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Gustavbergsleden - a feeling of the wilderness
Despite its proximity to "civilisation", Gustavsbergsleden will give you a feeling of the wilderness.

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Lördag med MTC
by henrikdav on Mar 19, 2011
Bara, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 18.2 miles
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May-07 Bokskogen
by emild on May 07, 2011
Svedala, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 7.4 miles
Very nice and very slow ride, more enjoying the view.
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Mar-5 Genarp
by emild on Mar 05, 2011
Genarp, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 12.2 miles
Very fun, proper biking.
Nyckelviken.jpg Photo
nyckelviken alle.jpg Photo
by tommie101swe on Aug 19, 2010
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Mountain biking | 10.8 miles
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Apr-9 Bokskogen
by emild on Apr 09, 2011
Hyltarp, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 13.2 miles
We had a good run in a cool pace. Very nice weather, spring is here :).
Hellasgården.jpg Photo
Nacka gård.jpg Photo
by tommie101swe on Aug 28, 2010
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Mountain biking | 7.8 miles
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MTC i Genarp
by henrikdav on Mar 05, 2011
Gödelöv, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 12.3 miles
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2011-04-27-18-47-33-703-orig.jpg Photo
2011-04-27-18-54-19-093-orig.jpg Photo
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Apr-27 Bokskogen
by emild on Apr 27, 2011
Svedala, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 7.3 miles
Spring is finally here, very nice ride and scenery. Way nicer when everything is green.Ran out of battery half way in. Back wheel hub locked completely when i reached the car.
Fornstigen (Lovön)
by pegasus on May 27, 2006
Drottningholm, Stockholms Län, Sweden
Mountain biking | 10.0 miles
Ett första test
Froviks brygga (Storholmen, Stockholms Län, Sweden) Photo
3h Bogesund
by rudi on May 01, 2007
Rydbo, Stockholm, Sweden
Mountain biking | 25 miles
A 3h trip at Bogesund. Mostly single track but not difficult.
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MTB i djupsnö själv
by rickardax on Feb 06, 2010
Klågerup, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 18.7 miles
MTB från Klågerup till bokskogen. Var tvungen att köra på dom plogade grusvägarna eller där bilar spårat i snön.
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Schweden 2010
by preacherman on Jul 10, 2010
Stockholm, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Mountain biking | 457 miles
From Alvesta to Stockholm in 10 days  free camping (except 2 nights in Mariefred and Stockhom)
2011-04-09-10.00.51.jpg Photo
2011-04-09-10.01.14.jpg Photo
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Lördag i Bokskogen med MTC
by henrikdav on Apr 09, 2011
Svedala, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 23 miles
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by prAna on May 08, 2011
Ingebo, Gävleborg, Sweden
Mountain biking | 14.9 miles
En härlig runda på 24 km som innehåller allt. Tack Janne för sällskapet.
Ruddalen Video
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IMG_0003.JPG Photo
by gsklubb on May 07, 2010
Högsbo, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Mountain biking | 0.6 miles
Image75__Risoluzione_del_desktop_.jpg (Muoniovaara, Norrbottens Län, Sweden) Photo
Image70__Risoluzione_del_desktop_.jpg (Muoniovaara, Norrbottens Län, Sweden) Photo
Image11__Risoluzione_del_desktop_.jpg (Muoniovaara, Norrbottens Län, Sweden) Photo
Image8__Risoluzione_del_desktop_.jpg (Muoniovaara, Norrbottens Län, Sweden) Photo
1984 artic canoe race e rientro in italia in bici
by sergio.borroni on Jan 29, 2009
Muoniovaara, Norrbottens Län, Sweden
Mountain biking | 2,379 miles
la parte in finlandia sul fime era una competizione la parte via terra il rientro a milano in bici. bella avventura e compagno fortissimo! Riccardo Fiocchini.
by minisessan on Aug 13, 2012
Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden
Mountain biking | 1.0 miles
A-trail -  En snabb flowig stig både på hällar och i skog.
Åsen-Gesunda_0.jpg (Mångberg, Dalarnas Län, Sweden) Photo
Åsen-Gesunda_1.jpg (Mångberg, Dalarnas Län, Sweden) Photo
Åsen-Gesunda_2.jpg (Mångberg, Dalarnas Län, Sweden) Photo
Åsen-Gesunda_3.jpg (Mångberg, Dalarnas Län, Sweden) Photo
by pean on Sep 27, 2009
Mångberg, Dalarna, Sweden
Mountain biking | 5.6 miles
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Apr-2 Genarp
by emild on Apr 02, 2011
Genarp, Skåne, Sweden
Mountain biking | 22 miles
Kind of long and flat, not how i first saw Genarp :).

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