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Granville Island to Coal Harbour via Stanley Park
Granville Island to Coal Harbour via Stanley Park
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Easy: 11.8 miles, Full day
A trail through Vancouver's natural, urban and gourmet highlights.

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Lac Seul Boat Ride
by adi on Jun 21, 2009
Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 62 miles
Went to explore the beaches of Lac Seul. Left the Deception Bay boat landing north of Sioux Lookout. Travelled through Manitou rapids, the second short cut, Banana Island and Bear Narrows. Spent some time at a wonderful beach near Bear Narrows.
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4 night houseboat excursion
by BMichie on Aug 10, 2009
Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 37 miles
Our excursion consisted of about 19 people traveling on 2 houseboats which also hauled 2 canoes, 2 small motor boats and 1 larger motorboat. We got started a little late and tied up to our first landing after dark. We then enjoyed 3 full days of swimming and fishing. The crews of the 2 houseboats enjoyed each others company using (slippery) boarding planks or water taxis. We saw lots of eagles, pelicans,...
Lake Simcoe
by Jayzlife on Sep 07, 2009
Georgina Island, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 26 miles
Toured the islands in a 10' Zodiac and 6hp motor.  Made a couple stops in coves for swimming. 
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Sept. 7, 2009 Fishing at Lac Seul
by Dycker on Sep 07, 2009
Sam Lake, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 52 miles
Valerie and Adrian took us out to Lac Seul for a great day of fishing.  There wasn't too many walleye but Valerie caught 5 keepers, Adrian one and I got one as well.  I also managed the biggest jack fish and walleye!!  Just never mind the rod I broke. (sorry Adrian).  It was a glorious day with few clouds and temperature in the mid 20's.  On the way out it was very...
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Sept 8, 2009 Little Butler Lake
by Dycker on Sep 08, 2009
Six Mile Corner, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 20 miles
We went out for a few hours to Little Butler Lake.  We caught a couple of good sized walleye and a bunch of jack fish.  There were lots of eagles and best of all was seeing a moose and a calf on the way back to the camp.
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Tobermory 2009
by Away-Point on Jul 31, 2009
Cape Chin North, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 38 miles
Boat trip to Tobermory for lunch, a few miles down the Georgian coastline, over to Flowerpot Island, overnight on the hook, and snorkeling in Little Cove.
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Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay on the Queen of Cowichan Ferry
by mkharris on Apr 22, 2010
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Boating | 35 miles
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Boat Ride from Tofino to Clayoquot Hot Springs
by mkharris on Apr 21, 2010
Clayoquot, British Columbia, Canada
Boating | 29 miles
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Return Boat Ride From Clayoquot Hot Springs to Tofino
by mkharris on Apr 21, 2010
Hot Springs Cove, British Columbia, Canada
Boating | 35 miles
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Mountain Portage - Far Side - Zodiac Adventure
by KnorthernKnight on Jun 26, 2010
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada
Boating | 7.3 miles
I love how we never run out of places to explore up here!  Karl was looking for an excuse to take the zodiac out so we took a little jaunt across the Slave River to check out some channels at the far side of Mountain Portage.There were some beautiful falls, some great cliffs, and the awe-inspiring "Molly's Nipple".  Our trip was cut short by a forest fire on the town-side of the...
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Day 1 pm trip - Red Cedar Lake, Ontario, Canada
by DrWatson on Jun 28, 2010
Tilden Lake, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 7.3 miles
Jim Fox and I managed to pull 7 bass and one pike on this trip. Five bass for me and Foxy got the rest. Biggest bass was 19" long. We weighed it in at 4.78 lbs.
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West Coast Aquatic Safari whale watching
by kkey on Jul 21, 2010
Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
Boating | 38 miles
2.5 hour long whale watching trip out of Tofino.
Desolation Sound Photo
Grumbles at Big Bay dock Photo
Big Bay Photo
Lagoon Cove Photo
Voyage North 2010
by Grumbles on Jul 17, 2010
Mt WADDINGTON, British Columbia, Canada
Boating | 347 miles
Return Voyage from Grumbles trip this summer to the Broughton ArchipellagoSome of the pictures are from the voyage up which was a slightly different path, but I only started logging my trip at Sullivan Bay.
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Boating with the Bouyz
by Ohthatguy on May 09, 2011
Larsons Landing, British Columbia, Canada
Boating | 35 miles
Kelsey's Marina Photo
 Lunch Time near Covey's Gap Photo
Covey's Gap  Photo
Charleston Lake Tour
by muleguy on Jul 24, 2011
Charleston Lake, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 17.3 miles
We rented a Pontoon Boat at Kelsey's Marina at the North End of the Lake and proceeded for an afternoon tour around the lake. The first stope was a little known swimming area that is at the North End of the Charleston Lake Provincial Park. Typically this beach is accessible via a 14 Kilometer Hiking Loop, but we easily accessed it via the Boat and moored it while we swam. Next stop...
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Desolation Sound on Suzami
by mfur on Jul 30, 2011
Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Boating | 254 miles
Mom, Dad, Todd, Caitlin, Monica, Matt, Sam, Roan, Ani, adventure through Desolation Sound on the 54 Foot yacht Suzami!
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Big Crow return trip
by nmacneil on Aug 08, 2011
Algonquin Park East, Ontario, Canada
Boating | 17.2 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
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WBP Boat Tour
by budges on Sep 04, 2011
Gulls Marsh, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Boating | 25 miles
Nicola cruising Photo
Jeff posing Photo
The Slave River Photo
Like Glass Photo
Ft Fitz to Ft Chip by Boat
by jokeefe on Sep 06, 2011
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada
Boating | 19.8 miles
We traveled by boat from Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta to Fort Chipewyan, Alberta by boat. The trip took us along the Slave River and connected to the Peace River. We have lived in Fort Smith for many years but only ever have been to Fort Chip on the winter road. This was a first for us. It was very cool. We saw a dead buffalo floating in the river and went right up...

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