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john at pinnacle. (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
IMG_8227. (Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
IMG_8230. (Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
IMG_8232. (Ededburg, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Blue Rocks Campgrounds to Pulpit Rock to Pinnacle Point
by jgencinc on Jul 12, 2008
Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 6.0 miles (22 miles away)
This is the hike I took this weekend. I started the hike from the Blue Rocks Family Campground. We camp at the Blue rocks family campground a few times a year. This track begins and ends in the campgrounds. The views from Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle Point are awesome. The trail between Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle Point is part of the Appalachian trail. The round trip with a...
Mt. Tammany 001. (Dunnfield, New Jersey, United States) Photo
Mt. Tammany 009. (Dunnfield, New Jersey, United States) Photo
Mt. Tammany 012. (Dunnfield, New Jersey, United States) Photo
Mt. Tammany 027. (Dunnfield, New Jersey, United States) Photo
Delaware Water Gap - Mt. Tammany
by gr8outdoors on Jun 15, 2008
Dunnfield, New Jersey, United States
Hiking | 3.6 miles (32 miles away)
A beautiful morning hike on Father's Day in complete solitude. After leaving the house at 5am while everyone slept, I headed for the Gap to ascend Mt. Tammany on a Hazy, Hot and humid morning. Taking the Red Trail to the Blue Trail and back along Dunnfield Creek to the Parking Lot offers an awesome vista of the gap during the aggressive ascent up Mt. Tammany. While a bit humid,...
P1030358.JPG (Ededburg, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
P1030373.JPG (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
P1030378.JPG (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
P1030379.JPG (Greenawald, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock
by ransyn on Jun 21, 2009
Eckville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 9.8 miles (24 miles away)
Father's Day hike with my daughter Lilli
Steep climb here Photo
Big boulders to climb Photo
That's the top of mtn Photo
pic_9.jpg Photo
Haycock Mountain
by dmwach on Nov 27, 2011
Bucksville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 1.7 miles (16.9 miles away)
Dad, Mom and Devon... awesome hike.
dscf7922.jpg Photo
dscf7927.jpg Photo
dscf7921.jpg Photo
dscf7926.jpg Photo
French Creek State Park - Boone Trail
by dpy102 on Mar 21, 2009
Cold Run, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 5.2 miles (32 miles away)
We did hike the entire loop, but the GPS wasn't tracking from the start.
Lehigh Game Preserve Red Triangle SW Loop
by lghtning308 on Mar 20, 2010
Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 3.9 miles (7.3 miles away)
Start from new PA Game Commission Fire Post parking lot.  This is the SW section of the "Red Triangle" trail. As you start and finish the loop be on the lookout for deer. Your guaranteed to see many especially as you finish back up the last hill just insight of the Fire Post. My wife and I have even seen two big bucks smacking heads at this spot. If your traveling in...
LVPG Central and North Red Triangle Loop
by lghtning308 on Apr 02, 2010
Shankweilers, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 6.0 miles (7.3 miles away)
Central and Northern portion of the LVPG Red Trianlge route. This route encompasses the entire game preserve. There are some incredible views. At one point you will have to cross a stream and there is no bridge... you may get a little wet (but thats all parts of hiking, right?)
Glen Onoko Falls
by Spirko on Oct 16, 2010
Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 4.7 miles (24 miles away)
Went to the top of the falls trail, then followed the fire road to a lookout over the Lehigh River.  Followed a marked trail back down.
HVA_6285.jpg Photo
HVA_6284.jpg Photo
HVA_6267.jpg Photo
HVA_6261.jpg Photo
Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock
by Hasmukh on Jun 09, 2012
Edenburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 8.4 miles (24 miles away)
Beautiful view from Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle.There is a map of trails by metal gate.Start from Parking lot, walk the gravel road for about 3 blocks distance,go right and cross the bridge. This is where you either go straight or go left and make right within 2 blocks of distance and follow the road (reservoir road) to the left. Arrive to the open field, go right and Pulpit Rock on the left towards the end...
photo4.jpg (Rene Mont, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
photo5.jpg (Rene Mont, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
photo7.jpg (Eckville, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
photo8.jpg (Rene Mont, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Appellation Trail - Hawk Mtn Road
by danb0509 on May 12, 2009
Eckville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 12.1 miles (25 miles away)
12 mile hike on the Appellation trail.  I started on the trail at Hawk Mtn road and hiked about 6 miles and then turned around.  This trail is extremely rocky, especially after about 3 miles into the hike around Dans pulpit.  Great hike though, and beautiful views.
