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Tamatave river harbor Photo
Bamboo raft Photo
Child along the canal Photo
Shrimp nest Photo
Canal des Pangalanes
by FabriceBlocteur on Dec 20, 2013
Manangareza, Tamatave, Madagascar
Boating & Train | 113 miles
That trip was made in four days, from December 20th to the 23rd, with three days by boat on the canal and one day by train to come back to Tamatave, the point of departure. The Canal des Pangalanes, one of the longest canals in the world, is a series of man made canals linking natural lakes and rivers running down the east coast of Madagascar for over 600 kilometers. It is...
20081102_Masoala_0001.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
20081102_Masoala_0002.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
20081102_Masoala_0003.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
20081102_Masoala_0004.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
Long walk in Parc National Masoala, Madagascar
by namarkus on Nov 02, 2008
Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar
Walking | 5.5 miles
Walk in Parc National Masoala, Madagascar
20081020_Ranomafana_0001.jpg Photo
20081020_Ranomafana_0002.jpg Photo
20081020_Ranomafana_0003.jpg Photo
20081020_Ranomafana_0004.jpg Photo
Long walk in Parc National de Ranomafana, Madagascar
by namarkus on Oct 20, 2008
Manakana Avaratra, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
Walking | 5.8 miles
Long walk in Parc National de Ranomafana, Mdagascar
Bo på stranden.jpg Photo
Oppdrettsanlegg 2.jpg Photo
Oppdrettsanlegg.jpg Photo
DSC_0232-1.JPG Photo
Madagaskar 13 sept 2010
by marie84577 on Sep 13, 2010
Marambato, Toamasina, Madagascar
75 miles
Emedes-barriærer-i-vannkanalene.jpg Photo
MIDEM-sitt-opplæringsanlegg.jpg Photo
Emedes-forproduksjon.jpg Photo
Emedes-foring-av-alger-og-fisk.jpg Photo
Madagaskar 14 sept 2010
by marie84577 on Sep 14, 2010
13.7 miles
DSCN0371.JPG (Ambodirano, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar) Photo
Anjomakely health center
by Bulane on
Anjomakely, Madagascar
Health Centers | 0.0 miles
Anjomakely health center successfully implemented Watalys in its health center, thus providing safe water to over 6000 people around and a perfect disinfectant for ensuring optimal hygiene of the center.
20081103_Masoala_0001.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
20081103_Masoala_0002.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
20081103_Masoala_0003.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
20081103_Masoala_0004.jpg (Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar) Photo
Short walk in Parc National Masoala, Madagascar
by namarkus on Nov 01, 2008
Tampolo, Toamasina, Madagascar
Walking | 9.3 miles
Short walk in Parc National Masoala, Madagascar
20081020_Isalo_0001.jpg (Ferme de Ranohira, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar) Photo
20081020_Isalo_0002.jpg (Ferme de Ranohira, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar) Photo
20081020_Isalo_0003.jpg (Ferme de Ranohira, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar) Photo
20081020_Isalo_0004.jpg (Ferme de Ranohira, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar) Photo
Walk in Parc National d'Isalo, Madagascar
by namarkus on Oct 22, 2008
Ranohira, Ranohira, Madagascar
Walking | 3.9 miles
Walk in Parc National d'Isalo
20081019_Ranomafana-Tour_1_001.jpg Photo
20081019_Ranomafana-Tour_1_002.jpg Photo
20081019_Ranomafana-Tour_1_003.jpg Photo
20081019_Ranomafana-Tour_1_004.jpg Photo
Short walk in Parc National de Ranomafana, Madagascar
by namarkus on Nov 08, 2008
Ambatolampy, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
Walking | 4.7 miles
UTOP 2011 (3ème édition)
by olivier974 on May 07, 2011
Antananarivo, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Trail running | 37 miles
P1040229.JPG Photo
P1040325.JPG Photo
P1040326.JPG Photo
P1040330.JPG Photo
Madagascar 3
by miller_steven007 on Jan 01, 2010
Manera, Toliara, Madagascar
Rock Climbing | 442 miles
Useful honey cinnamon weight loss Photo
Useful are chia seeds good for weight loss
by guzana on Jan 01, 1990
Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
Trail running | 0.0 miles
Soy-products - as a source of protein a hit. But be careful! In high concentrations, they have bad consequences - a German study. Say, who have to be especially careful.Soy products in large quantities enjoyed, can be dangerous for your health people. Trials of pig muscle cells at the Research Institute for the biology of farm animals (FBN) in Dummerstorf had shown that ingredients acting high doses of hormones, called isoflavones, which...
Tana-Tulear -Fort Dauphin
by charlysinewan on Mar 12, 2015
Tananarive, Madagascar
1,125 miles
Tsingy of Bemaraha National Parks, World Heritage n Cultural
by NainaLemurian on Apr 01, 2015
Morondava, Menabe, Madagascar
Sightseeing | 0.0 miles
This is a fantastic soft family adventure where we will explore the best that South West of Madagascar has to offer ,  highlights From the  Amazing National Parks like the Mystical Tsingy de Bemaraha,  “the spiky” Limetonescape, in Morondava.  Ifaty, an  authentic “Vezo” fishing village lifestyle communities,   with its Lagoons  Clear Water and Baobabs forest in the Mozambique channel,  Birding Tour, Lemurs spoting,  white sandy beaches and pristine coral reef where between May and October the humpback whales can sometimes be...
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
photo5.jpg Photo
Analamazaotra N.P.
by jpdebusschere on May 17, 2014
Toamasina, Madagascar
Walking | 3.9 miles
tana mantasoa
by steph737 on Feb 24, 2009
Antananarivo, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Driving | 83 miles
Parcours quad
by AndryPort on Oct 20, 2013
Taolagnaro, Toliara, Madagascar
Motorcycling | 15.6 miles
Andry ce dimanche 20/10/2013
Utop 2012
by christian.ramilison on Apr 08, 2013
Anjozora, MG.05, Madagascar
Running | 35 miles
Raid Diego Tamatave
by mikasa974 on Mar 01, 2013
Antisiranana, Antsiranana, Madagascar
Mountain biking | 652 miles
Bike trip from Diego to Tamatave.
by on Jan 20, 2013
Ambohijafy, MG.05, Madagascar
Walking | 6.8 miles

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