Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park

Starring down at Bryce Canyon from the edge of the canyon is unbelievable, but the best way to experience the mysterious HooDoos is by hiking down into the canyon and starring up at them from the bottom floor. The best hike to experience Bryce Canyon is the Navajo Loop and Queens Garden Trail which loops from Sunset point to sunrise point. If you drive to the other end of the park you can also walk along the easy Bristlecone loop to get another feel for the park where the vegetation is dramatically different due to the higher elevation. Like many of the National Parks in Utah, Bryce Canyon should not be missed.
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Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden Trail
Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden Trail
Tropic, Utah, United States
Moderate: 3.5 miles, 1-3 hours
Hike into the canyon to experience Bryce Canyon's famous hoodoos; the best way to see the amazing hoodoos up close

This hike is hands down the best way to see the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. The views from sunrise point and sunset point on the rim area stunning, but you will experience an entirely different bryce canyon from the canyon floor while looking up at the hoodoos. You start by hiking down Wall street a narrow canyon with high rock walls on either side....
Queen's Garden Trail, Bryce Canyon Utah
Queen's Garden Trail, Bryce Canyon Utah
Tropic, Utah, United States
Easy: 0.8 miles, 1-3 hours
A video tour of the Queen's Garden Trail at sunrise. Enjoy the sights and sounds along the waypoints of this hike.

This is a short 0.8 mile hike down into one of the most beautiful places in Bryce Canyon, Queen's Garden. It's an easy trail with only 320 ft. of elevation loss on the way down and the same back up. I recommend going down before sunrise via headlamp so you are well down the trail when the sun comes up. You will beat the yelling crowds and be down...
Mossy Cave, Bryce Canyon
Mossy Cave, Bryce Canyon
Tropic, Utah, United States
Easy: 0.6 miles, 1 hour or less
A short and easy hike where you can see hoodoos, a small waterfall, and a mossy cave with icefalls.

