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Elephant Rock (Big Rock)
Elephant Rock (Big Rock)
Bountiful, Utah, United States (7.7 miles away)
Easy: 12.7 miles, 1-3 hours
Muller Park to Elephant Rock to Rudy's Flats to North Canyon trail. North Canyon Rd to Bountiful Blvd to Muller Park

Muller Park to Elephant Rock to Rudy's Flats to North Canyon trail. You can ride back to Muller via North Canyon Road to Bountiful Blvd bacl to Muller Park. You can park a car at the North canyon trailhead (POI 24). or at the End of Canyon Creek Rd. Start of Dirt road to Canyon Creek trail (POI 25). Located in Bountiful Utah’s Mill Creek Canyon...
Mount Olympus - Salt Lake City
Mount Olympus - Salt Lake City
Dublin Town, Utah, United States (9.6 miles away)
Difficult: 7.0 miles, Half day
Climb 4,000 feet on this great trail to fantatic views over the Wasatch Valley and Salt Lake City.

This is a steep, Class 3, climb up 4,000 to the top of a peak with great views over Salt Lake City and the surrounding Wasatch Mountains. You will be surprised at how abruptly you leave the bustling city below and find yourself high in an alpine environment. This is a good peak for budding mountaineers to start with. This Trip is about 7 miles round...
Lone Peak
Lone Peak
Hidden Hills, Utah, United States (18.8 miles away)
Climb to the top of this 11,000 foot Wasatch Peak which rises above Salt Lake City with a massive glacial cirque.

This is a fairly strenuous climb to the top of one of the tallest peaks of the Wasatch Range. Reaching the cliff-lined summit will require some scrambling up steep slopes and over boulders. Follow the track in this guide closely to find your way up a variation to the top that takes you up a steep coulouir. Bring a camera as you will have specatacular...
Cecret Lake
Cecret Lake
Albion Alps, Utah, United States (19.4 miles away)
Easy: 2.5 miles, Half day
A wonderful family hike to beautiful alpine lake in the Little Cottonwood Canyons Albion Basin

This is a very short 1 mile hike to a beautiful alpine lake in the Albion Basin region near Alta and Snowbird Ski Resorts. This area is very popular on summer weekends so parking may be difficult. Take the time to relax at the lake and take lots of photos of your family with the mountains as a backdrop.
Waterfall Canyon
Waterfall Canyon
Ogden, Utah, United States (30 miles away)
Easy: 2.8 miles, 1-3 hours
Beautiful and rather easy hike going up to eventually see a nice strong waterfall (during spring).

A very nice hike into Waterfall Canyon. This is a pretty easy hike for the most part. I know that kids and such are able to make it up rather easily. As long as you go during the spring you'll get an awesome view of the waterfall at the end of the trail as well as a rather nice, albeit slim view of the city down below.
Sardine Peak - Ogden Outlook
Sardine Peak - Ogden Outlook
Snowbasin, Utah, United States (31 miles away)
Easy: 22 miles, 1-3 hours
Snowbasin / Cache National Forest -Maples to Wheeler Creek to Sardine Peak to Ogden Canyon Overlook & back to Snowbasin

This trail takes in the best of Snowbasin and the Cache Nation Forest. The trail is 90% covered by trees. At the top of Sadine Peak you can see over pinview reservoir. At the top of Ogden Overlook you have a 360 degree view over ogden canyon. The climbs are switchbacks with easy very few obsticles. Sardine is a newer trail so not as traveled as other...
Snowbasin - Needles Trail
Snowbasin - Needles Trail
Snowbasin, Utah, United States (32 miles away)
Needles trail, 18 mile round trip, 7,000 feet climb, thru aspen trees, to needles lodge. Epic downhill ride.

