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Below are popular Mountain biking guides in Israel that you can use to plan your next adventure. You can download guides, including a detailed map, description and points of interest for a small fee to your iPhone or Android.

הכניסה לסינגל ריקי Photo
סינגל יואש ויצחק-ואן גוך.jpg Photo
הביקתה.jpg Photo
סינג'לה.jpg Photo
סינגלים בנחל גחר ונחל השופט
by hyakir on May 27, 2012
HaZorea‘, Northern District, Israel
Mountain biking | 18.6 miles
IMG_6380.jpg (Bet Qeshet, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_6385.jpg (Bet Qeshet, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_6387.jpg (Bet Qeshet, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_6389.jpg (Bet Qeshet, Northern District, Israel) Photo
Beit Keshet Single
by assi.nadler on Jan 24, 2009
Beit Keshet, Israel
Mountain biking | 13.0 miles
The great single of of Yaar Beit Keshet.Riders: Meirav and Assi, Adi, Ofer, Dani, Izhar, Uriwatch the video:
IMG_1581-MOTION.gif Photo
IMG_1484-MOTION.gif Photo
IMG_1561-MOTION.gif Photo
IMG_1571-MOTION.gif Photo
Zchria new Single track - סינגל האופניים החדש - זכריה
by doronmtb on Aug 04, 2013
Zekharya, Jerusalem District, Israel
Mountain biking | 8.5 miles
We have just finished building thos new "Zchria" Single track14 km long, 12 km single tracks with 201 meters attitude gainYou are welcome to download this gps file and ride it..Feel free to contact me for questions ..Pls LIke us - Bikeisrael -  on facebook.. there Ill put new trials we r building, new cycling events, guided rides etc.. Amitzemail :
IMG_1250.jpg Photo
IMG_6448.JPG Photo
IMG_6457.JPG Photo
Singel Alon Hagalil
by 4x4bike on Nov 01, 2010
alon hagalil, North District, Israel
Mountain biking | 12.6 miles
on the 4X4 Photo
Terrace crossing Photo
Just riding along Photo
Having fun! Photo
Agur Single Track
by Sababike on Dec 20, 2009
Beit Shemesh area, Israel
Mountain biking | 5.0 miles
The Agur single track is a great place to start easy with mountain biking in Israel. With rolling hills and nothing to steep to climb or decend, it gives a true single track biking experience without too much technical stuff to bother with.
IMG_0148.JPG Photo
IMG_0147.JPG Photo
IMG_0146.JPG Photo
IMG_0145.JPG Photo
Yahar Kedoshim יער קדושים
by tsuryahav on Apr 30, 2010
Kesalon, Yerushalayim, Israel
Mountain biking | 13.3 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
שמשית, הסוללים, אלון גליל
by MickeyPeleg on Feb 25, 2011
alon hagalil, Israel
Mountain biking | 18.3 miles
שישי בבוקר, יום נפלאמשתתפים: זהר בנור, קובי ברגר, קובי סביון, הראל, אלי, רון, מיקי
1303375141045.jpg Photo
IMG_3208.jpg Photo
IMG_3222.jpg Photo
IMG_3227.jpg Photo
נחל תנינים
by linuxem on Apr 21, 2011
Even Yiẕẖaq, Northern District, Israel
Mountain biking | 13.7 miles
רכיבה מגיבעת הרכבות בסמוך לנחל תנינים וחזרה במסלול מעגלי 
IMGP3858.JPG Photo
IMGP3859.JPG Photo
IMGP3860.JPG Photo
IMGP3861.JPG Photo
Eshtaol Yaar-Kdoshim Nahal-Sorek 41Km (benziz)
by benziz on Dec 09, 2010
Eshtaol, Israel, Israel
Mountain biking | 26 miles
See the movie by Dov Tibi :
IMG_5700.jpg (Goren, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_5706.jpg (Goren, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_5707.jpg (Maẕẕevet Zikkaron, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_5708.jpg (Goren, Northern District, Israel) Photo
Kziv up Gaaton down
by assi.nadler on Sep 12, 2008
Maalot, Northern District, Israel
Mountain biking | 22 miles
Great XC trail. Beautiful Kziv Canyon, with a lot of water and swimming. After Ein Ziv quiet a long climb to Maalot, but on asphalt. The Gaaton descent starts steepy and technical, ends flatter and fast. Fun a lot of fun.Trio riders: Bosmat, Oded and AssiNice video at:
image.jpeg Photo
IMG_0684.JPG Photo
