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Red River Gorge (Nada Lombard Post Office, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Red River Gorge (Nada Lombard Post Office, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Red River Gorge Photo
Red River Gorge Photo
Red River Gorge, Courthouse Rock Trail
by pmuellr on Oct 18, 2009
Nada Lombard Post Office, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 3.3 miles
On the way to Cincinnati, stopped at Red River Gorge for a hike.  Hadn't been there in over 20 years - we used to go there in high school.  Got there late-ish (11am or so), and the parking lot was almost full.  Lots of people on the trail, but wasn't ever walking single-file.  If I had more time, would have gone a bit further.
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Doe Run Lake perimeter trail
by KYPetalPusher on Nov 16, 2009
Summit Hills Heights, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 2.7 miles
Excellent rugged hike at a serene location tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.   Varied terrain that provides a nice workout.  You have to cross Bullock Pen creek around the backside of the lake so waterproof boots would be recommended.  The north side of the lake is a gravel service road that you walk back around to the parking lot.
DSC00231.JPG Photo
DSC00232.JPG Photo
Highland Cemetery Nature Trails
by KYPetalPusher on Mar 05, 2010
South Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 2.9 miles
Highland Cemetery has 150 acres of wooded forest preserve with a great trail system.  There is a nice creek running through the forest with two sets of beautiful waterfalls.
Raven-Run-Lexington,_0.jpg (Spears, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Raven-Run-Lexington,_1.jpg (Spears, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Raven-Run-Lexington,_3.jpg (Spears, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Raven-Run-Lexington,_4.jpg (Spears, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Raven Run Lexington, KY
by Moviehq on Jul 19, 2009
Spears, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 3.2 miles
DSC00153.JPG Photo
DSC00154.JPG Photo
DSC00155.JPG Photo
DSC00156.JPG Photo
Devou Park Winter Wander Hike
by KYPetalPusher on Jan 03, 2010
Park Hills, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 8.8 miles
Sunny but cold winter day wandering around Devou Park.  We had 11 hiking diehards come out and brave the weather.  We hiked much farther than anticipated but we all agreed it was worth it.  :)
IMG_5350.JPG (Campton, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_5372.JPG (Campton, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_5381.JPG (Campton, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_5410.JPG (Campton, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Rock Bridge Arch Trail
by joshish on Mar 10, 2009
Pine Ridge, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 1.4 miles
Really nice looped trail in the Red River Gorge National Park in Pine Ridge, KY.I traveled up here geocaching, There is a bunch of earth caches in this area (There is 3 earth caches on this trail). The trail is not all that difficult, on the first part of the hike it is mostly all down hill, but on the way back it's mostly all uphill, but it is gradual and not...
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IMG_4302.jpg Photo
IMG_4304.jpg Photo
IMG_4305.jpg Photo
River Styx Spring Trail, Mammoth Cave National Park
by philipc on Oct 30, 2010
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 1.9 miles
Since we were not sure whether the Mammoth Cave National Park is Central Time, we got up an hour earlier (by accident) and expected the cave was in EST.  We arrived at the park two hours earlier than expected. As our spelunking tour was at 230pm, we still had time for other activities so we decided to have a short walk along the River Styx Spring Trail. This is a short wheelchair accessible trail...
DSC04949.JPG Photo
DSC04950.JPG Photo
DSC04954.JPG Photo
DSC04956.JPG Photo
Cov/Cinti/Newport easy urban hike
by KYPetalPusher on Mar 07, 2010
Covington, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 6.8 miles
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IMG_0282.JPG Photo
IMG_0283.JPG Photo
IMG_0286.JPG Photo
Highland Cemetery Forest Preserve
by KYPetalPusher on Sep 10, 2010
Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 3.6 miles
Kentucky-Palisades_3.jpg Photo
Kentucky-Palisades_4.jpg Photo
Kentucky-Palisades_5.jpg Photo
Kentucky-Palisades_6.jpg Photo
Kentucky Palisades
by chefwhitey on Apr 12, 2009
Hall, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 0.0 miles
Today is Easter.  We just had a big breakfast, and decided to go out hiking and hopeful of finding some morels.  This is our first time on this trail, and also Ailis' first time hiking.  She slept the whole time until the last 10 minutes or so.  All in all, it was a great hike!!  Oh yeah.. we found morels!!
