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Chief Ladiga Trail
Chief Ladiga Trail
Piedmont, Alabama, United States
Easy: 33 miles, Full day
"Sweet Home Alabama" is home to this charming southern trail that connects to Georgia's Silver Comet Trail.

The 33 mile, paved Chief Ladiga (pronounce w/ a long i) Trail is wonderful. The 100 mile combination of the Silver Comet Trail and Chief Ladiga Trail is reputed to be the longest continual non-motorized path in the country. It's amazing how much is packed into this 33 mile trail as it wanders through forests, wetlands, hills, a university campus, and...
Natual Well Trail Photo
Natual Well Trail Photo
Natual Well Trail Photo
Climbing Wall Photo
Natural Wells Trail - Montesano State Park
by DanyLo on Feb 06, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 6.2 miles
Limestone rock Photo
Small sinkhole Photo
Cave entrance on the trail Photo
Hurricane Creek Photo
Walls of Jericho Trail
by DanyLo on Oct 24, 2010
Jericho, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 6.7 miles
We started the trail pretty late around 12:00am. The weather was awesome, it was that time of the year when leaves just began falling.The first part of the trail is all downhill but not so difficult. The trail is pretty smooth with just some rocks. We reached Hurricane creek in about 1hr because we had to catch up with our group ahead of us. We passed the bridge and we walked a...
Inside the Three Caves Photo
Inside the Three Caves Photo
Inside the Three Caves Photo
Inside the Three Caves Photo
Three Caves and Dry Falls - Montesano Natural Preserve
by DanyLo on Dec 04, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 5.1 miles
CIMG7608.JPG Photo
CIMG7610.JPG Photo
CIMG7612.JPG Photo
CIMG7618.JPG Photo
Sipsey Wilderness hike - Borden Creek
by SteveManhart on Apr 25, 2010
Double Springs, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 2.6 miles
This is only the outbound track of an Out-and-Back hike.  Start the hike where Bunyen Hill Rd ends at Borden Creek bridge, accessible off Lawrence County Rd 6.  Marked on maps and a very few trail markers as trail 200, this was an absolutely beautiful walk with the creek gushing full and several waterfalls due to recent rains.  I made it all the way downsteam to where the creek joins the Sipsey Fork River -...
1st large falls on upper Riddle Creek Photo
2nd falls on Riddle Creek Photo
2nd falls on Riddle Creek Photo
3rd large falls on Riddle Creek Photo
Hiking in Riddle Creek & Quillan Creek
by SteveManhart on Apr 09, 2011
Kinlock (historical), Alabama, United States
Hiking | 4.1 miles
A beautiful area.  Walking in creeks in the Sipsey Wilderness can be quite dramatic with high walls looming along side, but it can get tiring and treacherous.  A 4 mile walk will feel like twice that.This track begins as dry walking along Riddle Creek before reaching Quillan Creek, changing to old shoes and walking upstream.  Current was not strong.  It got deep enough in a few spots that most of us cheated and took...
Peavine Falls (4). (Fungo Hollow, Alabama, United States) Photo
Peavine Falls (3). (Fungo Hollow, Alabama, United States) Photo
Peavine Falls Trail
by whitedbc on Oct 30, 2007
Fungo Hollow, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 0.5 miles
Sign at the parking lot Photo
The beginning of the trail Photo
Heading down the hill with the group Photo
Still down... Photo
Walls of Jericho
by latitude11 on Jan 01, 2012
Jackson County, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 7.7 miles
What is the Walls of Jericho?The Walls of Jericho is a 750-acre natural area that is within the 8,943-acre Bear Hollow Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA), which is contiguous to the Skyline WMA in Alabama. The “Walls” is an impressive geological feature that forms a large bowl shaped amphitheater. Embedded in the limestone are bowling ball size holes from which water drips and spouts, creating a unique water feature. This amphitheater gives rise...
Sinkhole on the trail Photo
Stephen's Gap trail Photo
The entrance to the cave Photo
Inside the cave Photo
Stephen's Gap Trail - Stephen's Gap Preserve
by DanyLo on Mar 04, 2012
Lim Rock, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 2.4 miles
We reached the parking lot by turning left from AL-35 and crossing the railroad then left again. It is a very small parking lot and you can easily end up parking on the side of the road. The trail will be on your right.We first took the gravel road on the left and then made a right onto the trail. The way is initially easy slightly uphill. Unfortunately there is lots of trash...
Following the North Plateau trail from the trailhead Photo
The closed park road past the overlook Photo
This sign marks the beginning of the Sinks Trail from the park road Photo
Junction of the Sinks and Mountain Mist Trails Photo
Stone Cuts Trail - Monte Sano State Park
by CarlNelson on Feb 25, 2012
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 4.4 miles
Start at the main Monte Sano trailhead following the blue-blazed North Plateau Trail, cross the entry road, pass by the park office on your right, and then keep the picnic pavilion on your left until reaching the overlook.  At the north end of the overlook, do not follow the North Plateau Trail, but go through the vehicle barrier across the road.  (From this point on, trail signage is clear and easy to...