IMG_0685.JPG Photo
IMG_0686.JPG Photo
Yarkon origins 30k
by Elyahugo on Jun 25, 2011
Rosh Ha‘Ayin, Central District, Israel
Mountain biking | 17.7 miles
Great trip!Went west from antipatros on dirt roads to ramat ha hayal, then east along yarkon bank all the way back to the parking
08052010243.jpg Photo
08052010244.jpg Photo
08052010245.jpg Photo
08052010246.jpg Photo
משמר העמק
by ymarx on May 08, 2010
Mishmar Ha`Emeq, Northern District, Israel
Mountain biking | 12.0 miles
נסיעה מגניבה כוללסינגלים עליה לגבעה 400 ורחצה במעין
photo1.jpg Photo
פורים (-: Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
ג'ל כתחליף שמן... Photo
by MickeyPeleg on Mar 16, 2011
Jerusalem District, Israel
Mountain biking | 24 miles
20090126-DMC-FX10-029-horizontal.jpg (Be'eri, HaDarom, Israel) Photo
20090126-DMC-FX10-060-vertical.jpg (`Alumim, HaDarom, Israel) Photo
20090126-Stitched-001-horizontal.jpg (`Alumim, HaDarom, Israel) Photo
20090126-Stitched-002-horizontal.jpg (Be'eri, HaDarom, Israel) Photo
Be'eri Forest 2009
by Rbid on Jan 26, 2009
Be'eri, HaDarom, Israel
Mountain biking | 18.2 miles
Participants: Tzuki, Shimon Gur, Tami, Doron, Ofersan, Dr.Avinoam, Eli, Mike, Arie and myself.After a 3hrs drive from our homes we arrived to Be'eri at 9:00.The purpose of this ride was to be just on the peak flowering season for the Kalaniot.The special part of this trail is that is that behaves as a 30km single, with the trail going up and down all the time. The rest of the description I will...
IMG_5361.jpg Photo
IMG_5361.jpg Photo
IMG_5362.jpg Photo
IMG_5363.jpg Photo
Shimshit+ Alon Ha'galil
by Aviram on Jan 01, 1990
Bīr el Maksūr, Israel
Mountain biking | 15.5 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Maanit 2010 - מענית 2010
by tsuryahav on Apr 09, 2010
להבות חביבה, השרון, Israel
Mountain biking | 8.2 miles
IMG_6890.jpg (H̱emdat Yamim, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_6892.jpg (H̱emdat Yamim, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_6896.jpg (Meron, Northern District, Israel) Photo
IMG_6897.jpg Photo
Meiron - Dishon
by assi.nadler on Apr 10, 2009
Beit Jann, Northern District, Israel
Mountain biking | 29 miles
Amazing trip taken by Arayot Shimshit, orginized by Tzahi. We started at Beit Jan to the Meiron Mountain top, then great downhill in the black single eastward to Meiron. Short climb to Dalton plateau. Lunch break at Jish. Downhill in Gush Halav single to the Dishon. Dishon is full water, offering many water crossings. Very Beautiful and great fun trip.Watch video at:
סינגל יואש ויצחק-ואן גוך.jpg Photo
הכניסה לסינגל יואש ויצחק-למטפסים Photo
סינגל יואש ויצחק- חדש באזור נחל השופט
by hyakir on Jan 10, 2010
HaZorea`, Northern District, Israel
Mountain biking | 0.8 miles
סינגל חדש וזורם. ניתן לרכוב בשני הכיווניםיוצא במגדל השמירה מצפון לחוות עמק השלום, דרך ברושי השניים עד נחל השופטסה"כ 1.5 ק"מעל שם יואש זולר ויצחק קליצ'בסקי, שנרצחו בזמן ששמרו על מטעי האזור בשנות ה 30שני הברושים הבודדים בעמק ניטעו לזכרם באותה תקופהניתן לצרף כסינגל נוסף במסלול שמופיעכאן:
AlonHaGalil Center Photo
Karkom Photo
Solelim Single Photo
Solelim Single Photo
Solelim Single (By Rbid)
by Rbid on Dec 24, 2010
Alon HaGalil, Northern District, Israel
Mountain biking | 9.1 miles
We started at the Alon HaGalil  Center, went down to the Tzipori Stream, crossed under the 77 road to reach the entry point of the Solelim Single.
pic_5.jpg Photo
pic_6.jpg Photo
pic_7.jpg Photo
pic_8.jpg Photo
ערד ים-המלח המוארך בגרסאת העראבר
by uziru on Nov 18, 2011
Arad, HaDarom, Israel
Mountain biking | 19.9 miles
אז מה היה לנו שם?שרשרת אחת , פנימית אחת , שילדה אחת שלא עמדה בעומס וכמה פרות שנשחטו לטובת ההמבורגרים בסיום...38 ק"מ פרוסים על 4.5 שעות במסלול שנסמך על אינטואיציות מצוינות

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