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Table Rock
Table Rock
Elkhorn, Oregon, United States
Moderate: 7.8 miles, Half day
Succor Creek and Leslie Gulch
Succor Creek and Leslie Gulch
Jordan Valley, Oregon, United States
Easy: 57 miles, Multiple days
A popular sight seeing, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and off road recreational area in eastern Oregon.
Birch Creek Ranch - Jordan Craters
Birch Creek Ranch - Jordan Craters
Sheaville, Oregon, United States
Easy: 51 miles, Full day
The Birch Creek Historic Ranch and Jordan Craters are near the Owyhee River and northwest of Jordan Valley, Oregon.
Hawk Mountain
Hawk Mountain
Breitenbush, Oregon, United States
Easy: 4.5 miles, 1-3 hours
Incredible views of Mt. Jefferson..

DSCN3775.JPG Photo
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Smith Rock Hike
by quadsinthemudd on Feb 17, 2013
Terrebonne, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 5.2 miles
Just out caching with some friends and enjoying the beautiful area.
Maria on main road to ranch near start of geocaching competition Photo
Maria near Cache #323 Photo
Maria descending from Cache #323 Photo
Maria at one of the stages of the sponsored cache Photo
Wild Canyon Games 2013 - Geocaching Competition
by Moun10Bike on Jun 01, 2013
Clarno, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 9.7 miles
Amphitheater Bottom Photo
Wolf Rock Summit Photo
Crossing the bottom of the Amphitheater Photo
Wolf Rock Challenge Geocache (GCGJQM)
by PabloMac on Sep 12, 2009
Cascadia, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 1.0 miles
I first saw Wolf Rock almost exactly 5 years ago, from atop Iron Mountain. From there, my eyes were fixed on a massive rock monolith with a geocache on top, a few miles to the south. Since then, I knew I had to answer the call of Wolf Rock Challenge, and, since it's the 4-year anniversary since the geocache was found, today was the day.Just a few feet up the trail, we met our first "Uh-Oh" moment: the...
P1010072. Photo
P1010080. Photo
P1010077. Photo
P1010075. Photo
Eastern Oregon Tech Cadre Professional Developemnt
by cougcoach on Apr 18, 2008
Echo, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 4.8 miles
April 18, 2008 Professional development inservice between Baker S.D., Echo S.D., and Umatilla S.D.
Geocaching Clatskanie. Photo
Family. Photo
Clatskanie Caches Feb 21, 2008
by River_runr on Feb 21, 2008
Clatskanie, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 1.6 miles
Introduced Sheryl, Sue, Ted and Dave to geocaching. We did two caches in Clatskanie on Thursday afternoon. Unfortuneately, Nick, Amanda, Jerry, Brian and Laurie missed out so will have to get them out geocaching another time.
Fort Stevens Geocache Hike
by River_runr on Feb 23, 2008
Fort Stevens, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 6.2 miles
Nancy and I went for a long hike and logged the Jetty Lagoon geocache. Checked out the Iredale wreck, hiked up the beach, found the cache then hiked back on the trail. Only had dress shoes so my feet and knees were a little sore the next day. Beautiful sunny day for a hike! Still winter but it was warm enough to wear only sweatshirts.
IMG_2632.jpg Photo
IMG_2634.jpg Photo
IMG_2635.jpg Photo
IMG_2636.jpg Photo
Beacon Rock ascent
by EraSeek on Jul 03, 2010
Warrendale, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 1.3 miles
Did a little hike up Beacon Rock which happens to have an Earthcache located there.
IMG_2673.jpg Photo
IMG_2674.jpg Photo
IMG_2675.jpg Photo
IMG_2676.jpg Photo
John Day Road Trip
by EraSeek on Jul 04, 2010
Gurdane, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 329 miles
A long auto trip on the 4th of July with the purpose of Birding, Geocaching and a visit to the fossil beds in mind. Awesome country!! High country! We drove for hours without seeing another car. Flowers everywhere on the high grasslands.
Old #7 Photo
Traveling between 207 and 19 Photo
Nice view behind the camper Photo
Enjoying the nice day Photo
Back roads from Morrow County to Wheeler County
by globaltreckers on Sep 18, 2010
Heppner, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 61 miles
View of Mt. St. Helens from the Douglas Trailhead Photo
Plaidguy, hydnsek and Prying Pandora on the trail to GC12 Photo
EraSeek, hydnsek and Plaidguy at GC12 Photo
EraSeek playing on a creek crossing near GC12 Photo
Hike to GC12 and GC17
by Moun10Bike on Jul 10, 2011
Mountain Air Park, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 6.8 miles
Truman Photo
Taking a break for the photo Photo
Willow Creek
by globaltreckers on Jan 31, 2012
Madras, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 1.0 miles
Geocache destination GC3BT83 picklehead by elkjimThis path will take you along a nice trail that was built many years ago.  At points it is overgrown by Juniper and sagebrush.  
20120519_0002.jpg Photo
20120519_0004.jpg Photo
20120519_0005.jpg Photo
20120519_0006.jpg Photo
Columbia River Gorge: Ka-Ho-Nee & Wahe Falls
by ripcitybeaver on May 19, 2012
Bonneville, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 11.0 miles
This is an OFF-TRAIL hike.  The route past the first falls (Ka-Ho-Nee) is NOT recommended for anything but experienced hikers/climbers.  There is one section of the route that is somewhat technical, and requires rope to get beyond.  Please take extreme caution if you intend to attempt reaching the upper falls (Wahe).This trip was planned around two geocaches -Ka-Ho-Nee Falls Wahe Falls We were able to find both caches, and  both waterfalls provide spectacular views.Higher resolution photos...
DSC00081.JPG Photo
DSC00082.JPG Photo
DSC00083.JPG Photo
DSC00084.JPG Photo
Hike to "Yikes!" Geocache (GCQVC8)
by PabloMac on Sep 15, 2012
Upper Soda, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 4.0 miles
"Yikes!" is a geocache I have been wanting to hike to for almost 7 years, and I was not disappointed with the challenge and adventure. Most of the hike followed logging roads, with the last 6 or 7 tenths of a mile (horizontal) bushwhack representing at least half of the overall challenge of the entire 8-mile round-trip hike. Call me weird, but I love getting banged and bruised and cut and sweaty and...
geocoin left Photo
Us at the final Photo
Night cache bubble style
by globaltreckers on Feb 21, 2013
Deschutes, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 2.3 miles
This here is a night cache.
GoPro 2-24-13 (1).JPG Photo
IMG_0577.JPG Photo
IMG_0592.JPG Photo
IMG_0593.JPG Photo
Smith Rock Mega UCQ challenge
by globaltreckers on Feb 24, 2013
Terrebonne, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 12.4 miles
Hiked some new trails and saw some amazing sights overlooking Smith Rocks, Terrebonne, and Redmond.
Cars Entering the Tunnel Photo
Power Tower Photo
At the Intersection Photo
Meaningless Signs? Photo
Drive-Thru Geocache
by PabloMac on Oct 27, 2013
Swisshome, Oregon, United States
Geocaching | 3.3 miles
I had been wanting to place a geocache over the HWY 126 tunnel just east of Mapleton, Oregon for over 9 years. On dozens of trips over the years to visit my mother in Florence, it always seemed to be "no, I don't want to stop - let's just get there" from my significant other. Well, today, I had no naysaying significant other with me, so I went for it! And now,...

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