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on our bikes nexto a canal (Gent, Belgium) Photo
bike riding time (Rooigem, Belgium) Photo
the canal we rode along from Gent to Brugge (Veldekens, Belgium) Photo
lots of cows everywhere (Langeboeken, Belgium) Photo
Cycle from Gent, Belgium to Brugge, Belgium along the Canal
by brodie on Jun 11, 2008
Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Road biking | 26 miles
you can read all about this at
Schuttershof.jpg Photo
Kanaal.jpg Photo
Nieuwbrugkaai.jpg Photo
Kasteel.jpg Photo
Cycling between Ghent and Bruges and back along bicycle friendly towpaths
by Ghent on Jun 19, 2010
Gent, Flanders, Belgium
Road biking | 65 miles
Come over to Belgium for a few days.  Choose Bruges or Ghent as your hub.  If the weather is bad, visit the other city by train (it's only 25 minutes), or go for Ypres, the Belgian coast, Kortrijk, Antwerp, Brussels, Mechelen, ...If the weather is promising, rent a bike, ask for panniers, put the essential stuff in them and follow the track that I created for you.  45 and 55 km only!Thanks...
Cote Saint Roch (Trou des Nutons, Belgium) Photo
Alhoumont (Vissoule, Belgium) Photo
Team 7BC (Vissoule, Belgium) Photo
On the Road (Néon, Belgium) Photo
7BC Ardennen Classic 2007
by 7bergencycling on Apr 28, 2007
Tailles, Luxembourg, Belgium
Road biking | 72 miles
de 7BC Ardennen Classic 2007.
Road-biking in Noord-Antwerpen : Schoten - Brasschaat - St-Job - 's Gravenwezel
by himpececilia on Aug 06, 2011
Borgerhout, Flanders, Belgium
Road biking | 31 miles
Een mooie fietstocht, deels langs de kastelenroute, langs de knooppunten, en de intuitie volgend van zus An/ goed berijdbare fietspaden / langs nog heel wat goed bewaarde natuur 
IMG_0388.JPG Photo
IMG_0390.JPG Photo
Tour de Flanders route - Blue loop
by MKL71 on Aug 13, 2010
Oudenaarde, East Flanders, Belgium
Road biking | 47 miles
Blue loop of the Tour de Flanders trips.The "easiest" trip with a few hilss but a lot of old dirty coblestone streets.Very nice pieces of Belgium and the Flanders Ardennes.
De Wanne (Grand-Halleux, Belgium) Photo
Schumi (Wanne, Belgium) Photo
Tilff-Bastogne-Tilff 2007
by 7bergencycling on May 27, 2007
Houffalize, Liege, Belgium
Road biking | 138 miles
De Toerklassieker Tilff-Bastogne-Tilff. 230km klimmen in de Ardennen
Deinze.jpg Photo
Astenedreef .jpg Photo
kerk St Martens Latem.jpg Photo
Leie.jpg Photo
by walkinggirl on Aug 14, 2010
Deinze, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Road biking | 28 miles
Klik HIER voor het volledige verslag met foto's op mijn weblog.
7BC Ardennen Classic 2008
by 7bergencycling on Apr 18, 2008
Stavelot, Province de Lige, Belgium
Road biking | 67 miles
01052009207.jpg (Francorchamps, Belgium) Photo
01052009208.jpg (Francorchamps, Belgium) Photo
01052009209.jpg (Priesmont, Belgium) Photo
01052009210.jpg (Goronne, Belgium) Photo
Vielsalm - Coo - Vielsalm - The FreindAs version - 56km
by Jemp on Apr 29, 2009
Latour, Wallonia, Belgium
Road biking | 35 miles
Met onderweg de vreselijke Wanneranval ! 1,8km en 9% gemiddeld; gevolgd door een erg gevaarlijke afdaling...