Snowbasin - Needles trail is the main artery which divides into many smaller trails - Needles trail #1 (Each trail has a designated number) starts at the Snobasin Resort and one can climb all the way to the Needles Lodge 7,000 ft of elevation change. Trails transecting from Needles including: Maples #13; Green Pond Loop #11; Porcupine #3; Sunshine #6;...
R-Scape 18 hours of Ogden
R-Scape 18 hours of Ogden
Ogden, Utah, United States (31 miles away)
Moderate: 6.8 miles, 1-3 hours
6.2 mile trail run Ogden, Utah

R-Scape 18 hours of Ogden Race Course is about 6.2 miles long and located near Ogden, Utah. The trail is great for trail running, Mt. Biking, Hiking, dog friendly, and normally takes 1-3 hours. The best trails, combining the upper/lower Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Ogden, designed by R-Scape, 18 hrs. of Ogden Utah. If you are looking for a trail...
P1040719.JPG (Pine Lodge, Utah, United States) Photo
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P1040729.JPG (Pine Lodge, Utah, United States) Photo
Hike to Doughnut Falls, UT
by JakePehrson on Aug 23, 2009
Hiking | 1.9 miles (15.1 miles away)
Doughnut falls is an easy hike for both old and young.  I took my entire extended family including young kids, 2 pregnant ladies (one was my wife).  My 2 year old son walked the hike by himself.  Needless to say this is a fairly short hike.  You can easily be up and back within 1.5 hours.  The hike gains very little elevation.  Right before you reach the falls there is a couple of rocks...
P1040409 (Canyon Enterprises, Utah, United States) Photo
P1040410 (Turramurra Lodge Condominiums, Utah, United States) Photo
P1040411 (Turramurra Lodge Condominiums, Utah, United States) Photo
P1040412 (Turramurra Lodge Condominiums, Utah, United States) Photo
Day Hike to Lake Blanche, Lake Lillian, & Lake Florence
by JakePehrson on Jun 24, 2009
Canyon Enterprises, Utah, United States
Hiking | 7.1 miles (12.4 miles away)
I wanted to go on a couple of backpack trips again this summer so I need to start getting in better shape.  I thought I picked a fairly easy hike, but this hike was much harder then I anticipated.  It was uphill the entire way.I went with Jeff Wood (friend) and Ben Pehrson (brother).  From the beginning my back was out of place (which rarely happens to me) luckily Ben carried my small pack...
Meadow Photo
Meadow #2 Photo
Olympus Wilderness sign Photo
Weaving Photo
Neff's Canyon - Mini Waterfall
by zielle on Jun 23, 2010
White Hill Estates, Utah, United States
Hiking | 4.1 miles (8.3 miles away)
Climb per mile: 766ftAscent Rating: 1.4Distance Rating: 1.1Overall Rating: 3.2The GPS data has correct elevation data for all points except the starting elevation, so it is over-reporting the climb.I recorded the trip in 3 separate tracks and merged them together, but EveryTrail is reporting the length .6 miles over for some reason.This isn't the furthest I've gone on this trail, but it is the first time this year that I'd not encountered...
IMG_5866 (800x600).jpg (Hidden Hills, Utah, United States) Photo
IMG_5881 (800x600).jpg (Hidden Hills, Utah, United States) Photo
IMG_5885 (600x800).jpg (Hidden Hills, Utah, United States) Photo
IMG_5893 (800x600).jpg (The Cove at Hidden Valley, Utah, United States) Photo
Lone Peak via Jacobs Ladder
by JonFinch on Aug 08, 2009
Draper, Utah, United States
Hiking | 11.7 miles (18.8 miles away)
Lone Peak is the "notched" peak at the top of the huge mountain on the south side of the road as your traveling up Little Cottonwood canyon.  The peak is visible from most of the Salt Lake and Utah County areas.  All approaches to the peak are long with substantial elevation gain.  My son (Tyler) and I decided a couple weeks previous that we were going to do the hike.  A friend...
Getting Started Photo
Small Waterfall Photo
Bridge Photo
Twin Peaks Wilderness Photo
Lake Blanche - Sundial Peak
by zielle on Jun 30, 2010
Canyon Enterprises, Utah, United States
Hiking | 8.1 miles (12.5 miles away)
Climb per mile: 900ftAscent Rating: 3.6Distance Rating: 2.4Overall Rating: 7.0Lake Blanche is another one I hadn't done before, so when a friend of mine suggested we hike up and camp overnight, I took him up on it right away. It was a hard hike, especially with 60 lbs of gear on my back.  But it wasn't unbearable by any means.  It gets steeper toward the very top when you get to the switchbacks,...
