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6521799.jpg (Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Canada) Photo
17105187.jpg (Laval, Quebec, Canada) Photo
17105066.jpg (Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada) Photo
6697648.jpg (Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada) Photo
Carte Des Sentiers Du Club VTT Quad Laval
by charles.vang on Jan 26, 2009
Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Canada
vtt quad | 54 miles
Voici le réseau de sentier du club vtt quad laval.Le côté ouest est super beau, le sentier est dans les bois et il y a deux relais.Le centre (de l'autoroute 13 jusqu'à l'Avenue Papineau) suit les poteaux d'électricité et a plusieur autoroutes et boulevards à travercer.Les sentier de l'est traverse des champs et des boisés et il y a un relais.Les sentier du Club VTT Quad Laval rejoint ceux des basses laurentides.La circulation demande...
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P1010270.JPG Photo
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IMG_1182.JPG Photo
Loder Peak/Jura Creek Loop
by farzadb on Sep 26, 2010
Alberta, Canada
Scrambling | 5.7 miles
Loder Peak is a surpassingly fun scramble and now one of my favourite front range outings. In fact I would recommend this ridge over Heart Mountain especially if you combine it with a descent via Jura Creek. The south ridge that rises to Door Jamb and Loder Peak is quite obvious just south and west of Yamnuska as you're heading west on the Trans-Canada Highway. You  take the Exshaw-Seebe exit from the Trans-Canada...
Photos_20080823_000 (Large). (Val-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada) Photo
Photos_20080823_001 (Large). (Val-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada) Photo
Photos_20080823_002 (Large). (Val-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada) Photo
Photos_20080823_003 (Large). (Val-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada) Photo
Trail Ride St-Donat www.quebec4x4.com
by grandboubou on Jul 22, 2008
St-Donat, Quebec, Canada
Off-Road 4X4 | 30 miles
Dans la semaine du 18 aout 2008, mon chum Steeve du bureau me parle d'une sortie de 4 pattes organisée par un certain Yan sur le forum de www.quebec4x4.com .... une sortie dans le coin de St-Donat (nord de Montréal). Mon horaire est OK et il est supposé de faire beau, big deal.  Il n'en fallait pas plus pour qui l'idée d'y aller m'envahisse !!! Voilà le 23 au matin on part...
Eel River Falls Photo
Eel River Falls Photo
Eel River Falls Photo
Eel River Falls Photo
Eel River Falls
by TheWhinyHiker on Jul 15, 2012
Meductic, New Brunswick, Canada
Waterfalls | 14.2 miles
Eel River Falls are easily access as the trail is the old railroad track...the tracks are gone but a few mementos can still be found, like old railroad spikes and other track metals.  I lugged a bunch back to the truck...in my hands and pockets...luckily my shorts didn’t fall down to my ankles. As you leave the TCH at Exit 212, you need to take Route 122 towards Canterbury.  The drive along Route 122 to Canterbury is about 10.3...
DSC_8095.JPG (Gulls Marsh, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) Photo
DSC_8100.JPG (Gulls Marsh, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) Photo
DSC_8105.JPG (Gulls Marsh, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) Photo
DSC_8170.JPG Photo
Western Brook trail and boat tour
by marcnfld on Jul 22, 2009
Western Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
walk and boat | 24 miles
3 Km walk followed by a boat tour in the breathtaking Western Brook
Looking up from the bottom Photo
McLeod Brook Falls Photo
McLeod Brook Falls Photo
McLeod Brook Falls Photo
McLeod Brook Falls
by TheWhinyHiker on Aug 26, 2013
Londonderry, New Brunswick, Canada
Waterfall | 9.7 miles
After spending most of the morning at Walton Glen Gorge and Falls, I decided I needed to see McLeod Brook Falls before I left.  The wind had come up and now it is showering but the trek to the falls is a short one.  I park along McCumber Brook road and head down a old woods road.  The trek is fast and soon I reach an ATV trail.  I follow the trail...
Canoes on the beach Photo
Entering the channel Photo
In the channel Photo
Bridge at the Black River Inn Photo
Canoe cruise down the Riviere Noire
by EFletcher on Sep 20, 2009
Mansfield-et-Pontefract, Quebec, Canada
Canoeing | 9.2 miles
We've been doing this as a leisurely day trip for non-expert canoeists for 18 years now. September weather can be a bit iffy, but this year was spectacular: clear blue sky, a gentle breeze and warm...We start on a lake, and make our way to the Riviere Noire (Black River) through an old channel that had been dredged by horse-powered equipment to marshall white pine logs down to the Ottawa River in...
-CBy-008 (IRck-Cbay). (Greata, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
-CBy-009 (IRck-Cbay). (Greata, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
-CBy-007 (IRck-Cbay). (Greata, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
-CBy-006 (IRck-Cbay). (Greata, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
IndianRock-CommandoBay (au naturel)
by GuyThaLizard on Feb 03, 2008
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
Kayak | 9.4 miles
IndianRock-CommandoBay (au naturel) Left Indian Rock on Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 6:54AM. once I got to "-GH-bch 1" I desided to go "au naturel" from that point in the trip. It was a hot day in August and a bit shaded in the morning as I kayaked along the edge of the Okanagan Lake. Thought I would record my trip with photo so I took out my cellphone and started snapping photos...