An easy stroll in Bryce next to a creek that brings you past hoodoos, to a waterfall, and then to a mossy cave where icicles hang in the shady places. If you feel adventurous, climb to the hole in the wall above the falls. Mossy Cave is the trail you want to go to if you have a very short time and want to do a little hike. Or, if you have guests...
Bryce Canyon (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
Hoodoos (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
Hoodoos (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
Bryce Canyon (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden Tail - Bryce Canyon
by chris on Jun 28, 2009
Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 3.5 miles
Loren and I left Sunset point in the morning and hiked down the Navajo Loop Trail.  Instead of finishing the loop, we decided to go up the longer way via Queens Garden.  The hoodos were a bright orangeish red in the morning light, so cool looking!  We saw a double arch and a walked through a few tunnels although the way.
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Bryce Canyon National Park - Queens Garden and Peekaboo loop trails, UT, USA
by ant on Oct 15, 2010
Utah, United States
Hiking | 7.4 miles
A great day hike in Bryce Canyon. The combination of Queens Garden loop and Peekaboo loop trails (AKA Figure 8) is one of the best way to enjoy the beauty of Bryce Canyon up in close.
DSCF0080 (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
DSCF0081 (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
DSCF0083 (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
DSCF0084 (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
Bryce Canyon
by LocalHiker on Mar 18, 2009
Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 3.9 miles
Trailhead for Peekabo Loop Photo
Just getting started... Photo
Tunnel on the trail Photo
Hoodoos Photo
Peekabo Trail, Bryce Canyon
by smccharen on May 17, 2012
BRYCE, Utah, United States
Hiking | 4.9 miles
We hiked this trail in the afternoon, the same day we hiked Fairyland!  We decided that since we only had a short time in Bryce that we wanted to see as much as possible!  I loved hiking in Bryce Canyon, so different than nearby Grand Canyon or Zion Canyon,  there is elevation change but relatively short uphill stretches are followed by downhill stretches throughout the 5 miles of the trail, there is...
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Bryce Canyon
by jimlarkey on Apr 24, 2009
Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 3.5 miles
Our trip through Bryce Canyon was a sightseers hike.  We were on our way to the Grand Canyon, and stopped mid-day to stretch our legs at Bryce.  So this is a typical tourist view.We walked along the Rim Trail to Sunset Point, and then descended on the Navajo Loop trail, past Wall Street.  From there we hiked northerly to the Queens Garden trail, finally ascending to Sunrise Point.The color of the hoodoos...
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Queen garden and navajo loop combined trail in winter, bryce canyon
by drnantu on Feb 10, 2012
Tropic, Utah, United States
Hiking | 4.2 miles
I have been to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />BryceCanyon a few times in the past. I researched on the internet and found that this Queen's Garden and Navajo Loop combined trail is one of the top 20 tails in National Parks recommended by National Geographic.I got to the Sunset point and parked there. I then followed the rim trail and walked to the Sunrise point along the rim with...
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Insperation point to bryce point, bryce cayon
by drnantu on Feb 11, 2012
Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 1.4 miles
P6180023.JPG (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
P6180020.JPG (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
P6180021.JPG (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
P6180025.JPG (Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States) Photo
Bryce Canyon N.P.: Queen's Garden
by stefan222 on Aug 23, 2008
Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.1 miles
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Bryce hoodoos
by hrubiak on Jul 02, 2014
Bryce, Utah, United States
Hiking | 6.3 miles
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CIMG2726.JPG Photo
CIMG2727.JPG Photo
Brce Canyon-Sunset to Sunrise via Navajo and Queens
by BandannaMan on May 16, 2014
Hiking | 3.4 miles
Great hike to see all the Hoodoos.
Bryce Canyon National Park.jpg Photo
Bryce Canyon National Park-2.jpg Photo
Bryce Canyon National Park-3.jpg Photo
Bryce Canyon National Park-4.jpg Photo
Peek a Boo Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park KGA038
by kga1978 on May 22, 2013
Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 5.1 miles
Yup, it's pretty - in fact, this is probably one of the best hikes in Bryce, if not the best. However, this park is like an amusement park - so many people visiting a small space and the park is so well-kept you feel like you're in Disney Land. While unbelievably scenic, we felt like this hike was equal to a roller coaster ride - I like solitude and an open sky and Bryce...
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Bryce Canyon, Bryce Point To Sunrise Point
by donwood49 on May 15, 2013
Hiking | 7.5 miles
I caught the shuttle bus from the Sunset CG out to Bryce Point and hiked down to the Peek-a-boo Trail and completed it whick required going over the same trail section a second time to get over to the Queens Garden Trail abd hiked it up to Sunrise point. A nice hike with great views of the HooDoos and amphitheaters.
More Light! Photo
Great Light & Color Photo
Good Morning, Sunshine! Photo
More Sun! Photo
Bryce Point Peekaboo at Bryce Canyon
by jillmotts on Aug 16, 2011
Tropic, Utah, United States
Hiking | 4.5 miles
We started the morning dark and early, getting to Bryce Point to watch the sun rise. We then headed down to the lodge for breakfast before heading out on our hike at around 10 o'clock.The hike down is a breeze. Lots of switchbacks make it easy to move along, and after about an hour, we turned a corner and realized that we were directly across from Bryce Point, and already at the...
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Bryce Canyon
by anhtdinh on Jun 03, 2013
Bryce Canyon, Utah, United States
Hiking | 5.2 miles
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DSC07684.JPG Photo
Bryce canyon morning 22 OCT 2010
by wolff5000 on Oct 22, 2010
Tropic, Utah, United States
Hiking | 5.9 miles
Great weather... Just a little drizzle. Enough to keep the riff raff off the trail.
Rim Trail, Navaho Loop, Queens Garden, Peekaboo Loop
by gregh on Sep 17, 2010
Tropic, Utah, United States
Hiking | 9.2 miles
The park ranger recommended doing the "figure 8" loop.  The "figure 8" loop is linking the Navajo Loop and the Peekaboo loop.  We decided to do our much larger loop through this section in Bryce.  We started from our camp at Sunset campgrounds and proceeded to sunset point.  From the point we went down into the canyon following the queens garden trail.  At the end of the Queen garden is suppose to...
DSC1086.jpg Photo
Queen's Garden - Navajo Loop
by radims on Oct 23, 2010
Bryce Canyon NP, Utah, United States
Hiking | 2.7 miles