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062020091257.jpg (Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
062020091257 (4).jpg (Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
062020091257 (7).jpg (Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Horne Lake around the long way
by Enduro_Rider on Aug 13, 2009
Dunsmuir, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 38 miles
Horne lakeThis was a good trip fairly easy trip about 3 out of 5
052420091350.jpg (Dunsmuir, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
052420091351.jpg (Dunsmuir, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
052420091352.jpg (Dunsmuir, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
052420091353.jpg (Dunsmuir, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Mt Horne Tower Picnic
by Enduro_Rider on May 24, 2009
Horne Lake Qualicum, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 12.2 miles
Go up here to find a picnic table and a nice view
Lions Bay Photo
Squamish Photo
Scenic View Between Penderton and Lillooet Photo
Seton Lake Reservoir.JPG Photo
Issaquah, WA to Gold Bridge, BC and back
by mhumphrey on Jul 04, 2010
Brexton, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 682 miles
I rode my motorcycle from Issaquah, WA to Gold Bridge, Canada. Unfortunately the buggy software in the Zumo 665 crashed and the trip log for the outbound trip was lost. I have recreated the outbound route (approximately) using the EveryTrail tools. The return trip is from the GPS log. Total trip distance including a couple of small side trips around Gold Bridge was 683 miles. The ride up I-5 was boring, as it's a familiar...
Summit1. (Shingle Creek, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Summit2. (Shingle Creek, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Munro Lake - Summerland bc
by ceytcheson on Jul 27, 2008
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 48 miles
A winding trip just to test out GPS surveying in that area.This ride is actually 2 seperate rides:1.  one thats goes to a view point and 2.  the other that takes you to the lake.
Bamberton Lookout - Malahat Drive.jpg (Glen Lake, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Lake_Cowichan_or_Youbou_Way.jpg (Glen Lake, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
NitinahtLake2.jpg (Glen Lake, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
NitinahtLake.jpg (Glen Lake, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Easter Sunday: Victoria - Carmanah/Walbran return
by yatman on Apr 12, 2009
Glen Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 214 miles
A wet day but it didn't rain ALL the time. Waterproof armoured boots definately needed.Also must see why I wasn't able to turn ABS brake off....will have to figure that out.One big sized black bear on the road going my pipes aren't too loud he didn't hear me and I got a nice look at him before he crashed into the bush. One deer I got close too also but not...
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Awesome Autumn Day on Vancouver Island
by yatman on Oct 26, 2013
Cliffside, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 78 miles
Another great Fall day. Good safe ride.
LMATV1. (Brookmere, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
LMATV2. Photo
LMATV3. Photo
LMATV4. Photo
Coldwater to Shovel Nose Mt and Davis Lake
by ceytcheson on Aug 16, 2008
Brookmere, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 36 miles
Fantastic ride with the LMATV club.Met them at a dry camp just off exit 256 (Coldwater) and then went for a day of ATVing up to Shovel Nose Mountain then down to Davis Lake.The trails were a mix of FSR (Forestry Service Road) and excellent quad trails.  Some technical riding from the campsite halfway to Shovel Nose Mt and then from Shovel Nose down the mountain side.There is an outhouse at Davis...
2008PokerRun2.JPG Photo
2008PokerRun3.JPG Photo
2008PokerRun4.JPG Photo
2008PokerRun5.JPG Photo
2008 Fall Poker Run
by ceytcheson on Oct 18, 2008
Peachland, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 36 miles
2008 Poker Run:Very fun ride with some great challenging sections and river crossing.Host club: Vernon ATV Club, Trail and route planner: Sean Greenwood and Franz Jung Sponsers:Kelowna Yamaha,Cantex Paving,Capri Insurance,MotoVan, Parts Can,Honda Corp
Nice view while motorbiking Photo
Motorbiking good place to rest Photo
So close and yet so far Photo
Calm Waters Photo
Around Rowbotham Lake
by Enduro_Rider on Sep 26, 2009
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 19.1 miles
Well almost around the lake, this trip will take you to a small cabin that someone is building in the bush! Hmm.   Well this trip is difficult 5 of 5 and should test a seasoned rider.  lol...   might take ya a couple hours or more, there a trail to a waterfall along the way if you can still walk!Cheers.
