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Appalachian Trail - Rt 501 to Rt 183
Appalachian Trail - Rt 501 to Rt 183
Stanhope, Pennsylvania, United States
Moderate: 10.2 miles, Multiple days
This section makes a great weekend trip. There are multiple camp sites, scenic views, and a boulder field to explore.

This is really one of the best sections of trail to hike. There are multiple scenic overlooks. There's a boulder field, a reservoir, plenty of access to water, and multiple campsites.
Flat Rock Trail & Vista
Flat Rock Trail & Vista
Newville, Pennsylvania, United States
Difficult: 5.1 miles, 1-3 hours
Colonel Denning State Park, Newville PA

The flat rock trail and vista is a 5 mile out and back hike with a stunning vista of the Cumberland Valley. The trail starts near the amphitheater area of Colonel Denning State Park. Wear good boots, and bring plenty of water this hike is a workout.
Clark's Ferry Bridge to Peters Mtn. summit.
Clark's Ferry Bridge to Peters Mtn. summit.
Duncannon, Pennsylvania, United States
Moderate: 3.4 miles, 1-3 hours
Central Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail

Nice hike on the Appalachian Trail, to reach the top of Peters mountain. The trail starts just past the railroad tracks and is a somewhat steep climb up. As you skirt the side of the mountain on the way up, you will have wonderful views of the Susquehanna river below. Once you get so far up, the trail will start to flatten out. As you near the edge...
Wildwood Park
Wildwood Park
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Easy: 3.1 miles, 1-3 hours
Get "back to nature" close to the city

Wildwood Park is located minutes from downtown Harrisburg and is a convenient location to get "back to nature" close to the city. The trail is used by walkers, runners and bicyclists and is also dog-friendly. Dogs must be leashed and several "comfort stations" are provided. The park is also an ideal location for birdwatchers with two boardwalks and...
Great Allegheny Passage section #2
Great Allegheny Passage section #2
Connellsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Easy: 47 miles, Full day
This 47 mile section of the famous GAP trail takes you on a beautiful journey from Connellsville, PA to Rockwood, PA.

This middle 47 mile stretch of the 135 mile Great Allegheny Passage trail follows a route originally used by Native Americans, next by colonists, and then the Western Maryland Railroad. Now it is a stunning trail following the watersheds of the Youghiogheny, Casselman, and Monongahela Rivers. The Great Allegheny Passage can easily be linked to the...
Great Allegheny Passage section #3
Great Allegheny Passage section #3
Rockwood, Pennsylvania, United States
Moderate: 44 miles, Full day
Starting in Rockwood, PA, this section of the GAP ends in Cumberland, MD where it connects with the C & O Canal Towpath.

The Great Allegheny Passage is often called the GAP, and it's an incredible path all by itself. When combined with the C & O Canal Towpath, it is one of the world's premier trails. Only a small portion of the trail is paved, but the rest of it is very smooth and nicely compacted. It makes for smooth bike riding and easy hiking. This 44 mile section...
Appalachian Trail - Port Clinton to Rt 183
Appalachian Trail - Port Clinton to Rt 183
Port Clinton, Pennsylvania, United States
Moderate: 15.1 miles, Full day
This is a nice section of trail that can be done as either a day hike, or an overnighter.

This section of trail starts in the town of Port Clinton and runs along the top of the ridge to Rt 183. It is possible to hike this section in a day. Alternatively, it could be done as overnighter. Eagles Nest Shelter sleeps 8 and is located around the halfway point.
Appalachian Trail - Rt 501 to Rt 443
Appalachian Trail - Rt 501 to Rt 443
Twin Grove Park, Pennsylvania, United States
Moderate: 13.6 miles, Multiple days
Good section for a weekend getaway.

This is a fairly nice section to hike. The trail runs along the top of a ridge and there are a few scenic overviews. There are two shelters on this section. The 501 shelter is very close to the parking lot. The William Penn Shelter is ~4 miles south of the 501 Shelter.
Appalachian Trail - PA 325 to PA 443
Appalachian Trail - PA 325 to PA 443
Carsonville, Pennsylvania, United States
Moderate: 16.5 miles, Multiple days

This is another nice section of trail to hike. There's plenty of access to water. Along the way you can see the Yellow Springs ruins and a sign marking the location of the Village of Rausch Gap. The hiking is easy to moderate. There weren't a lot of hills. Like most of the AT in PA, there were parts of this section that were rather rocky.
Mason-Dixon Trail 10 Miles/Hard in Pennsylvania
Holtwood, Pennsylvania, United States
Difficult: 9.8 miles, Half day
This is an out-an-back 9.8 mile hike along the Mason-Dixon Trail in Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River.

