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Wrest Point to Mt Nelson Signal Station
Wrest Point to Mt Nelson Signal Station
Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia
2.0 mile trail near Sandy Bay, Australia

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Cradle Mountain
by xc_nomad on Jan 08, 2009
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 6.8 miles
Hiking on Cradle Mountain, where we had snow in the mid of summer. We took the upper Lake Dove circle, decided not to climb the summit as it was covered in clouds and decendet via Marion's lookout to Ronny Creek, the start of the Overland Track.
P1000607.JPG (Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000609.JPG (Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000614.JPG (Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
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Freycinet Peninsula, Wineglass Bay
by xc_nomad on Jan 17, 2009
Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 9.4 miles
Enjoying a day at the great beach of wineglass bay, back on Hazards Beach on the west coat of Feycinet peninsula to the car park.
P1000173.JPG (Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000103.JPG (Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000129.JPG (Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
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Tarn Shelf Track, Lake Dopsen, Mt. Field National Park
by xc_nomad on Jan 04, 2009
Mt. Field Nat. Park, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 9.6 miles
Beautiful hike at Lake Dobson in the Mt. Field National Park. Starting at the ski field, passing along lots of emerald tarns and finally end with lots of rock hopping on the way back via K Cool to Lake Dobson. This hike is one of my all time favorites.
P1000813.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000818.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000820.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
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Fortescue Bay, Cape Hauy, Mt. Fortescue
by xc_nomad on Jan 21, 2009
Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 13.5 miles
Nice hike from Fortescue Bay to Cape Hauy, then to Mt. Fortescue and back to Fortescue Bay via the Cape Pillar track.
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Walls of Jerusalem
by xc_nomad on Jan 10, 2009
Lake Rowallan, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 13.1 miles
After climbing up to a plateau that will take you about 2 hours will pass King Solomons Jewels, Herodes Gate, The Walls of Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, the Temple and lots of other mystice places. Great campsite with wooden platforms.
Bags Packed! Photo
Going Up Photo
Trappers Hut Photo
Heading along WoJ Track Photo
Walls of Jerusalem
by stockers82 on Jan 26, 2012
Mersey Forest, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 20 miles
Day 1 After arriving at Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania II we stopped in for a bite of breakfast at the Edgewater Hotel, last minute shopping in town and made our way through the Mural town of Sheffield where we stopped for a quick toilet break. While we were here there was Australia Day celebrations in the park with music, free breakfast and free Australian Flags which we were given one each...
P1000685.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000686.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000690.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000699.JPG (Darlington, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Maria Island, Painted Cliffs, Bishop and Clerk
by xc_nomad on Jan 19, 2009
Darlington, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 10.5 miles
Trip to Maria Island, walk to the painted cliffs and climbing on bishop and clerk
P1000536.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000539.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000540.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000542.JPG (Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Bay of Fires, Humbug Point
by xc_nomad on Jan 15, 2009
Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 7.2 miles
Walking along the beaches at the bay of fires. Awesome landscape.
P1000061.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000052.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000072.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000065.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Tasmania - South Coast Track
by xc_nomad on Jan 02, 2009
Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 14.6 miles
Hiking the first part of the famous South Coast Track in the south of Tasmania
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03_On_Moraine_A__Alpha_Moraine_A Photo
Helicrysum on Hesperus Photo
08_Lake_Cygnus Photo
Western Arthur Range A-K
by PeterJF on Feb 16, 2009
Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 29 miles
It is 20 years since I did the full traverse of the Western Arthur Range, although I have made trips to parts of it and across to the Norolds since.   It came as no surprise that it would now take longer for the journey now than then, nevertheless it still made me wonder how we could have done some of the sections in the times recorded back then.   Just goes to show how you slow down as time...
Old bridge.JPG (Rosebery, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Montezuma Falls.JPG (Dundas, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
View from the Bridge.JPG (Dundas, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Track Start.JPG (Rosebery, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Montezuma Falls
by mrgumby on Dec 13, 2008
Rosebery, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 2.7 miles
An easy little walk along a gently graded track following the route of the Dundas tramway that serviced the mines at Williamsford.  Track can be muddy underfoot but otherwise poses little problems for a pleasant 3 hr return stroll.  The falls are one of the highest in Tasmania and can be viewed from the dramatic perspective of a steel suspension bridge spanning the gorge where the train once ran. 
