hdr.JPG Photo
IMG_5744.jpg Photo
IMG_5972.jpg Photo
Spiti Ladakh Trekking
by Scorpion on Nov 09, 2010
Himachal Pradesh, India
Mountaineering | 77 miles
Trekking from Kibber in the Spiti Valley over the Parang La to Tso Moriri, Kazak in Ladakh. From Kazak ascending to Mentok Peak.
Maglic Photo
Volujak Photo
Prvi snjegovi Photo
Dolina Suskog potoka Photo
by jokac on Nov 15, 2010
Tjentiste, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mountaineering | 8.3 miles
Zanimljiva i zahtjevna jesenja "tura". Lijep novembarski dan i krecemo sa Prijevora prema vrhu Malica tzv polualpinistickom stazom. Na vrhu led, vjetar i fantastican pogled. Nako malo goriva pravac Cg Maglic a potom najcesce koristenom stazom prema Carevom dolu i niz Sarenu Lastvu do Trnovackog jezera. Predah sa ribarima pa put Prijevora okolo potopljene ne bas tako suve Suve jezerine.Vrijeme: Prijevor - Maglic 2,5-3h (izuzetno fizicki zahtjevno i neophodno osnovno alpinisticko znanje...
111220102019.jpg Photo
111220102020.jpg Photo
111220102021.jpg Photo
111220102022.jpg Photo
Ascenso al Iztaccíhuatl hasta la Panza por la Normal
by on Dec 12, 2010
Mexico, Mexico
Mountaineering | 6.3 miles
pic_45.jpg Photo
pic_57.jpg Photo
pic_58.jpg Photo
pic_59.jpg Photo
Samaria Gorge
by elkas on Apr 30, 2012
Omalós, Crete, Greece
Mountaineering | 11.9 miles
ΕΟΣ ΧΑΝΙΩΝ - ΔΙΗΜΕΡΗ ΟΡΕΙΒΑΤΙΚΗ ΔΑΣΧΙΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΦΑΡΑΓΓΙΟΥ ΤΗΣ ΣΑΜΑΡΙΑΣ    ///Mountaineering Club of Chania : 2-day excursion into Samaria Gorge
Spider Photo
Lazy Log 1 Photo
Lazy Log 2 Photo
Rope Section Photo
Gunung Angsi (Ulu Bendul & Bukit Putus)
by hoongern on Oct 20, 2012
Kampung Ulu Bendol, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Mountaineering | 8.4 miles
Write up: half day hike at Gunung Angsi, up via Ulu Bendul, down by Bukit Putus. The Ulu Bendul trail is a little longer and has one fairly steep section (Botak Hill), otherwise both are standard jungle trails of average steepness.Not too many open views, but not too bad.
0001 (Glenridding, United Kingdom) Photo
0003 (Glenridding, United Kingdom) Photo
0006 (Glenridding, United Kingdom) Photo
0007 (Glenridding, United Kingdom) Photo
Helvellyn via Striding Edge
by payneb12 on Sep 13, 2008
Glenridding, England, United Kingdom
Mountaineering | 9.6 miles
This was the inaugural walk of the MINI Oxford Mountaineering Club (although official name is still to be decided). We choose to tackle Striding Edge as our first walk – despite having 3 novices in the Group. We were confident they could handle the challenge. The walk itself was brilliant – only let down by the mist that closed in on the last 500ft of ascent. Still the walk over Striding Edge still proved...
Summit Panorama Photo
Second ladder Photo
Third set of ladders Photo
First set of ladders Photo
Gunung Datuk
by hoongern on Nov 12, 2012
Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Mountaineering | 1.8 miles
Write up: Datuk has one of the best views due to its exposed rocky 'false peak'. A fairly steep climb but also quite short. 
Old river (Karlovo, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) Photo
Old River (Karlovo, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) Photo
Hidden river (Vidima, Lovech, Bulgaria) Photo
Cow paradise (Sushitsa, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) Photo
Karlovo-Levski hut-Ray hut
by evgord on Jan 17, 2009
Karlovo, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Mountaineering | 15.9 milesЕсенни пейзажи от Централен Балкан по маршрута Карлово — хижа Левски — хижа Рай и обратно.
Cuar (Pert, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Cuar (Pert, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Cuar (Pert, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Cuar (Pert, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Monte Cuar
by paolo_malisano on Mar 18, 2007
Pert, Friuli, Italy
Mountaineering | 4.8 miles
Gita sul Monte Cuar - Monti di Forgaria - Friuli
Jôf di Miezegnot (Valbruna, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Jôf di Miezegnot (Malga Saisera, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Jôf di Miezegnot (Valbruna, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Jôf di Miezegnot (Valbruna, Friuli, Italy) Photo
Jof di Miezegnot
by paolo_malisano on
Malga Saisera, Friuli, Italy
Mountaineering | 2.5 miles
Salita sullo Jof di Miezegnot (Alpi Giulie - Val Dogna) al tramonto.

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