This is an out-an-back 9.8 mile hike along the Mason-Dixon Trail in Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River. Hike through Peavine Island, Mill Creek and Oakland Run on rocky and uneven terrain. Several short climbs are in the hike. Total cumulative elevation gain is 2849 feet. HIKE DESCRIPTION: Following the blue-blazed trail, this hike begins at...
The Stonycreek Driving Tour
The Stonycreek Driving Tour
Hollsopple, Pennsylvania, United States
Easy: 22 miles, Half day
Experiencing the beauty, excitement, history and activity of The Stonycreek, with the convenience of your conveyance!

The Stonycreek is a river atop the Allegheny Plateau in Southwestern Pennsylvania that is known for its whitewater boating and wilderness-style fly-fishing. But there’s much more here: the family-friendly resources of Quemahoning Lake ... event-packed Greenhouse Park ... the natural beauty of the Stonycreek Valley ... histories of coal mining and...
john at pinnacle. (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
IMG_8227. (Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
IMG_8230. (Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
IMG_8232. (Ededburg, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Blue Rocks Campgrounds to Pulpit Rock to Pinnacle Point
by jgencinc on Jul 12, 2008
Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 6.0 miles
This is the hike I took this weekend. I started the hike from the Blue Rocks Family Campground. We camp at the Blue rocks family campground a few times a year. This track begins and ends in the campgrounds. The views from Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle Point are awesome. The trail between Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle Point is part of the Appalachian trail. The round trip with a...
 (Ripple, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
 (Ripple, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
 (Ripple, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
 (Ripple, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Ricketts Glen Falls Trail
by wildej on May 04, 2007
Red Rock, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 6.3 miles
Starting the climb Photo
Hanging leaf Photo
Spring House Photo
Washington's joint Photo
Hiking Valley Forge with Diva
by goldenfire on Sep 29, 2010
Valley Forge Nat Park, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 9.7 miles
The huskey and dad are getting a bit pudgy. Time for some hiking to slim down. 
Pole Steeple sign Photo
Laurel Lake Photo
Pole Steeple via Fuller Lake (11-21-10)
by jeanneschott on Nov 21, 2010
Pine Grove Furnace, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 4.9 miles
Started out at Fuller Lake, passed the Swamp Trail and headed out on the Apppalachian Trail. En route, you will pass the mid-way point on the Appalachian Trail (but, somehow we missed it today).  Then follow the blue-blazed trail to Pole Steeple. Great view from Pole Steeple. Then we made our way down the boulders (good choice). Made it down from the boulders ok, but slipped a little on the leaves...didn't completely wipe out. Then...
What Trolls. Photo
The Easy Part. Photo
The Trail is Here Somewhere. Photo
Sun Woods and Water. Photo
Appalachian Trail Adventure in PA - In Sections 12/13
by mgrosz on May 22, 2008
Hunters Run, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 18.4 miles
One of the things I always wanted to do was to go backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. This past Thursday and Friday, my son and I hiked the AT from Hunters Run to our pickup point, where the AT crosses the Shippensburg/Arendtsville Rd. We had a great time hiking and camping in a very beautiful setting. Some of the climbs were hard, with Friday's climbs being the most difficult....
Jenny Jump 010.JPG Photo
Jenny Jump 012.JPG Photo
Jenny Jump 013.JPG Photo
Jenny Jump 021.JPG Photo
Bushkill Falls
by gr8outdoors on Sep 20, 2008
Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 2.8 miles
While on a Camping Weekend at Jenny Jump State Park, we made a quick Detour to Bushkill Falls for some "Flume" like Hiking along some great Waterfalls in PA.
P1030358.JPG (Ededburg, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
P1030373.JPG (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
P1030378.JPG (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
P1030379.JPG (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock
by ransyn on Jun 21, 2009
Eckville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 9.8 miles
Father's Day hike with my daughter Lilli
dscf7922.jpg Photo
dscf7927.jpg Photo
dscf7921.jpg Photo
dscf7926.jpg Photo
French Creek State Park - Boone Trail
by dpy102 on Mar 21, 2009
Cold Run, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 5.2 miles
We did hike the entire loop, but the GPS wasn't tracking from the start.
IMG_4850.JPG Photo
IMG_4851.JPG Photo
IMG_4852.JPG Photo
IMG_4856.JPG Photo
Ridley Park Hike with Radnor & DT Friends
by kopcouple on Feb 21, 2009
Upper Providence, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 4.3 miles
We all met up at the parking lot in the GPS coordinates provided by Rob in the email. Sarah and I came with a print-out of the trailmap from Rob. Also joining us was Bob H, Mike C. Taking the white trail clockwise through the wilderness we hiked through the wilderness. We ran into friendly people, a canine and his owner (twice) and a guy dressed as a pickle. Apparently it was...