Chasm Falls 1.jpg Photo
Cascade.jpg Photo
Creek Crossing.jpg Photo
The Chasm.jpg Photo
Chasm Falls & a Little Further
by mrgumby on Aug 28, 2010
Meander, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 3.0 miles
This little walk combines a gentle climb on easy road surface to real bush walking conditions as it follows the Smoko Creek through a series of steep forested slopes and visits several spectacular cascades. Myrtle, King Billy and sassafras dominate the temperate rainforest of this region and as you move off road and into the bush proper, you leave behind the forestry practices of the past that have regenerated as scrubby eucalypt and...
P1000198.JPG (Derwent Bridge, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
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Overland Track, last stage at Lake St. Clair
by xc_nomad on Jan 05, 2009
Derwent Bridge, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 12.6 miles
Cradle Shuttle Bus Service timetable Photo
Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake Photo
Glacier Rock Photo
Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake Photo
Dove Lake Circuit - Cradle Mountain National Park
by kase on Mar 24, 2010
Lorinna, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 4.9 miles
Hiking with 6 years old boy11:07             Dove Lake car park11:26-11:31 Glacier Rock11:36             Picnic Cove11:49             Truganini Point12:13-13:08 LUNCH at south point of Dove Lake13:43-13:52 Ballroom Forest14:50-15:12 boat shed15:42             Dove Lake car parkThis day's entire story:Day 5: Hiking around Cradle Mountain National Park
Cradle Mountain Lodge Photo
Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake Photo
Dove Lake Photo
Dove Lake Photo
Tasmania Tour Day 5: Hiking around Cradle Mountain National Park
by kase on Mar 24, 2010
Lorinna, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 35 miles
(Bus)Hiking at Dove Lake Circuit(Bus)(Rest at Cradle Mountain Cafe)(Bus)Hiking at Dove Lake Track(Bus)Tasmania Tour 2010/03/20-27Day 1: Hobart Airport to CityDay 2: Hobart, Tahune Forest, Mt WellingtonDay 3: Richmond to StrahanDay 4: West Coast Wilderness Railway, Henty DunesDay 5: Hiking around Cradle Mountain National ParkDay 6: Cradle Mountain to West CoastDay 7: Bicheno, Freycinet, Ross, LauncestonDay 8: Treetop Adventure, Good bye Tasmania
P1000781.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000783.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000789.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000793.JPG (Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Fortescue Bay
by xc_nomad on Jan 20, 2009
Oakwood, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 4.1 miles
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Mt. William National Park
by xc_nomad on Jan 13, 2009
Musselroe Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 8.0 miles
Climbing Mt. William (one of the smallest mountains I've ever been) Nevertheless it has a nice view over the flat coastline.
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo Photo
It looked like a petrified onion to me! Photo
The front side of Mt. Rufus Photo
_MG_0996.jpg Photo
Shadow Lake Circuit Hike
by autarkis on Aug 10, 2011
Derwent Bridge, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 8.5 miles
A leisurely walk on the Shadow Lake Circuit at Lake St. Clair in the Cradle Mountain / Lake St. Clair National Park in Tasmania, Australia.  An absolutely gorgeous day for a wonderful hike!  We thought about doing Mt. Rufus but decided there was too much snow still, although another hiker/runner did the Mt. Rufus route and back in less than 5 hours the same day we went out!We could have done this...
 Silver Falls  Photo
 From Pinnacle track Photo
 From Zig Zag track Photo
 From Zig Zag track Photo
Mount Wellington
by DenisJ on May 15, 2011
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hiking | 9.4 miles
There are many tracks in the Mount Wellington area and this walk combines several of them. Begin at a car park in Fern Tree, pass Silver Falls and ascend the mountain using Middle, Radford's, Pinnacle and Zig Zag tracks. From the summit walk down the road to meet the Panorama track on the right, down this track to the road and down the road again to join the Hunter's track on the...

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