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IMAG0437.jpg Photo
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DSC_0008.JPG Photo
Chimney Top Road Trail E
by Euro-werks on May 23, 2011
Pine Ridge, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 0.6 miles
This trail starts off at a single parking area with a post to identify it by.  The trail meanders through a mixed forest before a fairly drastic descent  down a narrow ridge.  Be careful at a sharp downhill right hand turn.  Going straight will put you at a 35 foot vertical.  Drop off a small (4-5 foot ledge) and descend even further to a nearly vertical, root covered gully that is the...
photo1.jpg Photo
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photo3.jpg Photo
We found a geocache under the stairs. Photo
Raven Run
by rabshear on Jun 28, 2010
Spears, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 2.8 miles
IMG_3298.jpg (Glenmore, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_3303.jpg (Glenmore, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_3315.jpg (Glenmore, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_3336.jpg (Glenmore, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Shanty Hollow Lake
by apex01 on Mar 18, 2009
Richardsville, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 0.0 miles
A short 1-mile hike to a small waterfall. Great rock formations and opportunities for rock climbing... GPS lost connection on the way back because we were under the cliffs and I forgot to reconnect, sorry!
DSC00318.JPG Photo
DSC00319.JPG Photo
DSC00322.JPG Photo
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Ft. Thomas Landmark Tree Trail
by KYPetalPusher on Apr 04, 2010
Brent, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 1.4 miles
P2060195.JPG Photo
P2060206.JPG Photo
P2060236.JPG Photo
P2060244.JPG Photo
3 Bridges Trail, Carter Caves, Ky
by Buckeye12 on Feb 06, 2012
Wolf, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 3.5 miles
This is a very well maintained and well marked trail. There are a few places where the elevation changes quickly, but none are really that hard to climb. Allow plenty of time for this trail because there is so much interesting stuff to see. You can park at the welcome center, and they make trail maps available there.
IMG_2776.JPG (Ferguson Spring, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_2793.JPG (Ferguson Spring, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_2820.JPG (Ferguson Spring, Kentucky, United States) Photo
IMG_2850.JPG (Ferguson Spring, Kentucky, United States) Photo
LBL - Sugar Bay
by apex01 on Jan 17, 2009
Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 5.4 miles
Hike along the North/South Trail at LBL. Went with our local hiking club... we had great weather and a good trek. The trail is marked well and was a good combination of trail and road hiking. 
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Towering Sycamore Trail
by wrjohnson74 on Dec 05, 2008
Shakertown, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 2.2 miles
Will cross Shawnee Run Creek several times. May be impassable at times due to high water. Trail Length: 1 mile.
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photo2.jpg Photo
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photo4.jpg Photo
Pinch Em Tight, Red River Gorge
by wrjohnson74 on Dec 09, 2008
Slade, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 0.0 miles
Spring 2010 296.JPG Photo
Spring 2010 297.JPG Photo
Spring 2010 298.JPG Photo
Spring 2010 300.JPG Photo
Lick Falls
by jpduck on May 02, 2010
Bruin, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 3.8 miles
Knowing that it was going to rain the entire weekend, I took off work on Friday (April 30, 2010) to go hiking.  I ended up at Grayson Lake State Park.  Other than the golf course, Lick Falls is the only trail they have, besides the .8 mile Beech - Hemlock Trail.  (The 2 can be combined for an extended hike).  The waterfall is nice, but difficult to get a picture of without...
Fort-Thomas-Tree_0.jpg (Brent, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Fort-Thomas-Tree_1.jpg (Brent, Kentucky, United States) Photo
Fort Thomas Tree Trail
by destinyjean on Aug 26, 2009
Brent, Kentucky, United States
Hiking | 0.7 miles