Lake Chinnabee - near the trailhead Photo
Morning break at Devil's Den Photo
Fall is arriving on the Chinnabee trail Photo
Along the Chinnabee Silent Trail Photo
Chinnabee Silent Trail
by SteveManhart on Oct 15, 2011
Munford, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 5.6 miles
What a beautiful day!  A few trees had begun to turn billiant yellows and reds with more to come.  Temperature was dead-on perfect.  No bug problem.  Streams were still trickling over falls in some places.  It's going to be hard for me to be critical about anything in this setting... synopsis:This area is part of the Talledega National Forest.  My path is an out-and-back; it would be easy to put cars at both...
4299.JPG Photo
4304.JPG Photo
4318.JPG Photo
4337.JPG Photo
Cane Creek Canyon - Morning Hike
by SteveManhart on Jun 19, 2010
Tuscumbia, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 1.5 miles
Privately Owned land that is open to the public for hiking at no cost.  A delightful owner that enjoys sharing this land and his knowledge of the area including geologic and archieological history.  Once you've descended into the canyon, much of the hike is along a scenic stream.  Before that, you'll encounter a 50ft. waterfall and views of the heavily forested canyon from the ridgetop.  This track is one-way into the canyon for a picnic lunch,...
Caney Creek Falls Photo
at Caney Creek Falls Photo
Caney Creek Falls Photo
at Caney Creek Falls Photo
Bankhead National Forest - Caney Creek walk
by SteveManhart on Aug 21, 2010
Double Springs, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 3.3 miles
This is the South Fork of Caney Creek - a great place to visit on a hot Summer day... 2 waterfalls with a creek walk in between... refreshing swimming holes below each falls.
Bluffline Trail Photo
Bluffline Trail Photo
Bluffline Trail Photo
Intersection Bluffline Trail, Amandale Trail Photo
Dry Falls - Montesano Nature Preserve
by DanyLo on Apr 02, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 5.9 miles
I started my trip from the Land Trust parking lot. I took the Bluffline Trail from the Northern side of the parking and walked all the way till the intersection with Amandale Trail. The first part of the hike is pretty easy, the trail is smooth and flat. From the intersection with Amandale Trail I took a little side trip, on Amandale Trail, just to check out the path which is pretty...
Junction of Hubbard Creek, Thompson Creek, and Sipsey Fork Photo
Crystal clear waters of Sipsey Fork Photo
photo5.jpg Photo
photo6.jpg Photo
Sipsey Wilderness 3 Day
by aakuklin on Apr 13, 2013
Kinlock, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 17.8 miles
The Falls (Hopeful, Alabama, United States) Photo
Chinabee Silent Trail
by crzyouthguy on Aug 15, 2009
Hopeful, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 3.5 miles
We drove up to the parking area in our truck and parked and hiked down the trail back to Lake Chinabee Campground.  We had two vehicles so that made this really nice.  The hike is pretty moderate and mostly in the backcountry.  You do cross an old road no longer in use and several swimming holes.  One of the highlights is Devil's Den Falls the other waypoint on the trail.
2011 Autumn is blazing! Photo
Distances Marker Photo
Looking Northward from the overlook near McDill Peak Photo
Looking Westward from the overlook near McDill Peak Photo
Pinhoti Trail in Cheaha Wilderness
by SteveManhart on Oct 22, 2011
Alabama, United States
Hiking | 8.1 miles
Highlights: Panoramic overlooks to the West and to the South and small aircraft wreckage. This hike starts at a trailhead within Cheaha State Park boundaries and ventures into the Cheaha Wilderness, all within the Talladega National Forest.  No park access fee required at this parking lot.  A short connector in the woods links first to the Cave Creek Trail, then to the Pinhoti (no need to walk up the highway to where the Pinhoti crosses). We enjoyed last...
Sink hole Photo
Sink hole Photo
Small sink hole on the trail Photo
Lost Sink Trail Photo
Lost Sink - Keel Mountain Preserve
by DanyLo on Dec 18, 2011
Gurley, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 1.3 miles
We started from the small parking lot at the beginning of the trail. The trail is pretty easy and flat for the first part. It follows a creek and then turns left following the side of the mountain. The trail is marked but sometimes not well maintained and it is easy to loose it. A GPS device in this case is useful to keep yourself on the right path.At a certain point...
Crossing Caffee Creek where it emptys into the Cahaba River Photo
Cahaba River Lilly Bloom Photo
Cahaba River Lilly Bloom Photo
Cahaba River Lilly Bloom Photo
Hiking Along Cahaba River During the Lilly Bloom
by SteveManhart on May 14, 2011
West Blocton, Alabama, United States
Hiking | 5.1 miles
This easy hike along the Cahaba River's West shore falls within the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge.  An ideal time for this walk is during the mid-May blooming of the beautiful Cahaba Lilly.  My track includes a period of wading in the river; other than crossing a small 6 inch deep Caffee Creek, getting in the water on this route is optional.   We parked nearly 2 miles upstream and hiked along the road and...
DSCF1256. (Elder (historical), Alabama, United States) Photo
DSCF1258. (Elder (historical), Alabama, United States) Photo
Summit of Cheaha Mountain - Alabama Highpoint
by whitedbc on Nov 08, 2007
Elder (historical), Alabama, United States
Hiking | 0.1 miles
Summited this one with my wife and bulldog, Zoe.