Hiking Trails and Trips in Hong Kong

Below are popular Hiking guides and trips in Hong Kong that you can use to plan your next adventure. You can download guides, including a detailed map, description and points of interest for a small fee to your iPhone or Android.
Tai Long Wan Hiking Trail
Moderate: 7.5 miles, Full day
Beach Paradise in Hong Kong
Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail Halfway (元荃古道半程)
Moderate: 5.5 miles, 1-3 hours
荃灣(港安醫院) ~ 石龍拱 ~ 清快塘 ~ 深井 (清快塘新村)
Wing Wa College Orienterring Program Ma On Shan Route 1
Wing Wa College Orienterring Program Ma On Shan Route 1
Tai Shui Hang, Shatin, Hong Kong
Moderate: 5.0 miles, 1-3 hours
Mui Tsz Lam to Siu Lek Yuen through Maclehose Trail Stage 4
YWO Mui Tsz Lam to Siu Lek Yuen
Tai Shui Hang, Hong Kong
Easy: 3.0 miles, 1-3 hours
Starting from Mui Tsz Lam, through Fa Sam Hang to Kwong Yuen
Lamma Island Hike
Lamma Island Hike
Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Moderate: 10.9 miles, Half day
Discover the beauty of this charming outlying island on an oceanside hike
Charming Cheung Chau
Charming Cheung Chau
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Moderate: 2.8 miles, Half day
This picturesque island, famous for its Bun Festival, is a favorite with locals and tourists
Discovery Bay to Mui Wo
Discovery Bay to Mui Wo
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
4.3 mile trail near Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Lai Chi Wo Village [荔枝窩村]
Lai Chi Wo Village [荔枝窩村]
Sheung Miu Tin, Hong Kong
Moderate: 8.7 miles, Full day
A Old Hakka walled-village for 400 years

