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IMG_0437.JPG (Holme Chapel, United Kingdom) Photo
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P1000753.jpg (Bacup, United Kingdom) Photo
Bacup, Burnely road to Waterfoot
by Passenger11 on Sep 14, 2009
Rossendale, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Road biking | 23 miles
Went up Sharneyford with the intention of taking the track through Heald Top Farm and dropping down to connect with Burnley road. Unfortunately this seems to be a private road now, even though it's part of the Rossendale way?  Went back down into bacup and took Burnely road to do a circular past Clough Bottom Res. Also takes you through Lumb and Waterfoot.
Whitworth Todmorden Rochdale
by Passenger11 on Sep 18, 2010
Whitworth, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Road biking | 20.0 miles


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