159-Shot_02.jpg (Jakes Landing, Nova Scotia, Canada) Photo
160-shot_05.jpg (Jakes Landing, Nova Scotia, Canada) Photo
161-shot_19.jpg Photo
Keji 2006
by jleahy on
Jakes Landing, Nova Scotia, Canada
Canoe | 0.0 miles
10th Annual Keji Trip
100_3596.JPG Photo
100_3602.JPG Photo
100_3605.JPG Photo
100_3611.JPG Photo
Sand Brook Falls (Upper and Lower)
by TheWhinyHiker on May 29, 2012
Clarendon, New Brunswick, Canada
Waterfalls | 6.9 miles
Sand Brook Falls is an easy waterfall to get to.  The Oromocto Watershed Group has installed a number of signs to identify a number of waterfalls and hiking trails.  They should be applauded for their efforts in making these unique areas accessible to hikers and photographers.  There is an upper and lower waterfall.
Fracking Country Photo
Midland Road Falls Photo
At the top of the falls Photo
September flows Photo
Midland Road Falls
by TheWhinyHiker on Sep 03, 2010
Minto, New Brunswick, Canada
Waterfalls | 5.3 miles
A coworker told me I needed to see this waterfall.  It's a pretty waterfall in a not so pretty location.  I can't imagine anyone swimming in the "lake". When you reach Minto, you take the Post Road for about 8 km and then you turn left onto Midland Road.  The dirt road to the falls was too muddy and had large water filled potholes, however it's an easy stroll to the falls.
IMG_1516.JPG Photo
IMG_1517.JPG Photo
IMG_1518.JPG Photo
IMG_1519.JPG Photo
Moncton,NB/Bay of Fundy
by rrob on Jul 05, 2011
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Driving, Hiking | 128 miles
This was the place we decided to see the tides in the Bay of Fundy, and we were not disappointed. Hopewell Rocks is a 30 minute drive from Moncton (Moncton because Marriott Residence Inn one bedroom suite), and it is a " have to see it to believe it" type place. We arrived at 0955 low tide, hiked the "ocean floor", drove south to Cape Enrage Lighthouse (fogged out),  down to Fundy...
IM002123. Photo
IM002125.JPG Photo
IM002131.JPG Photo
IM002134.JPG Photo
by antero on Sep 02, 2005
Paspébiac, Québec, Canada
CANADA IN AUTO | 11,968 miles
VIAGGIO IN CANADA DI ANTERO E MARY Dal 2 al 29 settembre 2005 Perch� il Canada.: Fin da ragazzi abbiamo fantasticato su questo lontano continente (America del nord) dove le praterie, le montagne, i boschi sono grandissimi, com�� immenso il suo territorio con tanti, tantissimi laghi, che assieme ai parchi fanno la gioia del viaggiatore. Erano gli anni 50/60 del...
MG_4834. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
MG_4837. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
MG_4838. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
MG_4840. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Photo
ottawa rideau canal skating
by mjbijman on Feb 23, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Skating | 8.4 miles
i got up for an early morning skate - its -15degC outside and a clear day so I thought I would photograph the sights. the facilities at patterson are excellent - a heated building to get your skates on
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Secret Creek Ranch 8th Annual Mad Trapper Archery Shoot
by chamberanswers on May 22, 2010
Montrose, British Columbia, Canada
Archery Shoot | 0.8 miles
8th Annual MAD TRAPPER Archery Shoot - June 25, 26, 27, 2010Location: Secret Creek Ranch - Bear Creek Road, Trail, BC, CanadaOpen: This fun event is open to all archers of all agesToday, my friend and avid outdoorsman and archer Jay Mykietyn and I documented and GPS mapped the Secret Creek Ranch Mad Trapper Archery Shoot range to prepare for the 8th Annual archery shoot event on June 25, 26, 27th, 2010.The Mad...
wapizagonke mai 2012 005.JPG Photo
wapizagonke mai 2012 010.JPG Photo
wapizagonke mai 2012 014.JPG Photo
wapizagonke mai 2012 023.JPG Photo
Une Journée avec des vents fort aux wappi
by viperhill on May 21, 2012
Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec, Canada
Kayak | 8.7 miles
Une Journée avec des vents fort aux wappi en kayak
IMGP0956.jpg Photo
IMGP0958.jpg Photo
IMGP0959.jpg Photo
IMGP0988.jpg Photo
Nashwaak River Tubing
by marcnfld on Jul 26, 2012
Taymouth, New Brunswick, Canada
Tubing | 1.7 miles
Nice day of tubing on the Nashwaak River
100_3933.JPG Photo
100_3936.JPG Photo
100_3940.JPG Photo
100_3941.JPG Photo
Marathon d'Ottawa à vélo
by HOMOANTECESSOR on Aug 04, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Bicycle Touring / Cyclotourisme | 27 miles
Course Description Start at the corner of Laurier and Elgin; Proceed north to Wellington; Turn right onto Wellington and continue to Colonel By; Turn right on Col. By and continue to Hawthorne; Turn right onto Hawthorne, over Pretoria Bridge and then left onto Queen Elizabeth; Continue on Queen Elizabeth down to Preston; Turn right on Preston down to Carling; Turn left on Carling and continue to Sherwood; Right on Sherwood to Fairmont; Turn right on Fairmont and continue to...
DSC00001. Photo
DSC00006. Photo
DSC00024. Photo
DSC00032. Photo
by XS Jive on Jan 05, 2008
Algonquin, Ontario, Canada
Canoe | 26 miles
Haley Falls Photo
Haley Falls Photo
Haley Falls Photo
Haley Falls Photo
Haley Falls
by TheWhinyHiker on Jul 07, 2013
Mitchells Corner, New Brunswick, Canada
Waterfall | 6.1 miles
I saw the location of this waterfall on Waterfallin's ArcGIS site, and thought I should check it out when I am down in Fundy Park.  The waterfall is just inside Fundy Park and seems to be little known...even the park employees at the Visitor Centre knew nothing about the waterfall.  It should be promoted as it is a nice waterfall.   I inputted the coordinates into the GPS and away I went.  I arrived...

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