The First of Many, Many Stairs! (Tanner Hill Estate, Hong Kong) Photo
View of Happy Valley and Central from Siu Ma Shan (Tanner Hill Estate, Hong Kong) Photo
Cave Entrance (Tanner Hill Estate, Hong Kong) Photo
Inside Cave Entrance (Tanner Hill Estate, Hong Kong) Photo
Quarry Bay/North Point to Stanley, Hong Kong
by SevenDog on Nov 28, 2009
Stanley, Hong Kong
Hiking | 7.9 miles
Half-day, fairly strenuous hike from near Quarry Bay MTR to Stanley.  For some reason the GPS shows me doing it in less time than it actually took.  My time was about 4.5 hours at a moderate to brisk pace, with a few short breaks. It's up-and-down 6 seperate peaks (Siu Ma Shan, Mt. Butler, Jardine's Lookout, Violet Hill, and the Twins).  Lot's of stair climbing.  Nothing technical.   Mix of pavement and...
Hong Kong - Wilson Trail Section 8, 9, 10
by Gulico on Aug 24, 2014
Hong Kong, New Territories, Hong Kong
Hiking | 12.5 miles
Raleigh Training CP7.5-FPWilson Trail Section 8,9,10(Yuen tun Ha to Nam Chung)33 Degrees Real HOT!Parked at FP, first VAN from Luk Keng to Fan Ling Station is 56K at 6:30amI bring Iced 1.5L Liquid (1L Polcari + 500ml water), Melted on KOwloon Hang Hill.Most Trails are exposed, Must Bring Umbrella for shades. Grass are sharp and cover some trail after Peng Fung Hill. Calfs are cuts all over!Only 2 rivers after Pat Hsien Hills....
Hong Kong-Wilson Trail Section 5-6
by Gulico on Aug 15, 2014
Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hiking | 7.1 miles
Raleigh Training 2014 CP4-CP6Wilson Trail Section 5-6(Sha Tin Au to Shing Mun Reservoir)Night Training, Parked at Lei Mook Shu Estate. Taxi from Tsuen Wan MTR to CP4 around HKD38. Easy Trail, must use headlamp, 1st half can see night scene, 2nd half is covered. CP6 can walk through Malchelose Trail to City. Pass by Vending Machine for cold drinks and Public toilet. Public Van transport to Tsuen Wan Station at country park. or walk under...
Hong Kong - Wilson Trail Stage 1
by leeyongchul on Aug 29, 2008
Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Hiking | 3.4 miles
Wilson Trail Section 1from Wong Nai Chung Gap to Stanley,  4.8 km, 2.0 hours, Very Difficult.
20091101_103329_IMG_5454 (Central District, Hong Kong) Photo
20091101_105630_IMG_5464 (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong) Photo
20091101_105957_IMG_5471 (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong) Photo
20091101_110015_IMG_5472 (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong) Photo
Peak - Pokfulam - Peak
by oldpinetree on Nov 01, 2009
Central District, Hong Kong
Hiking | 4.8 miles
1 Nov 2009 Very fine day 24 - 29 degree Celsius Relative humidity 81% Yellow fire danger warning As the weather was really fine, we planned an easy trip around The Peak to see the gorgeous views of Hong Kong Island.Taking Bus No. 15 from Central, we reached The Peak Galleria after about 30 minutes. The starting point of the trip was at Lugard Road. At the junction of Lugard Road and...
HK Trail Stages 5&6 (Jardines Lookout, Hong Kong) Photo
HK Trail Stages 5&6 (Jardines Lookout, Hong Kong) Photo
HK Trail Stages 5&6 (Jardines Lookout, Hong Kong) Photo
HK Trail Stages 5&6 (Jardines Lookout, Hong Kong) Photo
Hong Kong Trail Stages 5 & 6
by MikeMcD82 on Nov 20, 2008
Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Hiking | 5.6 miles
Start: Parkview  (These are a large group of serviced apartment buildings - the only buildings in the area - Taxi drivers usually know this name) on Wong Nai Chung Gap Road - Taxi from/to Causeway Bay costs around $50You will easily see the trailhead once you arrive at Parkview.  In fact a good portion of the HK trail stage 5 overlaps with Wilson Trail Stage 2.  Stage 5 is full...
Start of the trip (Yi Pak, Hong Kong) Photo
A pool on the wayside (Yi Pak, Hong Kong) Photo
Tiger head hill (Yi Pak, Hong Kong) Photo
DB and Peng Chau from the top (Yi Pak, Hong Kong) Photo
DB to Mui Wo (Lantau Island) the long way
by Baydiscoverer on Jan 01, 2009
Mui Wo, Lantau, Hong Kong
Hiking | 7.6 miles
From Discovery, take the Bus No. 5 to the final station, of leave Bus No. 8 or walk there from the Ferry. The trail starts on an iron stair behind the last house, along a water catchment, and goes up to the DB golf course. From there, over to the reservoir and the up the "Lao Fu Tao", the Tiger Head Hill (465 m) watching over DB; the ascend will take a...
_DSC_2639. (Wong Chuk Hang Kau Wai, Hong Kong) Photo
_DSC_2641. (Wong Chuk Hang Kau Wai, Hong Kong) Photo
_DSC_2656. (Wong Chuk Hang Kau Wai, Hong Kong) Photo
_DSC_2670. (Jardines Lookout, Hong Kong) Photo
Hong Kong - HongKong Trail Stage 5
by leeyongchul on Aug 31, 2008
Shouson Hill, Hong Kong
Hiking | 4.8 miles
Stage-5 : Jardine's LookoutWong Nei Chung Gap > Mount Parker Road 4Km - 1.5Hour - Strenuous hiking
Chai Wan to Tai Tam Tuk (Shing Uk, Hong Kong) Photo
Chai Wan to Tai Tam Tuk (Shing Uk, Hong Kong) Photo
Chai Wan to Tai Tam Tuk (Shing Uk, Hong Kong) Photo
Chai Wan to Tai Tam Tuk (Lan Nai Wan, Hong Kong) Photo
Chai Wan to Tai Tam Tuk via Hong Kong Trail
by MikeMcD82 on Nov 10, 2008
Hong Kong
Hiking | 8.2 miles
A good hike from Chai Wan to Tai Tam Tuk reservoir.  This hike is essentially stages 7 & 8 of the Hong Kong trail, but in reverse.  Highlights include walking the Dragon's Back which has some amazing views of the Shek-O and Big Wave Bay areas.  The last part is very flat as you follow a catch water to the reservoir.  However, it does provide some great views of the harbor and I did encounter quite a...
Stair next to Bowan Road Playground Photo
Stair to Magazine Reservoir Photo
junction next to Magazine Road Reservoir Photo
Magazine Gap Service Reservoir Playground Photo
Bowen Road To Aberdeen via Wanchai Gap
by hiking4l on Jan 03, 2010
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Hiking | 3.9 miles
Start in Bowen Road Park. Climb up a steep stair to a foot path which leads to Magazine Gap Reservoir, Head east towards Wan Chai Gap Road. Climb up to Wanchai Gap and down to Aberdeen.
20100502_103402_P5028768.jpg Photo
20100502_103810_P5028770.jpg Photo
20100502_104507_P5028771.jpg Photo
20100502_104609_P5028773.jpg Photo
Taikoo Shing to Wong Nai Chung Gap
by oldpinetree on May 02, 2010
Fa Yuen, Hong Kong
Hiking | 4.1 miles
2 May 2010 Sunny and fine 22 - 28 degree Celsius Relative humidity 65 - 95% The weather was exceptionally fine this weekend. Time to challenge ourselves for a strenuous hike. The trail followed mostly Wilson Trail stage 2 in the reverse direction. We took MTR and came out of Taikoo Shing MTR station from the Exit B. Turn left until we met Greig Road. Walk up the road until it turned left. There's a post sign...
西灣亭入口 (Sai Wan, Hong Kong) Photo
IMG_0401. (Sai Wan, Hong Kong) Photo
IMG_0402. (Long Ke, Hong Kong) Photo
IMG_0403. (Long Ke, Hong Kong) Photo
MacLehose Trail 西灣亭-水浪窩
by forrestkwan on Dec 07, 2007
Sai Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hiking | 12.0 miles

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