Clouds Photo
Trail Sign Photo
View Photo
Green and Shady Photo
Desolation Trail to Overlook
by zielle on Jul 08, 2010
Merrywood, Utah, United States
Hiking | 5.2 miles (9.0 miles away)
Climb per mile: 885ftAscent Rating: 2.3Distance Rating: 1.6Overall Rating: 4.7Since I didn't have much time for a hike, I figured the Desolation to the Overlook would fit just right.  It was my first time on this trail actually.. or at least this section of it.It was a pretty consistent climb all the way, and the seemingly endless switchbacks were balanced out by all the shade and a well-established trail.It was a good...
Just in case you didn't know where you were... Photo
Don't litter, No fires, No pets, No fireworks, No glass bottles, No 4-wheelers Photo
The trailhead Photo
Wooden steps going up the hill Photo
Rocky Mouth Trail
by burnsdye on Jul 06, 2011
Sandy, Utah, United States
Hiking | 0.4 miles (15.4 miles away)
Overview:This short, family-friendly hike leads to a waterfall up Rocky Mouth Canyon. The trail is well-maintained and, despite being steep in places, is very easy.Story:We (Jeremy, Tara, Savannah, Shaun, Melissa, Jacob, Kylie, and Kate) hiked the Rocky Mouth trail to the waterfall on 7/2/2011. The trailhead is located at 11300 S. Wasatch Blvd. The trail...
Panoramic of the mountains Photo
Panoramic of the Salt Lake valley Photo
Panoramic of the Salt Lake valley Photo
USGS Marker by the radio tower Photo
The Living Room/Red Butte/ Big Beacon Loop
by ch333 on May 05, 2012
Fort Douglas, Utah, United States
Hiking | 4.3 miles (3.7 miles away)
Just a Saturday hike with my wife.  There are so many trails connecting to each other, you can really make your hike as long or short as you like.
Mother and Ducklings Photo
Across the Lake Photo
Across the Lake 2 Photo
Across the Lake 3 Photo
Dog Lake - Big and Little Water Trails
by zielle on Jul 29, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Hiking | 5.6 miles (13.8 miles away)
We were a little hesitant when pulling into the parking lot at the top of Millcreek canyon, for the dark storm clouds were gathering overhead quite rapidly.Indeed, about 45 minutes into the hike, the raindrops began.  We had our ponchos though, and we pressed on.Soon enough though, the storm got very serious with high winds, loud thunder and lightning all around us, and drenching rain.  We almost turned back but we were...
 (Aspen Grove, Utah, United States) Photo
 (Aspen Grove, Utah, United States) Photo
 (Aspen Grove, Utah, United States) Photo
 (Aspen Grove, Utah, United States) Photo
Mt.Timpanogos hike
by alitata on Sep 21, 2009
Aspen Grove
Hiking | 13.8 miles (29 miles away)
From Alpine Grove to Timpooneke Campground via Emerald Lakes, Timpanogos saddle.HIGHLIGHTS: Fall colors of beech and aspen forests, Emerald Lakes, Mt. Timpanogos peak, saddle and glacier, amazing vistas of Twin Peaks, Mt. Baldy and High Uintas region, Provo and Utah Lake as never seen before, cleverly created hiking trails
Getting Started #1 Photo
Getting Started #2 Photo
Looking Back Photo
Freaky Spider Photo
Mount Olympus
by zielle on Jun 14, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Hiking | 3.3 miles (8.7 miles away)
(Stats for trailhead to saddle.  The summit is not included in this rating)Climb per mile: 1,163ftAscent Rating: 3.6Distance Rating: 1.9Overall Rating: 6.6My first Mount Olympus trip this year.  The trail/gps track for this trip is extremely accurate, although I did lose the elevation data.  After reaching the saddle, I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to climb up the peak but I did so anyway.. sustaining an ankle and knee injury that...
bridge on the way Photo
Beautiful Fall Aspens Photo
rocky part of trail. tricky for kids and elderly Photo
The Falls Photo
Donut Falls
by anabisdelta9 on Oct 19, 2011
Pine Lodge, Utah, United States
Hiking | 0.7 miles (15.1 miles away)
From Wasatch Blvd. drive 9 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon, turn right to the Jordan Pines area. The road turns to gravel, continue until the Donut Falls parking area. You can take the road that continues past the parking area or the trail. They meet in 1/2 mile. Short, easy 3/4 mile hike that goes to a beautiful waterfall that falls through a cave like grotto. The last 150 ft. getting to...