Cola-autmaat (Laar, Belgium) Photo
Koffiepauze (Hasselt, Belgium) Photo
Trip Bilzen - Hasselt
by amukar on
Zavel, Limburg, Belgium
Road biking | 29 miles
Route van Bilzen naar Hasselt, met een alternatieve terugweg.
open road (Sint-Jans Goed, Belgium) Photo
self photo (Oosthoek, Belgium) Photo
up ahead (Vieruitersten, Belgium) Photo
small house (Heikant, Belgium) Photo
Cycle Brugge to Antwerp (good weather!!)
by brodie on Jun 11, 2008
Brugge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Road biking | 59 miles
you can read all about this little ride at
IMG_4138. (Boechout, Belgium) Photo
IMG_4306. (Boechout, Belgium) Photo
IMG_4308. (Boshoek, Belgium) Photo
IMG_4313. (Lierre, Belgium) Photo
From Boechout to Lierre
by elancycling on Aug 27, 2008
Boechout, BE.01, Belgium
Road biking | 12.9 miles
For the first time I went on a road bicycle trip abroad. Belgium, a country known for its cyclists. I consulted Google maps before starting out. Even with a print out in hand, asking the way here and there was necessary. But everybody was so kind enough to take time and explain.Lucky no rain though the weather is very changeable on these latitudes.Riding around in Lierre town was great sightseeing. Traffic Police did give me a...
P1020729.jpg (Eimerscheid, Belgium) Photo
P1020730.jpg (Manderfeld, Belgium) Photo
etappe 7: Schönberg - Schin op Geul
by katermo on Oct 18, 2008
Longchamps, Wallonia, Belgium
Road biking | 67 miles
DSC00799.JPG Photo
DSC00844.JPG Photo
Jvc classic
by portero on Jan 01, 1990
Sluipe, BE.13, Belgium
Road biking | 65 miles
Road-biking in and around Mechelen
by himpececilia on Jul 22, 2012
Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium
Road biking | 21 miles
Een fietstocht, door en rond mechelen,dijle, kanaal, zenne, nete, en centrum mechelen  langs de knooppunten, de knooppunten zitten mee in de GPX  leuke dag
IMG_0381.JPG Photo
IMG_0382.JPG Photo
IMG_0383.JPG Photo
IMG_0384.JPG Photo
Tour de Flanders route - Green loop
by MKL71 on Aug 12, 2010
Oudenaarde, East Flanders, Belgium
Road biking | 72 miles
Longest and heaviest route from the 3 Tour de Flanders routes, the Green loop.Very heavy. The trip includes the Muur van Geraardsbergen, the Bosberg and the final in Merelbeke.Off course a lot of coble stones.
Langs de Meir Photo
Voetgangerstunnel Photo
Road-biking - Antwerpen - Beveren - Waasland
by himpececilia on Jul 10, 2011
Borgerhout, Flanders, Belgium
Road biking | 27 miles
Van Antwerpen (Borgerhout) naar het Waasland,langs de GR, de knooppuntenroute, fietsroutes, en de ommetjes van mijn zus An
IMAG1017.jpg Photo
IMAG1020_BURST001.jpg Photo
IMAG1022.jpg Photo
IMAG1023.jpg Photo
Luik-B-L-A 120 Km
by baets002 on Jul 06, 2013
Aywaille, Walloon Region, Belgium
Road biking | 74 miles
Luik-Bastenaken-Luik (finale) 120 Km.Met(Let op !!, 2 keuzes om de Cote Haut Levéé te beklimmen vanaf stadje Staverlot.
Dinsdag naar Aubel 001.JPG Photo
Dinsdag naar Aubel 003.JPG Photo
Dinsdag naar Aubel 004.JPG Photo
Dinsdag naar Aubel 006.JPG Photo
by gino55 on Mar 16, 2010
Oud Waterschei, BE.13, Belgium
Road biking | 70 miles
cycling ladies St-Lambrechts Woluwe
by carinevdb on Apr 23, 2011
Wolvertem, Flanders, Belgium
Road biking | 79 miles
aanwezig: Jetty (the captain, zonder fluitje vandaag), geassisteerd door WillyW, Kristel, Gisèle, Els en CarinevdbStipt 8.00u. stonden we paraat aan de sportschuur om ons richting Woluwe te begeven. Eerst reden we langs Jetty hare kant van de A12 om vervolgens recht door Brussel te rijden. Een feest voor de ene, een nachtmerrie voor de andere. Bij de inschrijving mezelf dan maar getracteerd op een ijsje. De organisatie slaagde erin ons direct buiten...

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