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MG_4834. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
MG_4837. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
MG_4838. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
MG_4840. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
ottawa rideau canal skating
by mjbijman on Feb 23, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Skating | 8.4 miles
i got up for an early morning skate - its -15degC outside and a clear day so I thought I would photograph the sights. the facilities at patterson are excellent - a heated building to get your skates on
100_3933.JPG Photo
100_3936.JPG Photo
100_3940.JPG Photo
100_3941.JPG Photo
Marathon d'Ottawa à vélo
by HOMOANTECESSOR on Aug 04, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Bicycle Touring / Cyclotourisme | 27 miles
Course Description Start at the corner of Laurier and Elgin; Proceed north to Wellington; Turn right onto Wellington and continue to Colonel By; Turn right on Col. By and continue to Hawthorne; Turn right onto Hawthorne, over Pretoria Bridge and then left onto Queen Elizabeth; Continue on Queen Elizabeth down to Preston; Turn right on Preston down to Carling; Turn left on Carling and continue to Sherwood; Right on Sherwood to Fairmont; Turn right on Fairmont and continue to...
DSC00001. Photo
DSC00006. Photo
DSC00024. Photo
DSC00032. Photo
by XS Jive on Jan 05, 2008
Algonquin, Ontario, Canada
Canoe | 26 miles
IMG_20130427_102742.jpg Photo
IMG_20130427_102744.jpg Photo
IMG_20130427_102745.jpg Photo
IMG_20130427_102747.jpg Photo
ODSC Bethany 2013
by Xhumeka on Apr 27, 2013
Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride | 154 miles
The 2013 Ontario Dual Sport Club (ODSC) Bethany Ride.250km dual-sport motorcycle ride between Port Perry and Bewdley.  Great ride, thanks to the organizers and all involved!Planning thread:  http://www.odsc.on.ca/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=20038Video of ride:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BOm_epiRuc
IMG-20130810-00914.jpg Photo
IMG-20130810-00915.jpg Photo
Minden Hills-20130810-00916.jpg Photo
Minden Hills-20130810-00918.jpg Photo
Cinder Lake 2013
by vividguy on Aug 10, 2013
Hindon, Ontario, Canada
Canoe Trip | 0.0 miles
A friend and myself took an overnight trip to Cinder Lake. Having done some on-line research and checking availability I booked a permit through the Halibuton Water Trails. The bookings can be found here https://secure.camis.com/HHWT. I was not able to find a lot of information on the lake but there was enough to make me feel comfortable about going without ever visiting that specific area. Anyone looking into going I am sure will...
PZ Festival Gatineau
by trex730 on Aug 22, 2012
Bowesville, Ontario, Canada
117 miles
No-Frills-Run_0.jpg Photo
No Frills Run
by grantcarter on Mar 25, 2009
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
No Frills | 4.5 miles
Kinmount Dame (Healey's Heath, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Kinmount Sawmill (Healey's Heath, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Tony Stuck in the Mud (Healey's Heath, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Tony Stuck Again (Healey's Heath, Ontario, Canada) Photo
ATV Trip
by psswilcox on Jul 07, 2009
Kirk Cove, Ontario, Canada
ATV Run | 71 miles
Pa280001. Photo
bike at Sheldrake. Photo
Wolfe lake to Coe hill
by skeet on Mar 16, 2008
Marmora, Ontario, Canada
Atving | 64 miles
My ATV Photo
Wolfe lake to Gilmour
by skeet on Mar 17, 2008
Marmora, Ontario, Canada
ATV-ING | 50 miles
Trip I took exploring some new trails. Part gravel roads mostly bush trail. It was late November when I went about six inches of fresh snow. had to turn around and backtrack a couple of times because of thin ice. Beautiful scenery and saw several deer.
Day 1: At The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (Chesapeake Beach, Virginia, United States) Photo
Day 1: At The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (Chesapeake Beach, Virginia, United States) Photo
Day 1: At The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (Chesapeake Beach, Virginia, United States) Photo
Day 1: At The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (Chesapeake Beach, Virginia, United States) Photo
2008 Roadtrip
by dockaos on Sep 05, 2008
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
13,805 miles
A 2,400+ mile roadtrip along the East Coast and Canada in Ganesh - the Big Blue 1972 VW bus.
groomer_stock1.jpg Photo
groomer_stock3.jpg Photo
groomer stock 2009
by skalen on Jan 30, 2009
dubreuilville, Ontario, Canada
grooming trail | 0.7 miles
While grooming trail ,groomer sudenly stock in black hearth in a swamp
IMG_0153.jpg (Coulterville, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Alton Grange drive and hike Tracking
by canladdie on Feb 21, 2009
Alton, Ontario, Canada
Tracking | 3.1 miles
Tracking animals with Upper Credit Field Naturalists (coyote, deer, fox, ermine, shrew, red squirrel, gray squirrel, vole, mink, mallard, porcupine, dogs ... — too cold last night after the recent snows for much activity)
Test_0.jpg Photo
by madgoat on
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hang Gliding | 0.0 miles
Just a test
Trail_0.jpg Photo
Trail_1.jpg Photo
Trail_2.jpg Photo
Trail_3.jpg (Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada) Photo
by Laker on May 09, 2009
Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
car | 24 miles
Officing_0.jpg Photo
by pradesp on
Claireville, Ontario, Canada
Officing | 0.0 miles
Trying out EveryTrail to compare with RunKeeper.
SANY0016 Photo
SANY0019 Photo
SANY0022 Photo
SANY0037 Photo
USA 2009 - Day1
by hoefliger on Apr 24, 2009
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
153 miles
DSCN8679.JPG Photo
DSCN8681.JPG Photo
DSCN8682.JPG Photo
DSCN8685.JPG Photo
Camp Davern Ontario
by mjbijman on Jun 28, 2009
Maberly, Ontario, Canada
Camp | 1.2 miles
YWCA Camp Davern, west of Perth, Ontario.
IMG_6067.JPG (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada) Photo
IMG_6070.JPG (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada) Photo
IMG_6071.JPG (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada) Photo
IMG_6073.JPG (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Napanee Family Vacation
by dabydeen on Jul 24, 2009
Napanee, Ontario, Canada
117 miles
Family vacation.  This one was planned by my youngest.  She's keeping us guessing what we'll be doing next, not divulging the next stop on this mini-road trip.  We're only a couple of hours away from our home in Toronto, and are enjoying the sites along Lake Ontario.My blog.
IMG_6120.JPG Photo
IMG_6128.JPG Photo
IMG_6131.JPG (Kingston, Ontario, Canada) Photo
IMG_6138.JPG Photo
Napanee Family Vacation - Jul 25, 2009
by dabydeen on Jul 25, 2009
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
128 miles
Day 2 of our Napanee vacation.

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