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Haddington Beach, Port McNeill
Haddington Beach, Port McNeill
Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada
Easy: 0.9 miles, 1 hour or less
waterfront hiking and mountain biking

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Angry Midget, Squamish BC
by sharonbader on May 26, 2010
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 3.3 miles
Angry Midget - A twisty turny technical trail that crosses half nelson to become speed ball. Accessed by riding up Ring Creek road and continuing past Half Nelson.Ends on Ring Creek Road. This loop starts at the intersection of Garibaldi road and Ring Creek road. 
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Hoods in the Woods, Squamish BC
by sharonbader on May 25, 2010
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 5.0 miles
This trip starts at the Mamquam FSR or Garibaldi Park Road. From the road you go down Another Man's Garbage, cross at the Darwin Bridge, then down the powerhouse plunge to the next main gravel road. From there you head to the trail head of Hoods in the Woods and finish at the University. For a video of Hoods in the Woods check out:
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Credit Line, Squamish, BC
by sharonbader on Jun 21, 2010
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 5.5 miles
A nice cross country ride in Squamish. Credit line starts in the Alice Lake area, Exits onto Jacks trail and ends up back at the Campground at Alice Lake. Complete maps can be bought at the local bike shops. Support SORCA - Squamish offroad cycling Association! 
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Tenquille Lake Trail
by sharonbader on Jul 03, 2010
Pemberton Meadows, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 10.8 miles
Tenquille Lake is a beautiful alpine lake past Pemberton off the Hurley FSR. You can climb up the Tenquille trail from the Hurly Road Bridge at Lillooet River. Or you can drive up the Hurley road to another trailhead. You save some elevation but if you are going to shuttle this way it takes about the same amount of time to do the shuttle as to push up and ride down. It takes 3-4...
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2010 Indian Arm Challenge
by Deepcovebikers on May 29, 2010
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 33 miles
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Kettle Valley Railway-Chute lake to Penticton
by konadawg on Jan 01, 1990
Chute Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 27 miles
Just one part of the famous Kettle Valley Railway. Time to complete will vary due to type of activity and how long you wish to look at the artifacts. Like all railways the distances were measured in miles and these miles are posted still to indicate stationing. 171.4 Chute Lake Station 171.6 Chute Creek 171.7 Elinor Lake Forest Service Road 171.9 Chute Creek 172.0 Chute Creek 172.1 Chute...
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Comox Valley Mountain Biking
by sharonbader on Aug 08, 2010
Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 57 miles
For a story on the Comox Valley for Pinkbike:Rivers of loam bisect many a land. But where can these rivers run so dense & deep and serve a community so small that they draw in people to come and share the experience. From fast flowy cross country trails you can climb and descend, shuttle trails with stunts and natural features you can ride on any kind of bike, the lift accessed trails...
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Tripod from Naramata
by kbragg on May 29, 2010
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 11.9 miles
Full marks for this mountain bike ride up to a fantastic view point.
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by ggagnon on Aug 12, 2010
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 12.4 miles
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SilverStar Mountain - trying to find the Ricardo-Trinity trail
by KnorthernKnight on Jul 19, 2008
Kedleston, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 12.4 miles
The description from reads "If Spanky's doesn't seem ambitious enough, try the Trinity Ricardo Trail System, which runs north from Silver Star Mountain Resort to Ashton Creek, a small town east of Hwy 97 at Enderby. This trail is a whopping 24 40 km long, almost all of it downhill. The Trinity Ricardo Trail System is popular among the snowmobiling crowd, but is practically unknown to mountain bikers."One bike shop had heard of it, and the...
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Myra Canyon Trestles - Old Kettle Valley Railroad
by KnorthernKnight on Jul 18, 2008
Myra, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 15.6 miles
A spectacular section of the Kettle Valley Railway containing 18 trestles and two tunnels.Rebuild in 2008 after the tresteles were destroyed in the 2003 forest fires.
100_4299 (Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
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Day 047 Osoyoos to Bridesville, BC
by samvekemans on Jun 16, 2007
Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 18.7 miles
Check out As i have my story posted there :)
Haslam Lake (Powell River, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Deer Lake (Powell River, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Duck Lake (Powell River, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Thursday Group Ride
by mrwendell on May 01, 2009
Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 18.2 miles
Had a chance to go out on the Thursday Night group ride.
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Roots - Uprooted (intermed/blue)
by xianjw on Jun 06, 2011
Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 5.4 miles
Intermediate (blue); typical time 1hr 30mins Great early season ride as it drains well and doesn't hold snow very long. Climbs are mostly on dirt roads making this a good ride for winter legs and fairly novice riders too. All descents are on singletrack and are flowy and fun but not particularly technical.Ride incorporates a section known as new roots that was built in spring 2011. Ride is a figure of 8 and...
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Snowden Demo Forest
by cvmtb on Oct 04, 2009
Bloedel, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 8.1 miles
Snowden Demonstration Forest is a network of trails just north of Campbell River, BC on the Gold River highway. Flowy singletrack through second growth forest ranges from overgrown railbeds to rocky and rooty technical trail. Recent funding initiatives by the federal government has provided for a trail crew which has been clearing back overgrown trails, improving drainage, rebuilding bridges and creating for a much need upgrade to this longstanding trail network.Each Labour...
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KVR Kettle Valley Railway
by dtstager on Dec 03, 2008
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 233 miles
Here is a GPX track for the KVR.  It is a loop beginning at the Kelowna Airport, heading towards the Myra Canyon, with stops at Beaverdell, Midway, Osoyoos, Penticton, Chute Lake and back to the start.  It was compiled with TopoCanada/Mapsource and Google Earth and Dan Langford's book "Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway".  It shows the areas of the trail that are detoured around/closed.  UPDATE - THE STRETCH OF BYPASS ALONG BUBAR...
Darcy Ruins (Saanich, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
100_4122 (Penticton, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
100_4123 (Penticton, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
100_4124 (Penticton, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Across Canada Trail - 2 -Medium Route (Gravel)
by samvekemans on Jun 06, 2007
North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 937 miles
Mostly riding on rail trails... and side roads. The route will be about 14,000kms when complete. Still adding more routes ... I'll update this later :)
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China Ridge Mountain Bike Trails
by sharonbader on Jun 14, 2010
Princeton, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 26 miles
China Ridge has been the home of a small group of passionate cross country skiers who have nurtured an ski incredible network. Since incorporating as a society they have accessed funding to expand the recreational opportunities in the area. In 2009 they were able to hire Whistler native and experienced trail builder - Duncan McKenzie - to build the Rail Trail, 10km of hopefully many more single track mountain bike trails. This along...
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Whistler Lost Lake Park: Day 1
by sguth on Jul 06, 2010
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Mountain biking | 1.5 miles
This little loop includes trails Fountain of Love, Tin Pants, The Torture Never Stops, Disco Boy, Dinah Moe Humm, and Peaches en Regalia.  A fun, but challenging ride.  Unfortunately, Scott fell on Fountain of Love near its end, hitting his helmeted head on a tree.  His neck was quite stiff afterward.

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