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Folding Mountain -  2010-08-10 at 11-53-03 Photo
Folding Mountain -  2010-08-10 at 12-26-36 Photo
Folding Mountain -  2010-08-10 at 12-35-05 Photo
Folding Mountain -  2010-08-10 at 12-59-30 Photo
Folding Mountain Hike
by 21coolcat21 on Aug 10, 2010
Hinton, Alberta, Canada
Geocaching | 9.9 miles
I travelled to Hinton with the main goal of climbing Folding Mountain, about 20 km west of Hinton, just outside of Jasper National Park. I needed find one particular geocache of the seven along the trail up. I was able to find all the caches, including the one I needed, and the summit cache.The hike started with a drizzle / mist in the morning, but that weather moved off to let the...
Halton Museum Photo
Akant and Marco. Photo
Wajeeh and Matthew. Photo
Owen, Neil and Mattew. Photo
Kelso Conservation Area
by MacLachlanCollege on Oct 27, 2010
Milton, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 2.8 miles
The grade 9 Geography class has been exploring the tools geographers use to understand the world. They have learned that there are places on Earth that are more than just dots on a map which have special significance based on natural and/or cultural features. There are approximately 500 sites that have been designated UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves which are meant to be protected based on their balanced relationship between humans and nature. On...
Amisk Creek Cemetery (Shonts, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Amisk Creek Church (Shonts, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Roadside Attraction (Bardo, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Near Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Parish - Round Hill (Demay, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Trip to Big Knife Provincial Park
by 21coolcat21 on Jul 19, 2008
Terrace Heights, Alberta, Canada
Geocaching | 336 miles
I’d been thinking about this trip quite a while before I had the chance to finally strike out on it. There was a thick concentration of geocaches in the Big Knife Provincial Park area and that usually means the area is a worthwhile place to go. I had also been having fun finding quite a few of the “God’s Country” cache series: caches hidden near churches in rural Alberta. Looking for the...
Blackfoot - Aug.31,08 (Deville, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Blackfoot - Aug.31,08 (Deville, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Hare Trail Marker (Deville, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Having a lay down (Deville, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Blackfoot Hike to Running Dog Shelter
by 21coolcat21 on Aug 31, 2008
Deville, Alberta, Canada
Geocaching | 13.5 miles
I started out on a mission on this chilly Sunday morn: to hide two caches and be FTF on another. I was able to accomplish all of these things and went from the southernmost to the northernmost boundaries of Cooking Lake- Blackfoot Recreational area in the process. I started up the Waskehegan Trail Society Connector through the ungulate gate, north on "No Name" Trail to Siksika, to Hare to Lost Lake Trail,...
e42a5240-de24-4072-9532-94025c921661.jpg (Angus, Ontario, Canada) Photo
59813fd9-03f4-4750-9c09-4cb930225287.jpg (Angus, Ontario, Canada) Photo
21c74293-1111-4b84-ac4e-2754b4a482c9.jpg (Angus, Ontario, Canada) Photo
c10fa6a9-6035-4211-80b3-f8b4f78d3457.jpg (Angus, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Minesing Swamp Geocache Route
by Juicepig on Apr 27, 2008
Angus, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 14.0 miles
A canoe ride down the Nottawasaga River to Place/Find caches (2 seperate trips - same route!)It is best to go South to North, since it is downstream, and requires a lot less effort.  The water is flat and still - but does require a portage every few kilometers to get around the log jams
DSC_0373.jpg Photo
DSC_0393.jpg Photo
DSC_0410.jpg Photo
DSC_0447.jpg Photo
Thatch Road Geocaching
by marcnfld on Apr 02, 2010
Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada
Geocaching | 4.1 miles
Very first nice spring day.  Nice trail by the St John River.  We found 11 Geocaches and saw some local wildlife.  We are planning to do this trail again in the summer.
1 Start canoeing. (Hydro Glen, Ontario, Canada) Photo
2 End of the 1st Long paddle. (Hydro Glen, Ontario, Canada) Photo
3 Lunch Stop. (Hydro Glen, Ontario, Canada) Photo
4 Follow the leader after lunch. (Hydro Glen, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Matchedash Canoe Trip
by River_runr on Jul 05, 2008
Matchedash Tour, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 9.7 miles
Thanks to the Matchedash Tour Guides for setting up these canoe geocaches in this fantastic area. We had a great geocaching crew for this very memorable trip.
