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P1080570_2.jpg Photo
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P1080581.jpg Photo
by on Jun 17, 2009
Moskenes, Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 7.5 miles
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P1090013_2.JPG Photo
P1090014_2.JPG Photo
P1090017_2.JPG Photo
by on Jun 18, 2009
Vikten, Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 3.8 miles
camp Photo
P7080004.JPG Photo
P7090044.JPG Photo
Torghatten Photo
TRondheim - Bodø
by Marsupilaminorge on Jul 23, 2010
Gildeskål, Nordland, Norway
Road biking | 702 miles
Here we go! Photo
Grounded floating dock obstructing the info boards. Notice the 'vehicle' on top of the right board Photo
Bench by Børsvatnet Photo
Almost sunrise by Børsvatnet Photo
by DavyNic on Nov 07, 2013
Nordland, Norway
6.2 miles
Nice hike in beautiful early winter weather. This was my first time ever using snowshoes. Surprisingly, it was much easier than I thought. This was my 300th geocache find!
This should be interesting... Photo
This way! Photo
Inevitable! I managed to get about 10 metres(30 ft) from the car before my first fall. This is my second of three falls on this trip. Photo
Was fun crossing this icy and very shaky suspension bridge on skis... Photo
by DavyNic on Nov 05, 2013
Norddalen/Skjomen, Nordland, Norway
Cross-country skiing | 4.6 miles
Test trip on skis. My first ski trip in 20 years(!)
Skjomen. Seen from the parking area Photo
Lots of elk tracks. Photo
Easy to follow the snow-hidden trail with markers like this Photo
Tree tunnel  Photo
Varden (Winter)
by DavyNic on Oct 22, 2013
Veggfjellet, Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 7.0 miles
It's rare to get a perfect winter day in October. So, after watching Veggfjellet from across the fjord every day on my morning walks to Tøttadalen, I couldn't resist spending this beautiful day hiking to Varden. 
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P1000641.JPG Photo
P1000642.JPG Photo
P1000643.JPG Photo
Lindesnes to Nordkapp - Day 32
by TonyRoberts on Jul 13, 2010
Ånstad, Nordland, Norway
Road biking | 62 miles
P1080914_2.JPG Photo
P1080922_2.JPG Photo
P1080927_2.JPG Photo
P1080930_2.JPG Photo
by on Jun 18, 2009
Reine, Nordland, Norway
Boating | 12.5 miles
2014-09-30_13-33-28.jpg Photo
Linken(The Link) - Fagernesfjellet
by DavyNic on Sep 30, 2014
Narvik, Nordland, Norway
Hiking/Mountain biking/Geocaching | 3.0 miles
Quick downhill trip from Linken at the Fagernes mountain.  The first 1.5 kilometres on foot, the rest by mountain bike.
Boende Ulvsvåg.jpg Photo
Kort vandring kring Ulvsvåg
by salgo60 on Jul 12, 2014
Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 6.9 miles
En del av Norge 2014 turenBodde 2 nätter på Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri Nordland under vår Norge resa så vi passade på att vandra upp på den närliggande toppen och följa en del av leden FRA ULVSVÅGSKARET TIL PRESTEID
Ingalill Photo
Paddling Henningsvaer Lofoten
by salgo60 on Jul 10, 2014
Nordland, Norway
15.5 miles
En paddling som är en del av Norge 2014 turenBilder FlickrVideo YouTube10 juli 2014Sov på hotell i Henningsvaer efter en lång buss resa från Narvik..På väg till en strand pratar jag med ett par tjejer som visar sig ha midnattspaddlat med XX Lofoten dagen innan.20 minuter senare var vi framme hos XX Lofoten och efter lite prat var det ok att hyra för 2 dagar och vind prognosen var ok. 2 platskajaker av...
P4111127.JPG Photo
P4111128.JPG Photo
P4111131.JPG Photo
P4111133.JPG Photo
7-days-tour through lovely Helgeland
by Marsupilaminorge on Apr 10, 2014
Nordland, Norway
Cross-country skiing | 46 miles
Ice Photo
This way Photo
Here we are. The
The shed.  Photo
by DavyNic on Dec 17, 2013
Narvik, Nordland, Norway
Cross-country skiing | 4.9 miles
Test trip pulling a pulka on skis. The destination was the 100-årsbua, the 100 years cabin, by the Sirkelvatnet lake. The ice wasn't safe enough to cross, so I had to make my way around the lake. The GPS trail will show a lot of trail and error, but I eventually made it there.
IMGP0303.JPG Photo
IMGP0304.JPG Photo
IMGP0305.JPG Photo
IMGP0306.JPG Photo
Plurdalen - Sauvasshytta tur retur
by Marsupilaminorge on Nov 09, 2013
Nordland, Norway
Snowshoeing | 10.8 miles
Almost sunrise Photo
Hulderheimen Photo
2013-11-08_08-22-16.jpg Photo
Morning skies near Bruna Photo
Håfjellet (Winter)
by DavyNic on Nov 08, 2013
Ballangen, Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 5.3 miles
Nice morning walk in beautiful weater. I did have to put on the snowshoes about halfway up.My late summer trip following the same route
Beisfjord, seen from the starting area Photo
Beisfjord Photo
2013-09-27_14-04-20.jpg Photo
Mølnelva Photo
Beisfjord - Sildvikvatnet
by DavyNic on Sep 27, 2013
Beisfjord, Nordland, Norway
Hiking/Camping | 16.5 miles
This is supposed to be the trails start Photo
Drove 2 km back to find this excellent trail Photo
View Photo
view Photo
by DavyNic on Sep 26, 2013
Håkvikdal, Nordland, Norway
Geocaching | 5.1 miles
Construction work at the starting point Photo
Fresh snow on the mountain tops Photo
The whole trail to the Hunddalshyttene was newly marked Photo
2013-09-23_11-40-26.jpg Photo
Beisfjord - Katterat
by DavyNic on Sep 23, 2013
Narvik, Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 22 miles
A two day hike which turned into three days. The original plan was to go Beisfjord to 'Kvilebua - Oallavagge' and then back again. Because the trail around Vomtinden was so steep and slippery, I decided to go to Katterat and take the train back instead.The hike went through Stubblidalen, over Basegurra and down Hunddalen. When I reached the trail to the Djevelpasset, Devils Pass, I took the detour as I just had...
Starting point Photo
Starting point Photo
20 metres away from the car and the first challenge Photo
It's supposed to be a little stream here, not a raging torrent! Photo
Čunojávri - Unna Allakas
by DavyNic on Sep 18, 2013
Skjomen, Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 19.4 miles
Two-day hike from the Statkraft dam in Norddalen, via the Čunojávrihyttene, across the border to Sweden and finally the Unna Allakas fjällstuga. According to the forecast, the weather should be clear and sunny. Turned out to be very windy and a bit of rain on day one, then mostly overcast the next day. I managed to pick up a few geocaches as well. Nevertheless.. an absolutely fantastic way to spend a couple of...
Narvik by night. At the starting point. Photo
Info board Photo
Short or long? Photo
Crossroads Photo
Pumpvatnet - Forsnesvatnet
by DavyNic on Sep 12, 2013
Narvik, Nordland, Norway
Hiking | 8.2 miles
Early morning walk up to Pumpvatnet to have breakfast at the lodge at day-break. Then a walk up to Forsnesvatnet afterwards. The plan was to walk up to Rombakstøtta, but my knees were acting up, so I played it safe and didn't. Next time ;)

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