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Highlights of Helsinki
Highlights of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
Easy: 0.7 miles, Full day
This full day excursion explores Helsinki's architectural jewels, bustling markets, parks, and shop-filled promenades
Helsinki for Families With Young Children
Easy: 2.6 miles, Half day
Visit a kid-friendly museum, run circles around a square, take a ferry ride, and explore an ancient fortress
Helsinki: A Tour of the City's Design District
Helsinki: A Tour of the City's Design District
Helsinki, Etelä-Suomi, Finland
Easy: 0.7 miles, Half day
Tour this neighborhood and see why Helsinki was chosen World Design Capital in 2012
Helsinki: A Culture and Arts Tour
Helsinki: A Culture and Arts Tour
Helsinki, Finland
Easy: 1.1 miles, Half day
Delve beyond the surface of this city to discover its rich culture and artistically inspiring soul
An Architectural Tour of  Helsinki
Easy: 2.0 miles, Half day
Whether it be classical, art nouveau or cutting-edge contemporary, this architecturally endowed city is bound to impress

N1321.jpg (Kluuvi, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
N1322.jpg (Kluuvi, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
N1323.jpg (Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
N1324.jpg (Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
Walking from Kaisaniemi to Pasila
by ake50 on Mar 27, 2009
Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland
Walking | 2.5 miles
Walking from Kaisaniemi (Kajsaniemi) to Pasila (Böle). Spring is coming in Helsinki, too.
11082009296s.jpg Photo
11082009297s.jpg Photo
A Walk in Espoo Central Park
by ellelloo on Aug 11, 2009
Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 2.2 miles
Just a test track, GPX file created with ViewRanger Program in Nokia 6220classic mobile phone (S60).
2009-09-13-003et.jpg Photo
2009-09-13-006et.jpg Photo
2009-09-13-009et.jpg Photo
2009-09-13-015et.jpg Photo
Walking in Liesjärvi National Park
by ellelloo on Sep 13, 2009
Tapola, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 3.6 miles
An autumn walk in Liesjärvi National park.
Aulangolla 1 Photo
Aulangolla 2 Photo
Aulangolla 3 Photo
Aulangolla 4 Photo
Aulangolla 23.4.2010
by Ake on Apr 23, 2010
Aulanko, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 3.1 miles
Walking in the grey weather
DSC_3348.jpg Photo
DSC_3351.jpg Photo
DSC_3352.jpg Photo
DSC_3353.jpg Photo
Telekallion lenkki
by jkmustamaa on Jan 15, 2010
Hamari, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 3.7 miles
IMG_0889.JPG Photo
_MG_0907.JPG Photo
_MG_0913.JPG Photo
IMG_0928.JPG Photo
Wappu 2010 @ Porvoo
by dariocasell on May 01, 2010
Prästgårdsbacken, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 1.2 miles
27092009122.jpg (Lindal, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
27092009123.jpg (Lindal, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
Ritorno da casa di Tino/Walking
by dariocasell on Sep 27, 2009
Ravalls, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 0.5 miles
Breve camminata da Ravals a Lindal per tornare da casa di Tino
Finlandia 2008 - a Tampere
by oriclubappennino on May 28, 2008
Tampere, Western Finland, Finland
Walking | 1.3 miles
Progetto Finland camp www.oriappennino.it - in passeggiata a Tampere
by ollilemponen on Jun 25, 2008
Tampere, Western Finland, Finland
Walking | 0.5 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Small trip in Helsinki
by didierb on Oct 31, 2008
Kaartinkaupunki, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 0.3 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
by Darkker on Nov 19, 2008
Teekkarikylä, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 0.2 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
by Darkker on Nov 20, 2008
Niitykumpu, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 0.0 miles
N899.jpg (Roismala, Western Finland, Finland) Photo
N904.jpg (Roismala, Western Finland, Finland) Photo
N907.jpg (Roismala, Western Finland, Finland) Photo
N909.jpg (Roismala, Western Finland, Finland) Photo
Walking in Sastamala (formerly Vammala)
by ake50 on Jan 17, 2009
Vammala, Pirkanmaa, Finland
Walking | 4.0 miles
N1065.jpg (Etelä-Kaarela, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
N1066.jpg (Kannelmäki, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
N1067.jpg (Kannelmäki, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
N1068.jpg (Lassila, Southern Finland, Finland) Photo
From Malminkartano to Huopalahti and back
by ake50 on Feb 28, 2009
Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland
Walking | 6.3 miles
I made a Saturday walk in the bright winter weather by accompanying my wife to Huopalahti railway stations and returning from where home alone. I let US Army to follow my steps and took photos here and there. In Lassila I went to a restaurant to eat a pizza in order to get more stamina.
photo1.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
photo5.jpg Photo
by kino on Feb 15, 2009
Aurinkolahti, Southern Finland, Finland
Walking | 4.4 miles
Sunday walk on ice at Aurinkolahti. There was some north wind to fly a kite :)Testing EveryTrail app on an iPhone 3G, works just fine but battery drains out in couple of hours :(

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