Checking out the shore Photo
Heading to Carburn Parks 100 cache Photo
Beautiful pond Photo
Washing off mud... Photo
Carburn Park (Calgary) - Parks 100
by CoalBranchKid on Aug 15, 2010
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Geocaching | 1.1 miles
P9130001.JPG Photo
P9130002.JPG Photo
P9130004.JPG Photo
P9130006.JPG Photo
Georgian Bay boat-caching
by Juicepig on Sep 13, 2009
Hillsdale, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 56 miles
boating on Georgian Bay!
DSC_4039.jpg Photo
DSC_4030.jpg Photo
DSC_4017.jpg Photo
DSC_4106.jpg Photo
Rusagonis Geocaching
by marcnfld on Oct 10, 2010
Rusagonis, New Brunswick, Canada
Geocaching | 4.1 miles
We went out on this nice fall afternoon with the goal of doing some Geocaching.  The reason was simple, getting out on this nice fall day, do some photos and found geocaches to participate in the 10th anniversary of Geocaching.  this was our contribution to break the record."Groundspeak wants to see how many geocachers can go geocaching on a single day! They've chosen 10-10-10, since the date represents 10 years of geocaching...
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
photo6.jpg Photo
Geocaching on March Break
by weeken on Mar 18, 2010
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 9.5 miles
Several stops on a Geocaching adventure during March Break. Stops included small neighbourhood forests, cemetery, urban micros, and lake side views of Toronto. The end stop was Rattray March on Lake Ontario with an awesome view of downtown Toronto, Ontario including the CN Tower.
IMG_4213 (Prince George, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Tour De World Cache Route
by Icenrye on Sep 15, 2007
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Geocaching | 4.3 miles
This trip was used in episode 25 of Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine to demonstrate the website. Check out the final results at
Blackfoot - Central Staging Area (Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Blackfoot - Wapiti Trail (Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Blackfoot - Wapiti Trail (Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Blackfoot - Wapiti Trail (Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada) Photo
Caching Hike From Blackfoot Central Staging Area
by 21coolcat21 on Jul 28, 2008
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Geocaching | 7.2 miles
I've been hiking throughout the Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Rec Area for a while now, and have tried --twice-- to start off on the Central Staging Area Trails, but the Spring snow was just too deep each time. I went on a hike today to find two caches hidden on the Central Alleyway.
Geotag-0609-096.jpg Photo
Geotag-0609-099.jpg Photo
Geotag-0609-101.jpg Photo
Backroad Tour De Cache by Icenrye
by Icenrye on Jun 09, 2007
Cinema, British Columbia, Canada
Geocaching | 151 miles
Out for a drive on a Saturday. Thought I would take in a couple of caches using forest service roads.
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
photo5.jpg Photo
geocaching today
by weeken on Mar 07, 2010
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 3.6 miles
Two main stops where I did some Geocaching. First stop was at a cemetery and the second was a neighbourhood park.
DSC03400.jpg Photo
Trail.jpg Photo
DSC03402.jpg Photo
DSC03403.jpg Photo
Deer Bait
by Beagle-1 on Oct 30, 2011
Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 3.1 miles
Ammonite Falls Video
Ammonite Falls Loop
by awilsor3 on Sep 06, 2010
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Geocaching | 2.8 miles
Loop to Ammonite Falls.... Grab a couple Geocaches along the way!Starts on far trail, returns on a bit of a bushwhack.
Geocaching Feb 17. (Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Mom's Birthday "Hike"
by River_runr on Feb 17, 2008
Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 3.7 miles
For Mom's birthday, the whole family went on geocaching/hiking in the pouring rain. WE LOVE YOU MOM!
canyonshot. Photo
tarapinnacle. Photo
1stcache. Photo
2ndcache. Photo
Mission Creek geocache (GC11MDR)
by gifro10 on Mar 30, 2008
Myra, British Columbia, Canada
Geocaching | 3.0 miles
We headed out for our first ever geocache hike near Mission Creek... it was a multi-geocache meaning we needed to find a few locations that would give us coordinates to the final cache. We found the first 2 micro-magnetic boxes with coordinates leading us on, but the 3rd one was missing, and we were sure we were in the right spot. A bit of a bummer since it was our first geocache but...
FTF Team 10-Apr-08. Photo
Coast vs Coast Cache. Photo
A Great FTF Adventure
by River_runr on Apr 10, 2008
East Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada
Geocaching | 0.3 miles
Really wanted to get a find for this Juicepig(let) cache. Cache requires water approach so was very disappointed that all my boats were up north and not available. Sent out an SOS message and luckily the Youthpoint team responded. Had a fun trip out and Sandra's superior caching abilities made for a quick real-life survivor success and sill made it back for it to catch the TV version. ...

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