Orange Trail  Photo
End Photo
pic_54.jpg Photo
Rest Photo
Green Lane Park, Pa - Orange Trail
by springwater31 on Aug 11, 2013
Green Hill Mobile Home Park, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 3.5 miles (18.9 miles away)
Green Lane Park is located  in northwestern Montgomery County. You can enjoy fishing, boating (boat rentals), family and group camping, picnicking, 25 miles of trails for horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking. This is one of eight trails which is simple and easy.
Trail Descent Photo
Open Field 1 Photo
Creek 1 Photo
Old Bridge Photo
Jacobsburg Park North - 3 Mile Loop
by ChrisSchlack on Jun 18, 2013
Nazereth, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 3.0 miles (16.2 miles away)
A really quick, good morning, hike.  The initial climb on the start is not too bad at all but definitely gets you into hiking mode.  At the bottom when you come to the creek, make sure to cut left before the downed tree; unless you would continue south along the creek instead of making a loop back.  On the way back up, I always take the mountain bike trails as they are...
P1030448.JPG Photo
P1030455.JPG Photo
P1030461.JPG Photo
P1030462.JPG Photo
Sunfish Pond via Old Mine Road
by gr8outdoors on Oct 09, 2011
Hardwick, New Jersey, United States
Hiking | 4.9 miles (35 miles away)
Sadly it’s been some time since we got out for a good ole fashion family hike. This is a great access point to Sunfish Pond that is much quieter than the Route 80 Access point via the AT or Dunnfield Creek Trail. Even on a Sunday this was very lightly travelled. The trail has a few sections of pretty steep elevation gain but the entire route, inclusive of a loop around the pond comes in under 5...
pic_70.jpg Photo
IMG_1672.JPG Photo
IMG_1673.JPG Photo
IMG_1674.JPG Photo
Mt. Tammany And Sunfish Pond Long Route
by suzyqueues on Jun 02, 2012
Dunnfield, New Jersey, United States
Hiking | 10.4 miles (32 miles away)
It is National Trails Day so this day deserved a worthy hike. This hike is not a walk in the woods! There is an initial steep ascent and then miles and miles of pointy rocky trails that will torture your feet. Also you will need to cross a substantial creek at least 5 times and I guarantee you will get wet feet. The payoff? Fantastic views, tranquil meadows, a...
Copperheads Photo
Pulpit Rock Photo
Pinnacle Photo
pic_72.jpg Photo
Pulpit Rock & Pinnacle
by kestrel_king on Aug 20, 2011
Mengel, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 5.0 miles (23 miles away)
I actually started at Blue Rocks Campground but I had an issue with my phone so the starting point is basically at Pulpit Rock.  Because of this the total trip would have been about 6.5 miles.  It was steep going up but even steeper on the decent if you take the yellow blazed trail back to BRC.While at Pulpit Rock I saw two Copperheads in between two rocks.  The weren't bothering anyone,...
DSC06541.JPG (Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
DSC06542.JPG (Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
DSC06543.JPG (Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
DSC06544.JPG (Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Worthington State Forest
by shocktron100 on Jul 19, 2009
Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 9.1 miles (32 miles away)
Douglas Trail Photo
View outward from Douglas Trail Photo
Backpacker Site Photo
Area Closed Sign Photo
Dunnfield to Sunfish Pond
by Spirko on Aug 14, 2010
Dunnfield, New Jersey, United States
Hiking | 12.8 miles (31 miles away)
I wanted to scope out the damage from the wildfire this week.  The fire was up near Sunfish Pond, but for some reason, I decided to start at the Dunnfield Creek parking lot.  The lot was packed; every spot was taken and my car was the 2nd to last car to fit in the grass.  Happily, there were no signs indicating trail closings due to the fire.The Appalachian Trail was the most...
Reimert-Memorial-Bird_0.jpg (Macungie, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
Reimert Memorial Bird Haven
by jdw on Nov 29, 2009
Macungie, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 0.7 miles (8.1 miles away)
jdw-test-1_0.jpg (Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States) Photo
jdw test 1
by jdw on Jul 13, 2009
Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 0.0 miles (9.7 miles away)
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Pinnacle AT loop
by alfger on May 19, 2012
Edenburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Hiking | 9.2 miles (24 miles away)