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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Moderate: 31 miles, Full day
50 km (31 mile) cycling loop in Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario Canada

P1060577.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
P1060574.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
P1060578.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
P1060576.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Bronte Creek MTB
by smayl on Oct 18, 2009
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 10.3 miles
Great endurance and pretty much flat terrain... The whole ride is beside the Bronte Creek and it's very pleasant. The second part (north of Dundas) is more technical, but it's not necessary to go on tricks since many of them are for sure deadly if you don't know what you are doing! Btw, for more of my stuff drop by at some of my other places
IMG_0244.JPG Photo
DSCN0071.JPG Photo
DSCN0073.JPG Photo
DSCN0074.JPG Photo
Hamilton - Dundas - Flamborough Loop
by mikebmuller on Sep 08, 2010
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 25 miles
This trip is beautiful and offers lots of different variations and side trails. I like to hit the Dundas Valley Trail Centre and Webster's Falls along the trip as rest points. The terrain is varied: 30% single track trails, 40% gravel trails & rail trail, 30% roads.All in all its an awesome ride that has some beautiful views and never gets boring.
DSCF4638.JPG Photo
DSCF4639.JPG Photo
DSCF4640.JPG Photo
DSCF4641.JPG Photo
Clairville to Humber Trail to Albion Road
by Louise L on Apr 18, 2010
Claireville, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 13.8 miles
My boyfriend John was at a RC Boat race with the Toronto club, so I went exploring.  Humber Trail is an urban multi-use trail that follows the Humber River. 
Campbellford Water Tower Apr 3-10.JPG Photo
The Campbellford Toonie.JPG Photo
No Jumping Sign Apr 3-10.JPG Photo
Ranney Suspension Bridge - East side.JPG Photo
Ontario Rail-Trail Trek 1
by Schorty on Apr 03, 2010
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 40 miles
Southern Ontario has an extensive system of rail-trails, some of which comprise parts of the Trans Canada Trail.  I decided to take my bike on 3 pieces of former railway lines from Campbellford to (near) Havelock, Ontario, forming a 'U' shape.  I then took roads back home.Saw quite a few ATVs that day but not another soul on a bike.  The weather was beautiful and it made for a good training ride...
IMAG0402.jpg Photo
IMAG0403.jpg Photo
IMAG0404.jpg Photo
IMAG0405.jpg Photo
First flat tire @ Etobicoke Creek Singletrack
by oppressed on Apr 21, 2012
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 8.2 miles
My first time at Etobicoke creek and my first time getting a flat.. Patched and kept going! Great trail!
Fish Hatchery Rd 04-2-10.JPG Photo
Mystery Barn 04-2-10.JPG Photo
Dog Memorial 04-2-10.JPG Photo
Winding Roads 04-2-10.JPG Photo
Cottage Bike Tour 1
by Schorty on Apr 02, 2010
MacDonald Bay, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 12.9 miles
This is one of my favourite bike trips near the cottage.  Not too long or hilly but just enough for a good work-out.  There are a lot of interesting things to see along the way, so I took quite a few photos.  Enjoy!PS - Cordova Mines is an old gold mining community that had active mine shafts from the 1890s to 1940.   There is now one small store in town.
P1020321.JPG Photo
P1020322.JPG Photo
P1020323.JPG Photo
P1020324.JPG Photo
Highland Creek
by janet.tubb on Apr 05, 2012
West Hill, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 11.0 miles
Dundas Valley Conservation Area
by Jayzlife on May 24, 2009
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 8.0 miles
Rail trail Photo
Marsh Description Sign Photo
Marsh Area Photo
Rail Trail Photo
Oro-Medonte Rail Trail (Orillia-Barrie)
by tjmason on Aug 05, 2010
Orillia-Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 56 miles
This was a cycling trip along the Oro-Medonte Rail Trail between Orillia and Barrie.  I started and ended at The Fern Resort, north east of Orillia and rode into Orillia to find the start.The whole trail is a former CN Railroad right-of-way and so is fairly level (no significant climbs or decents).  It is around 40 km. in each direction and the surface is good, with fine crushed gravel pretty much all...
Hydrocut - Complete (all trails)
by Bohemian77 on Sep 13, 2009
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 12.5 miles
An excellent trail near Kitchener.
DSC03285.JPG (Aylmer, Quebec, Canada) Photo
DSC03288.JPG Photo
Stony Swamp
by jackw on Sep 14, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 4.8 miles
A little gem not far from my neighborhood. Welsey and I biked it in a little over an hour. The trail is not well marked and you can easily get lost. However, it's quieter than other Stony Swamp trails and is very beautiful.
P1020332.JPG Photo
P1020333.JPG Photo
P1020334.JPG Photo
P1020335.JPG Photo
Highland Creek South
by janet.tubb on Apr 06, 2012
West Hill, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 8.1 miles
Ring Bill Gull Photo
Bridge-Repetition Photo
Canada Goose Head Up Photo
RW Blackbird Photo
Rouge Beach
by janet.tubb on Apr 07, 2012
West Hill, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 9.9 miles
Bufflehead Photo
Tundra Swan Photo
Canada Geese taking off Photo
American Black Duck with Mallards Photo
Bluffers Park
by janet.tubb on Apr 12, 2012
West Hill, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 12.6 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Northshore trails
by dlavoie on Oct 15, 2010
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 10.1 miles
This is just some of the amazing network of single track mountain bike trails in the north shore area.  
P1020297.JPG Photo
P1020298.JPG Photo
P1020299.JPG Photo
P1020300.JPG Photo
Guildwood & East Point
by janet.tubb on Apr 04, 2012
Guildwood Village, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 11.6 miles
Investigate trails near waterfront
P1020380-Mallard.JPG Photo
P1020382-Mallard F.JPG Photo
P1020384-flying gull.JPG Photo
P1020386-canada goose head.JPG Photo
Bluffers Park
by janet.tubb on Apr 09, 2012
West Hill, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 10.7 miles
100_1951.JPG Photo
100_1952.JPG Photo
100_1953.JPG Photo
Rideau Trail (Carling Avenue - Ottawa Docks)
by HOMOANTECESSOR on Jul 28, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 8.9 miles
Pour plus de renseignements sur le Rideau Trail et les différents parcours, regardez le lien suivant
Foto-0001.jpg Photo
Foto-0002.jpg Photo
Foto-0004.jpg Photo
Foto-0005.jpg Photo
Ottawa (Sentier de l'Aviation Pathway)
by HOMOANTECESSOR on Aug 26, 2012
Rockcliffe Park, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 6.8 miles

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