Snowmobiling Guides and Trips

Below are popular Snowmobiling guides and trips that you can use to plan your next adventure. You can download guides, including a detailed map, description and points of interest for a small fee to your iPhone or Android.
Rockingham Recreational Trail
Rockingham Recreational Trail
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States
Moderate: 26 miles, Full day
From Massabesic Lake to Great Bay, this trail offers pretty ponds, beautiful bridges and a shady ride in the NH forests.
Ashuelot Rail Trail
Ashuelot Rail Trail
Keene, New Hampshire, United States
Moderate: 22 miles, Full day
The Ashuelot Rail-Trail, located near Keene, New Hampshire is a 23 mile, four season trail with something for everyone.
New Hampshire Rail Trails
New Hampshire Rail Trails
Keene, New Hampshire, United States
Moderate: Full day
View the heart & soul of New Hampshire on these five stunning rail trails that allow you to explore the hidden places.
Magruder Corridor Guide
Magruder Corridor Guide
Elk City, Idaho, United States
Moderate: 181 miles, Multiple days
The Magruder Corridor (Montana Road) from the Red River Ranger Station, Nez Perce National Forest, Idaho to Darby MT.
Josephine Lake
Josephine Lake
Burgdorf, Idaho, United States
Moderate: 28 miles, Half day
Josephine Lake near Burgdorf, Idaho.
Big Jacks Creek Wilderness Guide (Owyhee County, Idaho)
Moderate: 130 miles, Multiple days
ATV, UTV and 4X4 guide through some of the most desolate, inhospitable, wild, and rough terrain in the United States.
Burgdorf, Idaho
Burgdorf, Idaho
McCall, Idaho, United States
Moderate: 43 miles, Full day
Burgdorf, Idaho, including the hot springs, some campgrounds, lakes, fire lookout, and other POIs.
Smith Knob - Hettinger Ranch
Smith Knob - Hettinger Ranch
Warren, Idaho, United States
Easy: 89 miles, Multiple days
From the Burgdorf, Idaho "Y" to Warren, Smith Knob, and then to the pictoglyphs on the South Fork of the Salmon River.
White River State Trail
White River State Trail
Burlington, Wisconsin, United States
Easy: 11.4 miles, 1-3 hours
Easy former rail line trail from Elkhorn to Burlington, WI through beautiful glacial plains landscape.
Ammonoosuc Rail Trail
Ammonoosuc Rail Trail
Littleton, New Hampshire, United States
Moderate: 19.0 miles, Half day
This mellow trail starts near a modern covered bridge in Littleton & ends near a historic covered bridge in Woodsville.
Cheshire Rail Trail
Cheshire Rail Trail
Keene, New Hampshire, United States
Moderate: 27 miles, Full day
Follow this incredible trail starting at the Stone Arch Bridge near Keene, NH and ending at the Massachusetts state line
Northern Rail Trail
Northern Rail Trail
Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States
Moderate: 24 miles, Full day
The Northern Rail Trail follows the route of the Boston & Maine Railroad as it winds its way along the Mascoma River.
South Tent Mountain Summit
South Tent Mountain Summit
Ephraim, Utah, United States
Easy: 4.2 miles, 1-3 hours
Sanpete County (Wasatch Plateau) Highpoint
Mt. Spokane State Park - drive to the top of Mount Spokane
Easy: 12.6 miles, 1-3 hours
Drive to the top late-June to late-October. The guide also provides trail head information from various parking areas.

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1-24-16 Columbus pa to Mayville ny
by bmarcia115 on Jan 24, 2016
Columbus, Pennsylvania, United States
Snowmobiling | 47 miles
Pics 084.jpg Photo
Pics 086.jpg Photo
Pics 095.jpg Photo
Pics 100.jpg Photo
Mt Sylvester
by pommesdeux on Mar 02, 2007
Glovertown South, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Snowmobiling | 157 miles
P2050012.JPG (Melvin Village, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
P2050013.JPG (Center Harbor, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
P2060021.JPG (Meredith, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
P2070027.JPG (Tamworth, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
by Dovetailnh on Feb 06, 2009
West Ossipee, New Hampshire, United States
Snowmobiling | 291 miles
There is a lot of good riding in this area.  Moose Mtn, Castle in the clouds, Shaw Mtn, Lakes and more.
DSCN0179. (Cheever, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
DSCN0180. (Warren, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
DSCN0181. (North Haverhill, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
DSCN0182. (North Haverhill, New Hampshire, United States) Photo
BRVSC to Littleton Loop Trip
by glyon3 on Jan 05, 2008
Cheever, New Hampshire, United States
Snowmobiling | 181 miles
Saturday, 1/5/08, 10 Sno-Buds left Macy's NOT at 7 AM promptly. The President was late, but knowing the reason, we all thanked him for being late... (That may be Too Much Information this early in the report!) Shortly afterwards, we're on the road, and after a quick stop in Ashland, we're at BRVSC and joined by another infamous Sno-Buds and Past President, Mr. Chuck Stata. We're now 11...
DSCN0217. (Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Quebec, Canada) Photo
DSCN0218. (Saint-Casimir, Quebec, Canada) Photo
DSCN0219. (Saint-Prosper, Quebec, Canada) Photo
DSCN0220. (Saint-Prosper, Quebec, Canada) Photo
Shawinigan, Quebec
by glyon3 on Feb 12, 2008
Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
Snowmobiling | 220 miles
Altimetria_Torgnon.png (Torgnon, Valle di Aosta, Italy) Photo
pineta_TOR.JPG (Torgnon, Valle di Aosta, Italy) Photo
GABRI_TOR.JPG (Torgnon, Valle di Aosta, Italy) Photo
in_fila_TOR.JPG (Torgnon, Valle di Aosta, Italy) Photo
TORGNON Ciaspolada
by nonsolobike on Jan 05, 2009
Torgnon, Aosta Valley, Italy
Snowmobiling | 5.0 miles
Grande esperienza con ciaspole in quota a Torgnon (Valle d'Aosta).1800-2000 metri (senza bombole di ossigeno), al seguito del magnifico SILVE, nominato Guida Alpina sul campo...da sci!!!!Esplosiva giornata di sole con 10 partecipanti "nonsolobike" , tra cui la partecipazione straordinaria di FIORE E FRANCO D. , alla loro prima esperienza ciaspolesca. Entusiasmo del gruppo anche per la pantagruelica POLENTATA , ad incorniciare una splendida performance sportiva al cospetto di sua maestà il CERVINO!!!!!Ottimo inizio d'annata...

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