Telkwa Pass
by Explore on Aug 15, 2009
Telkwa, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 72 miles
Telkwa to Terrace
IMAG0085. Photo
IMAG0086. Photo
IMAG0088. Photo
IMAG0089. Photo
Slowbie Ride
by Smedly on Apr 13, 2008
Great Central, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 80 miles
There we were...a bunch of old farts, trying to look cool on our dirt bikes!
Kelowna-1. (Westside, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Kelowna-2. (Westside, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Kelowna-3. (Westside, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Kelowna-4. (Westside, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
McDougall Rim WNF
by mhertel on Jun 19, 2008
Vernon/Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 107 miles
Zakrocks.jpg (Shirley, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Startpoint.jpg (Shirley, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
StudiousZak.jpg (Leechtown, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
CRF250R & CRF230F
by yatman on Oct 09, 2008
Shirley, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 29 miles
Zak & Wyatt have a good ride. RH guard lost bolt on 230.....
Four-of-us_0.jpg Photo
Four-of-us_1.jpg Photo
Four-of-us_2.jpg Photo
Four-of-us_3.jpg Photo
Four of us enjoying a beautiful Spring Day ride. Victoria, Sooke, Jordan River, Port Renfrew, lunch, & return.
by yatman on Mar 29, 2009
Shirley, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 80 miles
Our first sunny, little wind, clear (great visibility), Spring ride. Honda 1300, HD 1200, Can Am Spyder 990, and F650GS Dakar. Gotta love great weather. Only took a few pics but the mind's eye has lots of memory and pixels.
Nanaimo-Run_0.jpg Photo
Nanaimo Run
by yatman on Apr 04, 2009
Deerholme, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 119 miles
A great afternoon to visit family.
May 040.jpg Photo
May 041.jpg Photo
May 042.jpg Photo
May 043.jpg Photo
Bastion Mountain Test Run
by kkantymir on May 18, 2009
Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 29 miles
This is my first trip posted on Everytrail, my daughter Sienna and our dog Frodo came along for the ride. Weather was nice and warm, but there was heavy cloud cover and limited view of the sky in some sections, so GPS reception wasn't great. We reached about 3600ft in elevation before substanial snow pack forced us to turn back. The leaves were just coming out at the meadow where we stopped...
Lake Cowichan.JPG Photo
Pee Break.JPG (Gordon River, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Lunch.JPG Photo
Home.JPG Photo
ORCA Run 2009
by Smedly on May 10, 2009
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 207 miles
Dualsport motorcycle run \"C\" Route.
Sayward_0.jpg Photo
Sayward_1.jpg Photo
Sayward_2.jpg Photo
by yatman on Apr 25, 2009
Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 161 miles
Had to get the 1,000 km service for the Spyder so carried on to lunch at the CableHouse in Sayward and to see the dock at Kelsey Bay. She has decided that the touring windshield is a good farkle for her machine. First time she has felt a seven hundred km and/or seven hour plus ride . Tired and sore but she knows she can do it. Awesome. We're gonna ride!
IMG_0157[1] Photo
by psamfrank on May 27, 2009
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 0.0 miles
The sliver of a crescent moon was the only reason I stopped my motorbike to take this picture, so please try to find it in the picture and fill in the blanks in your mind about what it would have looked like to have been there, after an hour helping Jake build his mobile stage and then sitting at Boston Pizza for a couple of drinks and some pasta.  What a night! ...
CheyPortRenBridge.jpg (Clallam Bay, Washington, United States) Photo
Lad 'N Dad
by yatman on Jun 08, 2009
Deerholme, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 155 miles
A nice day for a cruise.....lunched at Port Renfrew...Pacific Marine Circle Route now fully paved...swung by Camp Imadene.....

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